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How to Go on Long Tours on a Bike.

I am a bike enthusiast myself, so I know what I'm talking about. Also, I have done my research so the content you read is authentic.



Long tours are not limited to just a few hundred kilometers. Some people even go for 1000 km in one go and even more. But taking a long tour of more than 500km on a bike may seem pretty hard and almost impossible but it’s not. Many tourers don’t even consider a 300km tour as a real tour. Reason being that it’s fun and it’s even better than any vacation to a foreign state. Now you know about long tours and you want to do them too. But how do you do such tours and what will you need. Keep on reading and you will find out how you can easily go on such tours yourself.

1. Preparation.

First, you need to prepare yourself for such long tours mentally and physically. It doesn’t matter how strong you are or how many times have you previously been on tours, you need to get your mind and body up to shape. To do that you first need your mind to be able to handle the fatigue by giving it enough hours of sleep. Roughly 6 to 8 hours will do. After that, your body needs to be in sync with the bike. Even if the bike is familiar to you still you need to be able to control it well. For that, you need to first find a point which is a hundred kilometers away from you and you have to then go to that spot and come back to your house one or two days before the ride. After that, you will need to do some form of a slight exercise over those two days. Find a fixed time in which you would do the exercise and it should just tire you and not completely exhaust you. If you already do something similar then you’re good to go.

2. Bike’s Condition.

Before going on such tours, you need to keep your bike in check for everything. Things like clutch plates, tires, spokes of your wheels if you have those, engine oil, air filter condition, chain wheel alignment. These are the mandatory things that you need to look at and any compromise can result in a huge issue. After checking all the boxes, you need to ride the bike a few kilometers just to make sure everything is good. Any minor change in the feel of the bike is worth getting checked. An important thing is that one should consider that is his bike tour worthy? Does it constantly need some work to be done to it and if it makes enough power or not? If your bike needs to be sent to the dealership now and then for repair issues then it should not be relied upon for tours this long. Here is a website where you will find quality parts for cheap.

3. Gears and Accessories.

Riding safety gear like helmet pads and riding jackets and pants are necessary items for tours at least. A helmet is never enough safety on long tours. Your backpack is not fit for the job, you will need pannier bags. Sure, getting complete rider gear is going to be quite expensive and hard because you will need to search out good equipment. Any Chinese cheap rip-off won’t cut it. Believe me, spending money on gear and items is way better than spending money on hospital bills and medicines. Here is a website from where you are guaranteed to find good quality gear for cheap. It is also necessary that you pack up your required accessories as well. If you think you will need an extra battery for your camera or an extra bottle for storing fuel or something, pack it with you. Try to carry a few accessories as possible. Carrying three lenses with a tripod for your camera is a bad choice. Sensitive items are also not recommended. No matter how you do your tour, it will be a rough one.

4. Route.

It is a no-brainer to calculate your route beforehand. Leaving with no destination in mind is pretty bad. Also, look at the condition of your route too. In today’s world, it’s pretty easy to do that. Google Earth is good for that and on YouTube, you can also find videos of people who have been on that route. Try for comfortable routes even if they are longer. Try to avoid traffic as much as you can, because when you stand in traffic your fatigue will start to get the best of you. You can also talk to other people if they have been to those routes. This is perhaps the best way. If they haven't then you should at least get some experience from them by asking them about potential conditions on such routes. Other than that, calculate the distance and spots where you can stop for fuel other resources you might need. Look for room prices in the area where you will stay the night.

5. Timing.

Along with calculating the route, calculating the timing for that route is a very smart thing to do. By timing I mean calculate at which hour of the day will you reach the specific spot by checking the speed limits and distance to get a rough estimate. Make a full-time table and try to stick to it. Start from the morning till the evening and end your ride for the day there. Never ride in the dark even if you are getting late for something or whatever. Just make a new timetable but never ride out if it is dark or if the weather is bad. Also factor in the time for stays and most important factor the time you spend on your bike according to your stamina. Never ride for more than two hours in a row. Stop for just a little while, but don’t go on stopping every hour for 10 minutes. This will be a waste of time and energy. The time you spend on a still bike could have been spent on the road because your time is very precious. This all might seem a big hassle but you only need to put in the effort before starting your tour. After that just give it a look at a stop to make sure you’re on pace.

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6. Food.

On your tour, the most important thing is your health and your nutrition. These factors shall be determined by what you eat. So, to keep yourself in top shape on your travel you need to first do your breakfast and it should contain the least amount of fat as possible. Make sure that it is a well-rounded meal though mainly containing a balance between carbs, proteins, and vitamins. After breakfast does a little walk around the block before leaving on your bike, since you won’t move that much onwards. After that don’t eat anything or drink anything other than water. On your full ride avoid fizzy drinks and Alcohol in even the slightest amounts. Coffee should only be in the breakfast. Pack along an energy bar or a candy bar like snickers for your lunch and only eat a proper meal when it’s dinner time. Get your dinner from a decent place and it shouldn’t be some fast-food meal. Avoid all fast-food products for the duration of your tour. Anything fried is also not worth it. You don’t need to stress out over such things and it’s simple. You just get something that is not fried and not high in fats.

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