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How to program an X-Trail key Complete Steps

How to program an X-Trail key

This information can be used to program a Nissan X-TRAIL 2.5 from 2003-07 with ENGINE CODE:QR25DE.

The system of operation is as follows. Pressing the key locking button will activate the double locking system. The led is located a top the fascia panel or in the speedometer. When the unlock button is pressed once n five seconds after the driver’s door was unlock all doors will open.

The key should be programmed when a new key is being used because of loss or an extra key is being added for use with the vehicle or system malfunction etc.

These steps should be followed exactly to program the new key or keys. It should be noted that at no time during the process the replacement key/ keys should be removed from the ignition.

Within six seconds the ignition switch should be turned on six times. The indicators should then flash twice and the key programming mode will be activated for two minutes.

The unlock button should then be press and held while the lock button is pressed three times. Release the unlock button and the indicators will flash once to confirm everything was done correctly. The procedure should then be followed for any addition key or keys.

The ignition should now be switched on, the indicators will then flash twice and the programming mode will then be deactivated. The operation of the program key or keys should now be checked.

Nissan Key Programming

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