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How to Program a Ford Key Fob to Your Car

Focus, Escort, Mustang; Ford cars Joe has broken and rebuilt in that order. It is an enjoyable never-ending learning cycle . . . sometimes.

What Is a Key Fob?

The key fob is that small device that plenty of cars have come with for several years now. It controls your car doors' locking mechanisms as well as your trunk and alarms.

If your car came with said key fob, then there's nothing more to do here since it is more than likely already pre-set. However, on the off chance that you may have gotten a new one, say on eBay or Amazon, then you most definitely will need to program it yourself. But not to worry, because the installation is extremely simple. It shouldn't take more than a few seconds to program to your car.

Step 1

Get inside your car and make sure that everything is off and that your car doors are locked.

Step 2

Insert your keys into the ignition. Next, you are going to turn the key to the ON/ACC position a total of 8 times but DO NOT turn you car on.

Step 3

If you did step #2 correctly, at the end of the 8th turn you should hear your car doors lock and unlock automatically which means your car has entered programming mode. At this point, take your key fob and press the lock or unlock button and your door locks should respond.

If your door locks respond then there's nothing more to do. You are all set and good to go. If you have more than one key fob you want to program then after step #2 just press the lock or unlock button on as many key fobs as you want to program (one at a time of course).

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