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Is Electric Powered Transportation the Answer?

On the whole, this electric vehicle debue is amazing.. It promises the end of all our problems.. But I'm not impressed. what do you drive?


Is going fully EV the answer to our problems?

Not to put a damper on the "EV" which is the acronym for fully electric vehicles which we've come to know recently. Otherwise its the proverbial brainchild of pandemic forlorn bureaucrats who have heavily invested in the public conversion to electric vehicles; but where will this end up? Is it a hybrid vehicle already in existence that you want, or a Full Electric model? What are the options, and what are the dangers to both environment and driver/passenger health?

EV's are built with huge batteries, made with lead and other components obtained through heavy machinery and toxic industrial processes composing lead and lithium and acid. But in response to EV evolution; where will they end up? America has failed at every other attempt to recycle and re-use plastics, metal, lead, and so what about the dead batteries? I ask will they pile up inside toxic dumps all across the country?

Typically, the laws governing the reclamation of hazardous materials at least hinder and sometimes totally stop the recycle process from going full circle. We have seen multiple boondoggles where legislation and excessive cost factors have virtually forced the end of city recycle stations. One collection point near me in an Alabama city came to a halt for these very reasons. So the big question is, where in Gods name are these new super batteries going to end up? Recycling of vehicle tires is one example of costly and environment reclamation processing and while currently some car battery recycling is being done, It is not a high priority in most states.

Besides the mining of lead and the production of plastic battery cases, the mining of copper for the wiring, motor winding's and other metals used in the EV's, we must evaluate the lifespan of these batteries with exponentially added costs of supply electricity and charging stations on the public roadways and at your home. The enormous burden of creating this so called green electricity is frightening to think about along with the thought that government hound-dogs will seek ways to stop you from generating your own power off grid where they cannot tax you for it.

Batteries, no matter how efficient they make them, are subject to corrosion, with electrolysis, plate life, electrical shorts, excessive heating, and other negative factors to consider. Through 100 plus years of the electrical age, battery accessorized vehicles in both private owned vehicles, as well as construction equipment are limited by extreme heat and extreme cold which effect a battery's lifespan. Minus zero temperatures create negative energy drains on your battery unit, and temperatures above 80 degrees contribute to the early breakdown of battery components. Yes, heavy duty battery's are available for arctic use and for tropical regions, but its not a perfect answer or remedy.

There is negative factors that can create short-life, early failure of storage batteries, deep-cycle batteries and EV batteries. Ask a commercial boat owner how much he spends annually just replacing the batteries for his fishing vessel. Ask a commercial truck owner how much he spends annually replacing the battery bank for his gasoline/diesel powered vehicle and ask your state and federal highway agencies how costly is their annual battery replacement for hundreds of road service vehicles and equipment. I'm afraid the average consumer has no clue to the maintenance and cost's associated with electric motor, monster battery EV's. Yet politicians, opportunists and certain lobby groups encourage you to blindly step over into their so-called utopian dream of electric vehicle.

I ask your for one moment to think of the weight and the size of the battery they intend to sell you while they pocket their gains; while they lead you as the pied piper did the children and ran off with them. Realize those big battery packs are now your new "baby". They will take a slice of your life and create drama for you and cost you some sleepless nights just like a real baby. Ah, you say, I'm ready for bed, but then oh, wait, did I plug in my car; will it it do its job tomorrow or will it be temperamental and throw you a holy fit? Wait until the battery cable connections start to corrode due to electrolysis.

About the journey, where can you go and how far can you drive with your fully electric EV? Just don't dare go off the main road for you will likely not get back and your car will end up an ornament in a farmers field. Will costly tow truck charges be a regular budgeted expense? How long will you wait? Will your time be wasted while they bring a gas powered or diesel driven generator and charge up your Mary Poppins miracle machine alongside the highway? Will you sit in the 100 degree sun while you wait? Or will you let your babies freeze to death waiting in sub-zero weather? The truth is, you moved from "hybrid" electric alternative to "fully electric" before you knew the consequences.

The end of life for your used up and toxic electric vehicle, have you thought about this? Or maybe you live in bliss and ignorance as they wish for you to? Toxic Dumps being the order of the day, makes one ask, do you understand what “half-life” is? The time for hazardous components to break down? I'm not saying its as bad as atomic or nuclear radiation, but there is substantial hazard involved with modern batteries. Picture an image showing huge piles of washing machines motors; or a similar image of dead and used up electric powered /smart EV drive motors. God please help us if its happening already! For the record, there is more to consider than I can mention in this report.

On paper it might look good but the litmus test is not so positive. Before you buy "fully electric", remember its still an experimental concept. To replace your gasoline or diesel vehicle with an EV, please imagine yourself connected to this long vacuum cleaner cord, or electric hedge trimmer and think of it as your new restriction. You will be restricted to drive only in the living room of provided electrical recharge stations. Your life will include a waiting room while your baby, your vehicle is recharged.

The other parts of your life will be affected. What if you go on a trip and then the area you visit suddenly has an overload and the power grid is shut down? Then think what if a life threatening emergency arises? What are your options and what expense will you spare to get back to your loved ones? Futuristic speaking, lets say fifty years from now, will you be looking down on the earth from space, and see glowing toxic dumps covering the globe? Dumps filled with EV's and dead battery's alongside of mining pits where lead and copper and Iron and plastics are being strip-mined? Yes, our plastics of today are made largely with crude oil today but maybe in the future another source will be found, but until then you haven't truly gone green.

Lithium is another earth sore-making mining disaster. Is it part of the new age of EV? I'm afraid the science of EV's already tells us that there will never be a truly green vehicle, At least not EV's as we know them today.

What about enforcing clean energy regulation? Realize that we can't even control the forests and in one summer have as many as 10 states with out of control forest fires. We can't even get all the recyclable waste collected and separated properly (or re-used). Recycling many products is environmentally harmful. Waste chemicals produced by the metric tons for processing are eating at our lakes, streams and overall terrain.

We can't keep our oceans clean, we can't control our borders, to protect our families and our constitutional values. We can't feed all the hungry or keep poverty banished from our isles. We can't change the outcome for all the homeless, or stop all the crime.

We have only just broken through to outer space and already it is filling up with man-made junk and waste. Mankind tends to create mega messes on our terra-firma/earth. Erosion and water shortage has followed the urban sprawl of our big cities. We constantly create more disasters because we are led by senseless politicians who are bought by lobbyists who push and vie for the money they can make on any new scientific discovery. Perhaps its achievable in a lab yet is utterly failing in mass duplication.

My overall assessment is the rich and the powerful push the buttons while the news agencies are paid to promote the dreams of the few for the good of all: Yeah, right! in other words we are being mass-manipulated. This year and this election cycle they are pushing the EV, which is the supposed empirical answer to all of our troubles. The end of all pollution, the dawn of a new age, where people can be kept at home, or within reach of a fifty foot extension cord. That's only if you can afford the bill.

Negative effects from electrical/magnetic fields in EV's.


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-Is it possible to interfere with or change the natural elements of the earth by millions of Electrical vehicles and equipment?

Answer: Considering the Earth's molten core is approximately 1500 miles diameter, the outer core of the earth is approximately 200 miles in depth, and considering the gyrating of earth's magnetic field within the molten core, there is concern by scientists that man-made electro-magnetic interference is indeed possible. Please understand that there are meteorological studies being conducted at ground level and within the atmosphere to determine past and present effects of electromagnetic interference of our world. Please also understand that it would be quite impossible to name every source of man made electrical current since invention and motorization. Whether it were a medieval genius, or a modern day Benjamin Franklin, the lightning, the key on the kite, and the 1000 failed attempts by Thomas Edison, these were only the beginning of the Electric Age.

But now, or in the future, a continent such as North America will have significant billions of electrical devices generating electrical current and another large number of those that generate magnetic fields. Could electric motorizing of a billion cars and trucks on the roads of America combined with the Electrical Grids and Supply Stations operating at full speed have impact on the earth's magnetic field?

Already, States with wind turbine generator farms have experienced super lightning and electrical storms adjacent to these 200ft high towers where as many as 400 such electric generators each, grind out their energy while incidentally creating magnetic and electric fields above them. What else is going to occur as a fallout to total electric dependency here in the United States and elsewhere?


-Can EV, electric vehicle battery exposure be medically harmful to humans?

Answer: Everyone in the electric motor club knows there is a risk of magnetic radiation fields occurring near high output electric motors, while the batteries are large and heavy and near the passengers where they can produce fumes and ion interference. While driving these cars is considered acceptable, human injury is just a matter of how much, and how long is the exposure. Sadly, we will have to rely on future studies and medical diagnosis when this is suspected as the cause of illness. Otherwise we can look at some existing studies with limited information.

As a resourceI went to the <> website to see what they have found out about electric-magnetic effects on the human body and the risks of driving long distances in fully electric vehicles/EV's. I found much information and it opened to me the presence of "EMR"; acronym describing electro-magnetic radiation within these vehicles. It gave me detailed information and showed me that yes, emphatically, there is imminent and accumalative danger for the long term user of these vehicles. This information is so important, yet so subjective to the individual occurrence that I dare not try to interprete and leave you to look up the information for yourself.

Reference: “Passenger Exposure to Magnetic Fields in Electric Vehicles” written by Pablo Moreno‐Torres, Marcos Lafoz, Marcos Blanco and Jaime R. Arribas Submitted: November 24th, 2015 Reviewed: May 31st, 2016 Published: October 5th, 2016

My grandson, Adam

My grandson, Adam

Bio-Magnetic Electrical Energy and its Impact on Humans

Key factor; Magnetic Field Measurement in Electric Vehicles. This measurement should always be kept low. Exposure depends on 1: the distance from the generation field., 2: Kilowatt strength and acceleration strength. 3: The magnetic radio frequency/range.

Vehicle Magnetic Field should always be kept as low as possible. These are things that engineers and bio-technicians have to assess and apply to the inner design of the car to make them safer to drive. Non-conductive barriers can be used to block some of the radiation field.

The Magnetic Energy Field increases and there is a high electrical energy transfer:

1: When rapidly accelerating the car.

2: When Charging the Vehicle.

3: When operating at high speeds for a prolonged time.

The left rear place in a hybrid car is the most susceptible seat when driving an EV. This position is more likely to experience Electric radiation, MRI. Energy field is variable in its risks due to location, distance and strength of the source of generation. Multiple types of energy are created, depending on if its the motor, the battery cells, the transfer cables, or the electric converter. Keeping these magnetic energy producing fields away from the passenger is most important.

Harmful effects include:

  1. detrimental/ painful stimulation of motor and sensory neurons
  2. Muscular tension injury potential is created when the energy field is active.
  3. Disruption of synaptic activity within the brain.
  4. Heart and cardiac acceleration.
  5. Blood flow interference by increasing or decreasing the electrons.
  6. Higher risk of magnetic radiation, carcinogenic ions, acceleration or possibility of cancer.

These factors summarize what its otherwise a very lengthy and variable study of MRI in Electric powered vehicles. Hybrids seem safer than fully electric, but both should be approached with caution and measures should be taken to protect yourself when driving and when charging these vehicles. Remember there are short term and long term factors to consider. All vehicles have measurable magnetic fields, but when totally powered by electric current, the risks become even greater.

Its recommended to do your research and familiarize yourself with the pro's and con's of electric transportation devices, since you will occupy them on average up to 2 hours of your day. This times 240 working days each year equals 480 hours spent inside the Electro Magnetic Radiation field that we are discussing.

Ref: “Passenger Exposure to Magnetic Fields in Electric Vehicles” written by Pablo Moreno‐Torres, Marcos Lafoz, Marcos Blanco and Jaime R. Arribas Submitted: November 24th, 2015 Reviewed: May 31st, 2016 Published: October 5th, 2016

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