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How To Remove/Replace A Front Hub Assembly on a Car

Removing the Hub Assembly

Removing a hub assembly can be quite a task. Some vehicles are a little different than what's explained here but are basically done in the same way. Tools that will be needed,axle nut socket (This all depends on the size of the nut on the the type of vehicle 30 mm to 36 mm socket). Breaker bar, star socket, socket wrench,straight screwdriver, wire brush, hammer and a cheater bar. If you are like most you don't have an air compressor or air tools which will make it a little harder. But it can be done.

Raise and support the vehicle and place jack stands under the frame. Remove the tire.

First of all you will want to clean the threads of the spindle were the axle nut is located and spay some penetrating oil on the threads. Using your axle socket and breaker bar with an cheater bar break loose the axle nut. Remove the brake caliber and set aside,remove the rotor.Remove the axle nut all the way off.

Put the vehicle in neutral. Locate the biggest hole on the hub assembly. That is the hole you will have to go through to loosen the hub assembly. Turn the hub assembly till you can see the bolts that is holding it. Using your star socket loosen and remove the bolts. Remove the dust shield.( If equipped with ABS, detach the front wheel speed sensor connector and un-clip it from the dust shield).Take the hammer and tap the hub assembly to free it and pull it off the axle. Clean the in side of the knuckle were the assemble was. You can push the axle in a little to move while you clean.By pushing the axle in, going from the backside of the knuckle take your screw driver and tap the seal out and clean again.

Hub Assemble Diagram

Hub Assemble Diagram

Replacing the Hub Assembly

Line up the axle and center it in the knuckle.Take some wheel bearing grease and spread it all around the inside of the knuckle. Line and center the seal in the knuckle. (Tip: Do Not hit on the seal for it will damage it).Place the o-ring on the hub assembly being sure its not twisted.Place the hub assembly on the axle and place it in the knuckle. Replace the dust shield. With the vehicle in neutral turn the assembly to line up the bolt holes and the biggest hole to start the bolt. Put all the bolts in their place and tighten till snugged. Keep going around and tighten the bolts a little at a time till tight. This will push the seal in where it has to be.Put the vehicle back in park. Replace the axle washer and nut and tighten.The axle nut has to as tight as you can get it.(your neighborhood auto store will have the torque pounds for the axle nut). Replace the rotor and caliber. Put wheel on,remove stands and let the vehicle down.

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