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How to Remove Airbag Decals From Sun Visors DIY WV/AUDI

Airbag visor sticker

Airbag visor sticker

DIY For Removing Decals From Sun Visor

This is probably one of the easiest, fastest and cheapest DIY's to do that really does add a whole new look to your car. It is such a small part of your car that it is often overlooked, but once removed it makes the headliner and visors flow together.

This DIY is a charm for that reason. Even people that have the same exact car will ask you why yours looks better. I think it's a subliminal thing of always having that bright colored warning in your face, you learn to ignore it and once it's gone you don't realize it. Others just see that something looks better and most can't figure out what it is!! Snap into a slim jim Ohhh Yeaaahh.


Tools For The Job

As with any of my DIY's you need some tools. With this diy your tools are simple products that can be found under your sink or at the grocery store for a couple of dollars.

  • Paper Towels
  • Rubbing Alcohol

If you did my maf clean diy you already have the isopropyl alcohol and for the paper towels, well,  just steal them from your mom's house.


Removing the Decals

  • Fold up a paper towel to the size of the decal and completely blot the towel with rubbing alcohol.
  • Hold the paper towel against the decal for about two minutes.
  • Sometimes you can pull the paper towel and the whole decal will come off with it, if not then rub the airbag decal inward till you can pinch it all off. Don't rub it in all directions or you will have little sticky white pieces stuck to your visor. If anything does stick just hold a fresh alcohol soaked paper towel to it.
  • After the decal is removed you will still see (in proper light) the indentation of the sticker. This applies more to older cars with black sun visors.
  • Rub the whole visor down with rubbing alcohol to make sure none of the decal glue is left.
  • Use a good interior wipe/spray and clean them off, after a few cleanings you should no longer see the indentations of the decals.


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