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Vauxhall Zafira - How to Reset Service Light

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Service Indicator Reset.

This article is about how to understand when you get the engine check light illuminating on your Vauxhall Zafira car. This guide deals with the 'B' type engine. Sometimes the service light may come on when your car is close to its next service interval. It could also be that you get different lights illuminating which will require you to take your car to a garage to have the fault diagnosed. Here we are just going to focus on the service light indicator. I will, however include some of the engine check warning lights that you may see on your Zafira from time to time.

Have you ever had your car serviced and then found when you get home that the mechanic has not reset your service indicator? It could also be that your car is out of warranty and you have decided to do the engine servicing yourself to save money. Whatever the case might be you will want to be able to turn the notification off.

Well if this ever happens to you in the future or you decide to tackle your own servicing then all you need do is follow the instructions in this article and watch the video for guidance.

I believe that this is the standard operation for Vauxhall Zafira, Meriva, Astra and Corsa's.

Jump into the video below

If you're ready to take the plunge and reset your service light then as the heading above says, jump into the video below and crack on.

How to reset the service indicator.

I am including step by step instructions below just in case the video doesn't work for whatever reason on your device. If you follow the steps you will be able to reset your service light as a result.

Follow these simple steps.

  1. Put your key in the ignition.
  2. Depending on year of your car you may need to place your foot on the brake pedal.
  3. With ignition turned off press and hold in the trip meter button.
  4. Now turn the ignition on and wait for the display to change on the dash panel. This usually takes around 10 seconds.
  5. Once the display changes release the trip meter button and take your foot off the brake pedal, switch off the ignition.
  6. Your Service Indicator is now reset.

If it hasn't set at the first time of trying I would suggest repeating the steps above or by viewing the video again.

What's your reason?

What's your reason for removing the service light?

I guess there could be a number of different reasons for doing this which I shall list below :-

  • Light on too early
  • Unable to book into garage
  • So others can't see it needs servicing,
  • Lack of funds to have job done at the time
  • Indicator light being a nuisance

I hope it worked for you.

If you are still struggling to follow the steps let me remind you that this guide is designed to be used on the Zafira B model which denotes the type of engine the car has. If your car is the later model check on here to see if there is a guide written for this model. I have just updated this one in February 2021 and I may also have now produced the guide for the newer model.

Attribution : Car Buyer

Attribution : Car Buyer

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Warning lights.

From time to time you will get a range of warning lights which illuminate on your car display panel as a result of faults which occur. The management computer of the vehicle is programmed to pick up faults from simple electrical faults such as bulbs blowing to more serious internal engine faults.

Below are some of the more common ones which will show up on your Vauxhall Zafira.

When you look at the picture above the most important warning lights are the ones illuminated in red. Red lights tell you that you should not drive your car while you have a red light showing. Your only alternative is to take it to a garage who can properly diagnose and clear the fault. Driving your car with a red warning light showing could result in damage to your engine which could mean it will cost more money or damage your engine beyond repair.

Why this type of article?

The main reason I write articles like this is to provide help to you, the reader. I write this type of how to guide article because, like you, I search on Google at the first sign of an issue with any of my cars over the years. Often time is limited and I like to be able to diagnose and fix as cheaply as possible. Taking your car to a garage for everything results in repair bills that are not always necessary if you know where to look for advice.

Look around my pages here and you will see that the biggest majority of my articles are designed to help people who need it.

I like my articles to be read and not just cast off into the abyss that is the internet once published. By writing articles to cure problems that people are looking for I feel that I am providing a service and therefore value in my writing.

If in doubt,

reach out to a qualified person.

— Steve Mitchell


Driving your car with any warning lights is not advisable. By not having your car professionally serviced at the required intervals can affect your vehicle warranty if you have one. If your warranty has run out and you service your engine yourself it is worth saying that it should be done within the usual time parameters that come with your vehicle. The correct schedule for servicing your car will be found in the vehicle handbook which will have come with your car from new.

It is vital that the oil service is done once a year or at the next service mileage point. Engine oil degrades over a certain mileage and time. Driving your car using degraded oil will not protect your engine from wear.

If you are in any doubt please employ the services of a qualified technician for the make of your car.

The information in this article is intended as a guide and should not be regarded as advice.

Thank you.

Many thanks for choosing this article to understand how to reset the service light on your car. I hope you found it useful. I always like to give good value in my articles regardless of whether I am charging for the production or whether I am giving the information away for no charge.

If I have missed anything out I hope that you will leave a comment below which will allow me to tailor my writing to the specific needs of people who have searched within Google or any other search engine.

It's always good to get feedback.

Thanks again for reading.

Cheers for now.


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2012 Steve Mitchell

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