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How to Reset Service Light on Peugeot 308

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Service indicator light why turn it off?

I have owned around 6 Peugeot 308's now and I can guarantee when it gets around to service time, the service light will come on when there is still around 1500 miles to go. This is why I came up with the idea of writing this guide on how to reset service light on Peugeot 308.

Extended service intervals are a common thing now, particularly for diesel engines and Peugeot are no strangers to a 20,000 mile service interval. If it's 20,000 miles I would expect the light to perhaps come on at, maybe 750 miles to go, but 1500 is too long to drive along with the service light glowing at you I think.

How about you?

When this happens I simply turn it off because whenever I call the garage to book in there is a wait before I can get it done. If it's becoming a problem for you then I would suggest that you do the same with the help of this guide.

What should you do?

That will depend on you and how technically minded you are.

How desperate you are to cancel the light.

What your reasons are for turning it off.

What's your reason?

What is your reason for turning the service light off before you take the car to the garage? I find that there could be a number of different reasons for doing this which I shall list below :-

  • Light on too early
  • Extended booking time with chosen garage
  • The use of the car
  • Lack of funds to have job done at the time
  • Indicator light being a nuisance

What's the problem?

Should you be doing this yourself?

Could it invalidate your warranty?

What could other consequences be?

Questions, questions.

There will always be questions in the back of your mind and many people won't want to fiddle around with things that they don't understand. I can appreciate that. If it's not necessary then you don't have to do it. Sometimes it becomes necessary particularly if, for whatever reason, you can't live with the service light on all of the time.

It's just my opinion.

As you read through the tips in this article you might not agree with my reasoning. It's just my opinion but I am guessing that because you have taken the opportunity to either, do a Google search looking for the information, or have been lucky enough to have just stumbled across this guide and find it useful to save for the future. Either way it's up to you. I am the messenger so please don't shoot me for having an opinion.

I know many people don't want to go against the technicalities of a service and warranty policy, particularly with a new car. It may well be that your car is now out of warranty and so isn't a great problem. I think the problems come, not in turning the light off yourself, but more in terms of ignoring the fact that your car needs a service. If you do turn off the light then you need to remember that the yearly countdown or mileage countdown will start from when the light is reset. Keep this in mind when doing so.

I would never recommend not having your car serviced at the correct intervals. If you run your car on older oil than between the normal servicing intervals it could be that the oil starts to degrade. Over the course of the normal running of your car the oil in your engine becomes contaminated with particles from the wear of the engine. It will also become contaminated with the fuel from your car which may get past the seals in the cylinders of the engine and through fuel which hasn't burned off. I'm glad I have made that clear to you.

Read on then.

Peugeot 308 basic model.

Tell me the difference.

Okay so what is the difference between the 2 videos I hear you ask?

There are 2 slight variations on how to turn off the indicator and it depends which model of 308 that you have.

The basic models tend to have key start engines and the more sophisticated models have key-less entry stop/start buttons.

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The basics of resetting the light are the same but the display readout might look a bit different. It's really easy to do and will only take you a few seconds. Both the videos above and below are really easy to follow.

Peugeot 308 with Stop/Start button.

How to do it.

Just in case something goes wrong with either of the videos above I will give you a step by step account of what to do to be able to turn off your service light.

  1. Press the button with 000's on the right hand side of the dial binnacle.
  2. Hold the button in and either turn the key or push the start button.
  3. Be sure before you turn key or push start that you are in neutral.
  4. Watch the screen and you will get a countdown timer from 10 to 0
  5. Release the button and turn off the ignition.
  6. Finally turn ignition back on to check it has set correctly.

And there you have it, job done or voila as they say in France. Well it is a French car afterall.

When you want to find out how to do something or get information where do you usually search? I bet the first place you tend to go is Google. Well they are probably the most well known aren't they?

More and more I am finding that You-Tube is becoming an equally good search engine with all the online content that is being produced on there each day. You may not associate them, but did you know that Amazon is on my top 5 list of search engines because that is what their website now is......a search engine. What with the advent of Amazon Kindle Publishing it is likely that you will find a suitable e-book on there about your chosen subject and it could even have been made into an audio-book too. You may even manage to download it for free which is even better.

Do you remember I mentioned earlier that I like to provide value in what I do? That includes whether I do something for money or not. This is the value bit here that you're reading. I don't really need to give any further information because you have everything that you need to go away and reset the service light of your Peugeot 308, but I like to give that little bit extra.

Sometimes it might come in the form of a tip or as simple as a helpful quote. I hope that you feel you have received good value from this free article.


Let me know.

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Maybe you are an editor of a publication and need someone who can do this for you. I am always open to offers around writing so please get in touch if you think I might be of benefit to your organisation.

Thank You.

Thanks for taking the time to read through to the end. Why not check out some of my other articles and guides by looking through my author page either here or on other Hub-Pages sites where you may have found me.

Cheers for now


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