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Importing New / Used Car in Uganda? Learn How To Calculate URA Import Taxes

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Vehicles being shipped for export

Vehicles being shipped for export

URA and Vehicle import tax

Uganda revenue authority is the governments body which handles all tax related issues. Taxes are paid by qualifying parties which can be individuals, businesses, companies and others who happen to do business in URA's boundaries. Importation tax is levied on all imported goods into the country since it's one way the government uses to raise funds for its development.

Regardless of whether you are imported a new item, product or goods and services for example motor vehicles, you are not excluded in this. The fact is that the moment you decide to import, you owe URA money which is inform of taxes. Very many people wonder how Uganda revenue authority does calculate those fees it levies on vehicle importers not knowing that before URA does it, anyone can too do it from the comfort of his home, office or even on the go.

In this post, I am sharing with you how this can be done, where to do it and how to calculate your possible taxes to be paid to URA inform of import-tax.

How does Motor vehicle import tax calculator work?

A motor vehicle import tax calculator helps you make easy and instant calculations with regard to those fees you are likely to be charged by the tax body. In Uganda just like in other countries for example Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Nigeria and others, all imports are charged tax. Sometimes this is a way of reducing on the imports so as to favor local producers and etc.

But for such goods which are not manufactured in the country, then of course, there is no way to avoid such taxes. That is why learning how to make use of the free available import fees calculators is very useful and helpful as it helps one to determine the much he or she is likely to pay at the end of it all.

In brief, such tools work in such a way that you enter required inputs for example YOI (year of import), YOM (year of manufacture), CIF (vehicle cost, insurance and freight) and current forex rates. The above are vital in every import calculation and you should take note of them. Failure to provide them means no go ahead.

How do you calculate URA vehicle import tax?

In order to calculate your Uganda revenue authority vehicle import taxes, you need access to such tools. And yes, URA itself does offer this tool free of charge and is available on the URA web portal. Also are many other sites where one can be able to make import tax calculations for vehicles regardless of whether they are new or used ones. In below are some of the different vehicle import tax calculation tools and how to make use of them.

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Official URA Vehicle import tax calculator

Official URA Vehicle import tax calculator

URA motor vehicle import tax calculator

This tool is free for use by everyone. In order to get started, follow the following below procedures.

  • Visit URA web portal at and look out for tax tools.
  • Single click on motor vehicle calculator and wait for page to load.
  • Now input all required details including year of manufacture, year of import, number of years since yom, CIF in USD, exchange rate, CIF in UGX, import duty, vat, withholding tax, infrastructure levy, environment levy and registration fees.

Now you should be able to get the total cost you will be supposed to pay. See image above. tax calculation tool tax calculation tool vehicle import tax tool

This tool is very simple and easy to use. But please note, the total cost you get using this tool and others are not final. In order to get started, please follow the simple instructions below.

  • Visit
  • Enter year of import, year of manufacture, CIF cost, exchange rate and press calculate.

Thats all, you are done. You will get the total cost and which will help you to at least know what you expect.


Winding up

The next time you think of importing a new or used vehicle, it is important for you to make use of such free tax calculation tools. You never know, you might be saved from looking for expected payments due to unexpected budget increase..

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