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John Deere 650 Tractor - About the JD 650

A natural John Deere hobbyist, I am learning and researching about the various models and sharing my tractor findings.

John Deere

John Deere

The John Deere 650 tractor comes with easy maintenance that can give you more savings. It is a farm, lawn and Agri tractor, designed from 1981-1989, that comes with amazing features and Yanmar 2-cylinder, 16-HP engine. It has a transmission with 2 reverse and flexible 8 front speeds. It has a water-cooling system.

The iconic 650 models are equipped with reliability and power. It is smaller compared to other farm tractors. However, it is highly versatile and comes with excellent attachments. You can use it for small to medium tasks. Its rear attachments have 3-point hitch with total weight of around 1530 pounds without the attachments.

John Deere 650 Specifications

  • Engine

Powered by a 16 horsepower Yanmar engine that comes in 2 cylinders, the John Deere 650 is also featured with a displacement of 52.1 ci and rated RPM of 2600. The engine of this model is known for its easy maintenance and versatility. The fuel is supplied with 6.2-gal diesel tank.

  • Transmission

The John Deere 650 has a transmission that offers high and low range in 8 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds.

  • Dimensions & Tires

The John Deere 650 weighs about 1530 to 1640 pounds. Its front tire is about 5.00 – 12, while its rear tire is 9.5-16. The wheelbase is 56.1 inches.

  • Mechanical

This model has a chassis of 4x2 2WD. It has a steering manual power and internal expanding shoe and differential mechanical dry brakes. It has a 2-post ROPS cab.

  • Hydraulics

The product has an open center hydraulic with the pressure of 2030 psi.

  • Battery

It has a battery with 12 volts.

  • Power

The John Deere 650 has an engine power of 17 hp and PTO of 14.5 hp.

  • Power Take-off (PTO)

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The model has a rear PTO transmission. It also has a 540 rear RPM and over-running clutch. Its engine RPM is 540@2359 and comes with independent front PTO which has an electromagnetic clutch.


The John Deere 650 is equipped with beneficial attachments that are ideal for an uneven and rough lawn.

  • 60” Mower Deck

This John Deere model comes with mid-mount John Deere 160 60” mower deck that has 3-blade and cutting width of 60 inches.

  • Blade

It also features a front-mount John Deere 365 blade that has a width of 54 inches.

  • 60” Snow Blower

Another attachment of this unit is a front-mount John Deere 359 2 stages 60” snowblower. It comes with 60 inches clearing width.

  • John Deere 60 Loader

The tractor has a John Deere 60 loader. Its height is around 69.5 inches and has a clearance, dumped bucket of 54 inches. Its dump reach is 25.8 inches and has a dump angle of 45 inches. It can reach at the ground of 49.5 inches and rollback at ground of 22 inches. The loader has a breakout force (lift) of 900 Ibs and breakout force (bucket) of 1,495 Ibs.

It can lift to full height (at pin) about 600 Ibs. It also comes with 48 inches bucket width and raises time to height of 2.1s, lowering time of 4.3 s and rollback time of 1.7 s.

Repair and Restoration

Looking for the best repair and restoration service for the John Deere 650 can be a hard task. If there is any damage in the parts of the John Deere 650, make sure that you only work with the professional and well-experienced service provider. With this, you can ensure that the tractor will return to its perfect function.

John Deere repair and consultation team also offers their service to their customers. They can give you the best recommendation to get the best repair for your lawn tractor. You must check the background of the repair and restoration service provider to ensure that the time, money and effort you invested with them are all worth it.

Where to Purchase John Deere 650 and its Parts?

Another difficult task is to purchase John Deere 650 as well as its parts. With this, you must be responsible for its proper maintenance to prolong the lifespan of its parts and prevent it from damage. However, if you observe that there is a damaged part with your John Deere 650, you can find the parts online and offline. You can also purchase the model itself through online and offline stores.

  • Online

With the continuous innovation of online technology, online stores continue to rise in popularity. With this, you can now shop the items you need online. It will help you to save more of your time, effort, and money when it comes to finding the product you need. There are many reliable online stores that can offer you with better quality of John Deere 650 and its parts.

You can visit popular online stores like Craigslist, eBay, and more to purchase the tractor model. Make sure that you only buy to those reliable online stores to avoid scam, fraud and other forgeries. With this, you can make sure that you are not wasting your time and money for nothing.

  • Offline

Buying offline is also a good decision to ensure that you can get superior quality of the John Deere 650. With this, you can get a big return for your investment. It can also give you the satisfaction for your lawn mowing needs. However, you must also check if its part comes in great quality, so you can prevent purchasing fake product. Monitor its engine, hydraulics, screws and other parts to ensure that damage and interruption will not happen upon using your John Deere 650.

Where to Find the Parts?

Finding the parts that get damaged is also a challenging task. With this, you must conduct careful research to get the best parts that can bring back the best efficiency of your John Deere 650. There are offline and online stores wherein you can purchase the parts of the said model. You only make sure to check it carefully to get the highest quality parts that you need. With that, you can maintain your beautiful, creative, and elegant lawn.

Technical Manual, Part Catalogs and User’s Manual

Knowing how to use John Deere 650 is essential to produce the best results for your lawn tasks. Therefore, you must have the technical manual, user’s manual and part catalogs. Having knowledge about using the product can help you to keep its top condition.

If you desire to get reliable and accurate manual of the John Deere 650, you can download PDF files online. If you want to make sure that you get the right and best user manual, it is advisable to visit the official website of the John Deere. They can offer you legit catalogs and manual that you need. Moreover, you can also contact their customer representative to answer your concern about the product.

As you get the manual and catalog of the John Deere, you must read it carefully to use the model properly. It provides ideas on how to use the lawn tractor in the best possible manner. More importantly, you can avoid mistakes in using the lawn tractor that can cost you time and money in the future.

It has a powerful 16 horsepower Yanmar engine that comes with 2 cylinders. It is a versatile lawn tractor that has useful attachments including 4-way blade, snowblower, mowing deck as well as a front-end loader.

It is very easy to use and easy to maintain. With that, you can enjoy its perfect function for a long time. Do you plan to renovate your garden or lawn? Then, it is a good decision to choose John Deere 650. With its great features, it can offer you with efficient mowing procedure that can meet or even surpass your expectations.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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