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Nissan Refuses to Recall Murano Transmission Despite Major CVT Problems

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Find out what problems may be before it is too late!

Find out what problems may be before it is too late!


Toyota is Not the Only One!

I began researching my next car before making any firm decision. Subaru's are great, but I was liking the Nissan Murano. So I started to reseach on the web at the usual car sites, Vehix, Kelly Blue Book, Edmunds for consumer blogs and forums. I started to find a common, disturbing thread between all Murano consumers. These were people who loved Nissan and the Murano from 2003-2009. The common thread that has caused me not to buy the Murano is the universal serious problem with the CVT transmission and Transfer Plate which costs $4-6000 to replace when it cracks or fails, which usually occurs between 65,000 or miles. Nissan claims it is the consumer's fault because the tranny is not replaced with new fluid (cost $600) every 30,000 miles, yet, as owners state, the manual makes no mention of this at all. Worse, Nissan knew of the defect and as you will read, having the tranny go out in traffic can be very dangerous and there is absolutely no warning from sensors etc. The symptoms may lead one to think it is a fuel injection issue or brake. Murano's have been complained about to the NTSB, and nothing happens, just like with Toyota and their accelerator issue.  If you own a Murano made between 2003-8, respond to this post and let others know of your problems.

Anyone that has a Transmission failure due to faulty design and pressure sensor please post your complaint to this website: This is the national highway transportation safety administration and deals with these kinds of safety issues and manufacturers that do not want to acknowledge defects in their products. Please fill out the complaint form, the more of us that do will make a bigger difference in the response.

 "My car (Nissan Murano) has been doing the surge and losing power thing.....ever since I bought it. On the freeways, highways, and in town in heavy traffic and in freezing temps. I have taken the car in two times and the mechanic tells me that he can not see an error code. To bring the car back the next time it happens again. I did and he thought that he fixed it that time. My friend drove it with her children to pick me up from the airport and it started to do that losing power thing on the freeway. This is really dangerous! My friends have been with me on a road trip out of town and we weren't sure if we would make it home. The vehicle just decides it will not move forward or backward, or it will move, but very slowly and builds speed and surges forward!"

"A significant number of CVT and Front Transfer Case (cracks/fractures) issues from late models all the way up to my 2009. 
"Nissan's Tom Naquin & Corporate were not helpful at all & blamed lack of oil change on my fractured Transfer Case. This - even after a loose electrical cable locked me on AWD for awhile a few months prior to this incident & my maintenance manual never mentioned any required oil changes per Schedules 1 & 2"

"We got rid of our 2004 Murano too. I was sad, because I really did like the vehicle. I filed a complaint with NTSB too, but so far no luck. I don't understand, Toyota issues a mass recall, but Nissan doesn't? The 2003 and 2004 Murano's have a known problem with the CVT and transfer case."

"Don't be fooled! Nissan is experiencing numerous problems with their CVT's but refuses to officially recall thevery defective transmission design. Nissan has taken an "arrogant" position on this issue. My '03 Murano SE has had been in the shop 3 times with CVT problems the last was a total failure. The cost was $6300"

"I had a tapping sound (thought it was a tire). It grew louder and became a banging sound. Took it to Nissan Dealer. I have 105,000 miles on my Nissan Murano AWD 2004. 
They called and said my differential caused my transmission to go bad so they couldn't cover the repairs under the extended warranty. The estimate was $9400 for new transmission, transfer case and differential."

" I also have a 2004 Nissan Murano that I purchased December 2008......low mileage approx. 33,000 miles. About 3 weeks it totally broke down on me....had to have it towed into the dealer and the diagnosis was damage to the Front Transfer Case. Since then, I have been battling with my extending warranty folks....still no luck. Total damages estimated thus far as $4800.....absolutlely ridiculous!!!!!!! "

"My Transfer Case components fractured at 72k mi. Nissan, w/ no investigation, concluded it was my fault for not changing the oil. I disagreed & complained to Nissan Consumer Affairs: 1) My '05-Manual does NOT even require oil change under Schedules 1&2 - confirmed by Kings Nissan. 2) A Naquin Tech mentioned running AWD on dry pavement is another potential cause. 3) A loose wire caused the SES & AWD light to stay-ON & vehicle would not run more than 20mph at 70k mi. (felt like trans/powertrain restricted)."

"It happened to me again a couple of weeks ago on my drive home at night. So scary! I was turning in an intersection and my car wouldn't react to my gas pedal. It hesitated, then lurched before finally catching up to speed. It's a miracle that I didn't get in an accident."

"The 2003 has a problem with the transmission and the 2004 has a problem with the transfer case. It is unacceptable that a $30,000 plus vehicle needs a repair that costs 40% of the residual value of it. They know it's a problem but until someone files a class action suit against them, not sure they will stand behind their product."

"Wow, can't believe how many Murano owners have the same problem. Wish I would have known this before buying mine 11 months ago. Mine just went yesterday, 5 months after the power train warranty ran out. I contacted Nissan and they said 'too bad, so sad" and they won't do a darn thing about it. My cost will be $3700 for 112,000 km's. I'm royally ticked off at Nissan for the fact this is happening to a lot of Murano owners and they should do a recall and cover this for all owners."

"My 2003 Murano transmission was replaced in Sept of '06. I was driving home from a vacation in Maine and the problem occurred in stop and go traffic on the Mass Turnpike. Thankfully was able to get car, cat and two kayaks off the turnpike before being hit. Car towed 12 miles to closest Nissan dealer. Had to rent car to drive back to Ohio. My car was there from Sept 4 through Oct 1. Had to have friend fly back to pick up car and drive back to Cincinnati."

"What’s even more disturbing is the service bulletin Nissan issued below (NTB04129). It appears to be a design defect in the transfer case of the older models and the company resolved this issue beginning with the 2005 models. Below it states the parts that need to be replaced and once replaced the transfer case (AWD) is now upgraded and will operate like a 2005 model. Why is Nissan waiting until the transfer cases fail before they correct this flaw in the older models? In addition, they are putting the cost of this defect on the consumer stating it may have happen when using the all wheel drive on dry pavement.  I encourage you to voice this transfer case concern to the vice president of Nissan as I did via email. Unfortunately they did not help me but if enough people with the same problem let it be heard, Nissan just might change the warranty extension and reimburse for previous transfer case repairs." 

"The common theme I hear in many posts is you report the smell from the leak and they tell you nothing is wrong and the damage continues to the parts that are leaking. We are on our second dealer and 4 visit to repair this problem. Makes you wish you would have dumped the vehicle a long time ago. Love the Murano but will never buy another one because the dealers seem unable to identify and repair the them when needed. "

"Our 04 Murano's CVT failed last week at 30K. Pedal to the metal and it would barely move, then suddenly took off. The dealer is replacing it under warranty but it seems to me that an automatic transmission should last longer than 3 years/30K miles."

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"I just bought a used Murano last week and I think I have the same problem. I press the gas pedal and the car doesn't move until the RPM is over 1000 and then it just kinda surges forward a bit. I didn't notice it during the test drive and it just showed up after being stuck in traffic in LA for about 2 hrs. I'm a little disappointed, a little mad, a little confused, and everything else! "

"I have had my 2004 Murano in the shop multiple times since I bought it 1-1/2 years ago (including a month long visit for a transmission rebuild, so they said). I bought it used with 8k miles on it, what a great deal I thought I got. The car randomly becomes unresponsive at acceleration, but it coasts, bringing me into intersections and highways. I've had it in several times, but they just cant duplicate the problem."

" I finally traded my Murano. I sued Nissan for breach of warantee. My Murano was in the shop 24 times in the 1-1/2 year period I had it and the transmission was replaced 3 times. Dealerships dont want the Muranos at all. They are worth nothing for trade, I took a $4000 hit on mine. Nissan settled out of court for $6500 so that helped. But I suggest doing something if you have constant problems. I am so happy to be rid of the night mare."


perrya (author) on November 07, 2020:

Incredible, glad you are safe

Sta or dotson on November 06, 2020:

Yes. My transmission just messed up while I was driving down the hwy and broke both my front axels

perrya (author) on September 25, 2020:

Whatever the issues were with the early models, it seems most of them with the CVT have been resolved in much later models.

perrya (author) on October 31, 2019:

What year is your car?

Olumide on October 30, 2019:

My murano is having the same power loss issues ,I have done everything possible ,now I have realized it’s. Cvt problem

Patty Florence from Illinois on March 30, 2019:

I bought a 2009 Nissan Rogue, and the second I started driving is the second it went completely foreign to me. I said I would never buy a foreign car. Right now I'm kinda of stuck on replacing it with something else. And buying a used car is a differential because the engines aren't like the older models.

Paula Power on August 18, 2018:

After reading this blog site, I am thankful that our old Murano 04 made it as long as it did without all issues until just recently. Reputable mechanic with computer diagnostics could not determine the source of surging experienced at 185K and guessed that it was the beginning of a transmission problem. Its a shame to get rid of as the engine still runs strong, and all other mechanical/electrical works fine. We have almost 200k, and use as an around town car, good for hauling especially.

jeff jerome on August 17, 2018:

2007 niss p1778 not shifting dealer wont help just over warranty

Richard on July 21, 2018:

My 2005 is a piece of **it too.

I hate nissan on June 15, 2018:

2006 Murano CVT broke down on I95 doing 75 mph and dropped to 30 with zero warning. Moved over five lanes in five seconds and coasted to a stop on the side of the highway with my kid in fhe car-scary moment. Got towed and estimate is $4500. Nissan blows. They are just trying to get people killed and should be ashamed of themselves. Car is now worrhless. Thinking about just lighting it on fire in front of the nissan dealership and inviting the media, cook hotdogs and maybe even bring my insurance agent along. Nissan can bite me.

tom on May 29, 2018:

Transmission just failed in 2012 Murano with 75000 miles. Nissan offered to pay 60% of replacement but given all the problems I'm reading about online it seems they should pay 100%. It seems they've deliberate set the warranty at 50k knowing that all hell will break lose just after that point. Argh.

Klegster on May 21, 2018:

I have a 2009 AWD Murano with 200k i have a probo were it wouldn’t move when i hit the gas, found out it was because I used regular gas at one point and the o2 sensors were going bad because of the age and mileage was around 130k, I thought it was the transmission but it wasn’t, the vehicle runs great with the required maintenance still get the knock when you hit the gas when you don’t let the vehicle move by itself first, hoping to get 200k more out of it I guess I bought a good one or it’s the way you treat it, it’s been the best investment I’ve made to date.

Lori Blackley on May 13, 2018:

I have a 2013 Murano and it just started losing power/slowed acceleration on the highway with no warning. This is dangerous to both my family and anyone on the road. I keep up on all my maintenance and until now have highly recommended this car.

Mike Sutton on May 06, 2018:

I have a Nissan Murano AWD SE with 305,000 miles on it and have never changed the transmission fluid yet have never experienced a problem with the transmission.Go figure.

Goddfrey Cameron on March 31, 2018:

I own a 2012 Murano Platinum, I have been renting them since 2005 and had no trouble until I decided to purchase the last one I rented. I purchased the 2012 new in 2013 It now has 121,000 two weeks ago I felt the vehicle jerking, I took it to get looked at from the same dealer and all they said was they do not repair CVT transmissions, but for 4,500 they can replace it. I should have continued to rent at least the vehicle would have still been under warranty. Never again. Would love to join a class suite.

perrya (author) on March 28, 2018:

One should never buy the earlier models of the Murano, too many transmission problems

Cindy on March 25, 2018:

My daughter's 2004 Nissan Murano. Stupid transmission! $5000 for a new one. Who can afford that, its more than the car is worth! She took out a small loan on it to start to build up her credit. So we can't just "scrap" it. Looking at spending little over $2000 just to get another worthless CVT transmission from a salvage car just so she can get rid of the car and not completely sink hersef.

What makes me angry is that it just quit on her while driving!

Luckily she was on a back gravel road and not on the highway!

Apparently this is not an isolated problem, what's it going to take before something is done? Multiple fatalities from the cars just quitting on highways. They know of the major problems with the transmission but do nothing??? Just not right.

She loves this car, but we will NEVER buy another Nissan or any other vehicle with that transmission.

Joe Knittle on March 18, 2018:

My 2014 Nissan Murano transmission went out at 62,000 miles. Nissan agreed to replace mine at their cost (note: there was another Murano in the same shop for a transmission replacement that also had only 62,000 miles on it that Nissan was refusing to cover the cost of). After 60,000 miles my replacement transmission failed - a new Nissan-manufactured transmission installed by certified Nissan mechanics, and this time Nissan says they will not replace it at their cost. I am at this point looking for others who may be interested in joining a class action legal action, given that in doing even minimal research I am finding this is a very common problem with the Muranos, and the company needs to be held accountable for a seriously-flawed product.

Steven Jelinski on March 14, 2018:

DMy 2011 Murano transmission failed at 53000. Step up Nissan!

Barry on February 08, 2018:

My daughter has a 2012 Nissan Murano and the transmission failed. Going to cost $6000 to replace. I will never buy a Nissan again.

marvin wiggins on January 04, 2018:

Hello. I have a 2015 Nissan Murano with 137,000 miles. The transmission is causing the car not to move when I press the accelerator, it jerks, it shifts on its own, and it refused to move today on several occasions. One of the dealerships indicated a belt or something was coming off. One other indicated the code just read "transmission" and needed to be replaced. Neither one indicated having any knowledge of any problems with the transmissions on the Murano.

Patsy kennedy on December 20, 2017:

I bought a 2010 Nissan Murano from a dealership had it financed.2 weeks later total transmission failure.cost to fix is $5000. No way of getting it co.needs to be held responsible for all repairs The Car Is A LEMON.

Rob Gioffre on December 08, 2017:

Same here. 2010 murano, the dealer replaced the trans at 110k but now at 145k same thing is happening. how can a new trans break in 35k miles..NISSAN SUCKS!!!

Payman Sharifi on August 28, 2017:

I have a 2007 Murano . vehicle wont go after a full stop if the vehicle is warmed up. wont shift ot first gear. so i take it in to a local shop and they say its the transmission... hoping that they are wrong and just trying to get money i take it to the Nissan dealership an hour away. and the same issue arises. they say its the transmission. they say at minimum it will be $5000 to replace it. extended warranty was 10 years or 120000 miles and I'm under 100000. Anyone know of any lawsuits i can join to do something about this.. its bullshit the transmission repairman i took it to tells me its extremely common with muranos :/

perrya (author) on August 18, 2017:

I agree, the early models are to be avoided.

Bruce on August 17, 2017:

I have a 2004 Murano. Tranny failed at 60k and had it replaced. Now having issues where you step on the gas and it goes nowhere then all of the sudden takes off. If you turn the car off then start it back up it returns to normal for a while then goes back to going nowhere when you step on the gas. Dealer claims they don't know what the issue is. I still use this car as a beater but it shouldn't be long before the tranny shits the bed again.

John on July 20, 2017:

I have a 20o9 Murano and it has over 138,000 miles on it I've only replaced the CVT fluid once ( at the Nissan dealership) it only cost me $196 not had a single problem other than the AC turns out the plug is just coming lose

Katherine Riggs on June 09, 2017:

It's now 2017. Have the transmission problems in the Murano been rectified? I have (patiently) been looking at cars for over 10 years. We finally have the money to buy a car and I have "settled" on a Murano.... Until hearing about the tranny!!! I'm HOPING that it has been upgraded over the years!

Elly Hughes on May 03, 2017:

I'm a single mother that just recently bough a 2005 Nissan Murano now I'm having problems with the transmission, I'm on a fixed income and I spent all that I raised for 5 Years on a newer model car, now it won't move. What should I do.

Gary B on April 13, 2017:

My transaxle just went out on my car. 2006 SL Murano. 90,500 miles. All fluids and everything replaced on time (my best friend is a mechanic and helped with maintenance).

My car just started driving like I had a flat and had a constant thud sound after every revolution of the car tires.

ana on March 08, 2017:

this same issue has just happened to my 2008 model.

wish i knew this before i purchased secondhand 6 months ago.

going to cost over $3000 to repair :(

KL on January 24, 2017:

2007 Nissan Murano S. 122,000 miles. Started making noise that followed the speed of the car and then BUMP! No forward or reverse. Had to get towed to garage. $6,000 - $7,000 repair estimate. Bye Bye Murano, at my expense!

perrya (author) on January 08, 2017:

The problem seems to be the older Muranos and not those in the past few years.

KN16 on November 25, 2016:

I also own a 2005 Murano. the gearbox failed as I was travelling on a highway doing about 120km/h. I've been struggling to find a replacement for the past few months now. The Nissan dealership quote for a new gearbox is so ridiculous the amount can actually buy a decent used car. STAY AWAY FROM the MURANO!!

candrade on September 13, 2016:

same problems as others. transmission on my 2005 murano went caput, also visor drops, front seat came loose, converter died. All before 170,00 miles. ridiculous.

greenman926 on August 16, 2016:

I traded in my '06 Murano this weekend. I didn't want to deal with it anymore. I didn't want to take the chance of the car stalling in traffic again.

Timmy on August 14, 2016:

CVT on my 2011 Murano just failed at 71,000 miles

perrya (author) on August 08, 2016:

Not that I have heard.

LILLY on August 07, 2016:

So what happen? did anyone start a class action lawsuit for this particular issue?? I see other lawsuits concerning 2013-14 Pathfinders and Xterras, but nothing for the Murano issues. Any more info on this??

greenman926 on August 02, 2016:

I did and they keep telling me it was a bad cell in the battery and everything else checks out fine. I asked that they keep it longer and check the transmission.

perrya (author) on August 02, 2016:

For sure, CVT is bad.

greenman926 on August 01, 2016:

My 2006 Murano has been acting up about 2 months. Car completely shut off one time, luckily I was in my office parking lot. Second time about a month later, car would not start, third time, later the same day. I was at a traffic light and pushed the gas pedal, nothing happened, then it slowly began to accelerate. This happened every time I had to stop. I was about at my destination when going up a hill the car would not go up. Everything was on, but when I pushed the gas pedal, nothing. I walked to my destination, about an hour later when I left the car was fine. I finally dropped off at dealership and they told me the battery had a bad cell. I had AutoZone test it the first time it stalled out and they said it was fine. I have a feeling its going to be the CVT. Should I pressure them into looking at the transmission etc? Thanks.

JnM on July 09, 2016:

Hi elle11 you posted that Nissan is replacing Cvt transmission , seems all other posts say different . We bought - 2004 murano a month ago it's past 10 years and has only 155000 k on it , wish we found this site , yes it makes no sense 4.5 star rating , now abit worried to expect problems , " perrya " is there a recall coming does anyone know Canada

Ireland Muranos on June 25, 2016:

Hi there,

A huge thank you to the author and the contributors to this site. I had viewed and test driven a Nissan Murano yesterday 24/06/2016 and heard a knocking noise in the engine, decided to research online, came across this any many, many more sites containing the same terrible stories from disgruntled Nissan Murano owners, thanks to this site, I am not one!

Dee on June 15, 2016:

My 2003 Murano AWD transmission failed at 107000 miles. Warranties stop at 100,000 or past 10 years in age. Estimate $4,700 plus towing costs and diagnostics cost. Last year they diagnosed issues with differential and I paid $3500+ towing costs. I expected to keep this car running until 140000. These are and were expensive cars to only last to 100,000.

Michelle Dee from Charlotte, NC on June 07, 2016:

If I had to pay $9400 to fix a transmission, I would dump it a buy another car for that kind of money. The CVT problems in Nissan is why I decided to go with the Toyota Camry. I came this close to buying the Altima (I test drove one and Loved it) but then did some background research on the Nissans and discovered the problems with the CVT.

Michael on May 15, 2016:

I only wish I did research on this car before being suckered into it. 04 Murano with 110k on it. Did not even get 2k miles on it before the CVT went out. 4k to repair, even a Nissan dealership I had it towed to (not the non-Nissan dealership I got it from), since I got the car As Is I am screwed. No lemon law or anything in my state to save me either. Nissan was only wanting to cover 1k of the expenses on a 4.5k part. Pretty much everyone at Nissan advised against it, since even then the vehicle would be probably only worth 4k if I chose to trade it in at a later date. Needless to say the 7.3k I spent on the car was a loss and only owned it for 6 months. The fact they won't do a recall or even offering first time Nissan owners some form of better compensation for this issue has now ruined me from owning anything Nissan.

Oscar on April 15, 2016:

I was about to buy 04 murano for my mother.

I am glad i read all these before buying it. Will runaway from that car.

Feel Sorry for all the people who had to go thru all this. I was really helpful to me.

Nissan must do a Recall.

Nissan sucks!

perrya (author) on April 05, 2016:

WOW, unbelievable! Can't imagine how angry you must be! Speechless.

KENNETH HILL on April 04, 2016:

KENNYBOY 3 minutes ago

2015 Nissan Murano Platinum 6,100 miles. Transmission went.

Not happy.

KENNYBOY on April 04, 2016:

2015 Nissan Murano Platinum 6,100 miles. Transmission went.

Not happy.

perrya (author) on March 11, 2016:

Just get rid of it if you can.

Justin on March 10, 2016:

2009 Nissan Murano. 3rd Transmission going in right now. All under warranty but the warranty will soon expire and this will happen again I am sure. Not sure what to do now.

Shelle on January 15, 2016:

2006 Nissan Murano transmission kelp slipping and now it's completely gone. no warnings went out right in the middle of my child and me driving on the road. Thankfully I was turning I into my neighborhood. But now it's embarrassing that my car is stuck in front of a neighbor's home.

perrya (author) on December 29, 2015:

I would take it in and have then check the tranny for sure. But, a choking may be fuel related if it stutters when accelerator is pressed down.

Alfred on December 27, 2015:

2012 Nissan Murano 57000 miles

Wife told me car felt heavy I didn't feel that when I drove it.she drives that car everyday.its hers .

Then her and her mom while driving felt car skipping (like choking ) her explanation it was trying to go but didnt. 3 times.

After reading is sounds like transmission.????

Still have 2 years left to pay off car.?

Should I get rid of the car?

Cesar Ricardo on November 17, 2015:

My sister's Murano had the same problem at 75K . My experience as 4x4 driver made ​​me think it was the CVT and I decided remove the AWD fuse, then the failure disappeared, now the Murano works as the 2wd version and we feel it more powerfull. I understand that you deserve AWD transmission because you paid for it , but this is a simple solution , it takes one minute to execute and that will save them $ 5K meantime they negotiate with Nissan dealer . The fuse is located in the box of fuses next to the radiator is red (10 Amps) it is identified by letters AWD and its red color. Of course AWD light will light permanently when fuse it remove.

Eric H on October 10, 2015:

Our 2004 Murano just started this slipping on takeoff symptom and have seen more of these horror stories than I can count. 129,000 miles, no accidents or issues, great condition. KBB valued the car at around $4,000-4,500. Took it to Carmax to see what they would pay for it - $2,000. I'm sure they know that anyone looking to trade in a Murano of this series has begun experiencing these issues.

A note on Nissan service - they suck and don't stand behind their product. Our visors began falling into our field of view about 6 years after we bought it. Nissan wanted $350 each to replace - for defective visors! When I went on line to find them cheaper I found out that this a known common and dangerous defect. After going round and round with nissan about it I realized that their only intention was to overcharge me for a garbage product. It's a shame. I have a 2001 Sentra that has not had any issues. I have paid more for gas in it than I paid for the car but because of the "tough sh*t" attitude that we have gotten at every level of nissan we will not be doing business with them ever again.

I think we are going to take the $2,000 from Carmax, while it's still running, and move on.

perrya (author) on October 08, 2015:

They probably will not help much, sorry to say.

chris a on October 08, 2015:

2007 murano just bought 6 weeks ago. Felt like it was slipping. Took it in and still haven't heard anything back as of this afternoon. I have a sick feeling. However. I'm 5 minutes from nissan head quarters, I will visit them personally to get this sorted out.

perrya (author) on October 04, 2015:

So many, as you tell from the blog, have been ripped off by the Murano, whether used or new, don't buy one!

Brian on October 03, 2015:

Was just told murano transmission needs replacement to the tune of 4100. Have always had the fluid changed at the dealer. Before or around the recommended interval. Car has 112k miles. What a heap of junk. They told me they can't even rebuild or service them. Never another Nissan. Never.

perrya (author) on July 19, 2015:

@kbaker- wow, you have an incredible, sad, story. Sue them!

Kbaker on July 18, 2015:

2009 Nissan Cube had transmission replaced last week. Didn't even make it 50 miles before going back into the shop. New transmission is not working either. We just bought the car 4 months ago...really frustrated and it sounds like we will have to contact an attorney after reading all these comments. Nissan doesnt appear to have any concern with the safety of their vehicles....ugh.

perrya (author) on July 16, 2015:

I know you are, like the many others. The situation is horrible.

Monica Morton on July 16, 2015:

2009 Nissan Murano with a cracked transfer case,