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Installing A Power Window Regulator On a Dodge Neon 2000-2005

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Dodge Neon 2005

Dodge Neon 2005

I have a 2005 Dodge Neon SXT with 130K miles. About a year ago I heard a loud pop while trying to roll down my driver's side window at a drive through. Then the window stopped working, luckily it was in the up position when this occurred.

As the window was stuck up I didn't have to worry about rain so was in no rush to have it fixed. I called around an got a few quotes on how much it would be to fix the window. All the quotes were well north of $400.

I continued driving around with a broken window not wanting to shell out $400 plus dollars for the luxury of being able to open my window. As I live in the Northwest it rarely gets hot and when it did I would just use the air conditioning instead of rolling down the window or simply roll down the passenger side window which still worked.

Finally I decided to try to fix it myself and I am glad I did as it isn't that hard.

Dodge Neon Window Regulator

Dodge Neon Window Regulator

Step One: Buy The Regulator Online

There are many online companies that will sell you a regulator for the Dodge Neon for well under $100 including shipping.

I purchased mine from PartsGeek for $72 with free shipping. It arrive in less than a week at my front door.

Remove The Door Panel

Remove The Old Regulator

Tape the window up using shipping tape or electrical tape.

Remove the three nuts that hold the motor to the door. They will be on the right hand side of the door. Unscrew and remove the speaker in the lower right hand corner. This will allow you to disconnect the wire harness that connects the motor.

Remove the two bolts at the bottom holding the regulator to the door. Remove the bolt in the middle of the door and the bolts holding the top of the regulator.

Now remove the two smaller bolts connecting the window to the regulator. I found that I had to remove the window to be able to get the regulator out. Depending on where your window got stuck you may not need to.

If you do need to remove the window it's easy enough, just tilt it and pull it up and out. Place it in the trunk so you don't accidentally step on it and break it.

Put The Window Back In

If you ended up having to take out the window then slide it back in through the top in between the weather stripping.

Ease it down slowly until it comes to rest in the regulators window carriage. Once there, line the holes up with the window clips and screw them in.

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Install the New Regulator

Now that the old regulator is out and most likely the window you can start putting things back together.

I started by attaching the motor and loosely bolting it to the door with the three bolts. then I attached the wire clip.

I then attached the top center bolt of the regulator, then the bottom two and finally the middle bolt.

Once all the bolts were set correctly tighten them down. They should be firm but don't have to be too tight.


Test It

Once you have all the bolts tightened and the window attached, go ahead and connect just the door control panel to the power sources by clipping them all back into place.

Turn the key so that the power is on and try the driver's side power window button. If all has gone well you broken window is now working and you will be able to move it up and down.

Put it in the up position and once again remove the door panel control by disconnecting the wire clips again.

Put The Door Panel Back Together

Get the water shield stuck back in place the best you can.

Then reattach the rods for the locks and door handle.

Once the door panel is back on reconnect the door control panel and replace the three screws you removed when you took the door panel off.


It's Not That Hard

I am not good at car repair, on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of mechanical ability I am a 2.

I was worried once I got the door panel off I would be lost but it's really quite intuitive, remove the obvious bolts and wires and reinstall the new regulator.

I estimated this job would take me 3 hours and it only ended up taking an hour and a half. And I was taking my time.

I got the job done for well under $100 for the part and a few tools I needed so this do it yourself job saved me over $300.

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