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How To Have A Successful Career Selling Cars. Can I Earn A Living Selling Vehicles? How Do I Learn The Best Way to Sell

Is it possible?

You see the ads claiming to make $50,00 to $75,000 a year with no experience necessary. You know it sounds too good to be true, so you are cautious about calling. Besides, selling cars? All your friends will laugh at you!

Not an unreasonable assumption at first, but with dedication and commitment, those claims in the ads could be true. And not that difficult, though you will have to accept the fact that you will need to learn new tricks.

Learn how to sell cars!


Where should I work?

If you are completely fresh to sales in general or if it is just car sales that is new to you, depending on your personality, there are two choices in the types of dealerships out there.

  • The laid back dealer (SleepyMotors). Here you will earn a moderate income, be comfortable and treated like one of the family. A nice place to work if you want to avoid the competition on the sales floor and the hardcore sales tactics used by the high volume dealers. Sales people will tend to work at these stores for a long time and become quite comfortable and content.
  • The high pressure dealer (Slam You Motors) At a high pressure dealership there will usually be higher volume, more salespeople, less personal attention for the trainee. A good place to earn big money. (not to say that a well established salesperson at a slower paced store cannot earn equal amount) High stress on the salesperson, high turnover of staff, as a trainee, you will simply be shaking hands and getting veterans to close for you. A good place to learn, if you have the motivation and desire to compete fiercely for sales goals.

You can tell the difference the second you pull in to the lot. The high pressure stores will have people flocking to greet you at your car while the slower stores will allow you to exit your vehicle unmolested. I personally prefer the higher volume dealers simply because I prefer to take extra time off every year to be with my family. The faster paced store does not miss you as much for a month or two when you want it. The slower store cannot maintain floor coverage for issues like this. something to consider.

How do I get started, what is the easiest way to sell a car?

If you want to hit the ground running, look to friends, family, previous coworkers, ask them if they or someone they know is in the market for a new car. Even if it is used, it is still new to the customer. Referrals are the easiest customers to deal with as they already know you personally. This is the biggest obstacle to car sales, getting the customer to like you.

Get your name out there!

The best way to spread the word of your excellence is well, to excel at what you do. Treat the customer with respect, deal with them honestly, maintain your personal integrity (NO Matter What)! Be polite, be someone that others want top come back too. someone that they know and trust.

Follow up! Call your customers, it is important to call everyone that makes a purchase from you on a consistent schedule. Make sure they are happy, and if they are not, do not disregard the complaint. Address it somehow, even if it is only to inform the customer that there is nothing you can do. Keep the customer informed and prove to them that you care by actually, caring! Once they know you truly care about their purchase experience they will be happy to refer friends to you. The most important thing is to ASK, if you know you have done a good job, you should have no problem asking your customers to recommend you to their friends and family. Most people will be happy to help you in your career. After all, you helped them to the best of your ability, didn't you?

Ask for referrals!


Even more important then the customers that made a purchase is those that did not purchase a vehicle. Stay in touch with them, do not become a nuisance by doing so. Inform them that you will be calling them, so it comes as no surprise. Do not hesitate to call a prospect, if they realize you are attentive, they may decide to purchase from you simply because they have come to believe you are diligent in your duties. This might be exactly what they are looking for in a sales person. Even if they inform you that they bought elsewhere, ask for the referral! If you have done your job in a professional manner, no one will have an issue recommending you. The worst that can happen is ay they do not know anyone. That's it, the worse thing that could happen. Ask for referrals!

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Send out "Thank you notes to everyone that visits with you. Time your follow up call to coincide with the arrival of the note. This way you are fresh in your mind. You may want to send a gift to those that did buy from you. Remember to add "Tell your friends" to every correspondance.

Sometimes the customer will reveal an obstacle to your purchase over the phone. This gives you an immediate opportunity to overcome the objedction and earn the sale.

Think about spending some money on personal adverisements. if you speak several languages, perhaps there are magazines ofr newspapers catering to those that speak your language. people are much more comfortable dealing in their native language, this will give you a huge advantage dealing with them. Any organization you are involved in may hand out a Newsletter or other form of media that runs advertisements. One deal a month will more than cover the cost of the ad itself.

Always be a Salesman, speak to people wherever you are, leave business cards whenever you can. Try to maintain an upbeat and positive attitude, even if life hits you hard, do not express your life's problems to the customer. No matter what life is throwing at you, try your best to not express this to the customer. Buying a vehicle is a big decision and the customer does not need to be distracted by listening to your problems.

Want To Close More Sales? THEN L-I-S-T-E-N UP!


The best skill for a salesperson to develop is the ability to listen. All customers are looking for someone to listen to them and decipher exactly what it is they are looking to purchase. If you take the time to actually hear what it is your customer is saying, they will tell you exactly what you need to do to sell them a new vehicle.

One type of salesperson is the teacher. This sales type is prone to divulge all information they have retained concerning the product. You should reveal enough information to peak the customers curiosity without rambling on and on about facts that the customer has absolutely no interest in knowing. Often the Teacher will keep talking even after the customer is ready to buy. Sometimes the salesperson will talk the customer out of a purchase and in to a situation where they need to digest the overwhelming amount of information provided.

The type of salesperson you want to become is known as a Closer. This sales type is only interested in one thing, making the deal. Trained to recognize buying signals, the Closer immediately begins writing the deal when the customer is ready. By using a series of trial closes, the Closer knows when the customer is ready and does not hesitate to wrap it up quickly. They ask the right questions and provides the correct answers. Concentrating on their deal alone, the Closer does not waste time chit chatting after the customer has consented to the deal.


Know your product!

It should be blatantly obvious that having a thorough knowledge of what it is you are selling takes precedent over everything else in the automotive retail business. Not only knowledge of the product itself but also an awareness of what vehicles are in stock at your store and where they are located. If you mention a particular vehicle to a customer, you should be able to bring them immediately to the vehicle without having to scour the lot trying to locate it.

It is embarrassing when a customer asks a basic question concerning the functionality of a certain feature of a possible purchase vehicle and the salesman has no clue as to how to answer the question. Though understandable when new on the job but in excusable for someone that has been on the floor for awhile. Read the brochures, this is what the customer is reading. Go to the website, this is where the customer is looking, pay attention to the media ads, this is what the customer is seeing. Try to be at least as educated about your product as most customers. Of course, to stand above the rest, you should watch all the training videos available. you should read all the sales training manuals that the manufacturer provides. This holds true especially for new vehicle franchises. Be the guy/gal your customer runs too when they have a question about their vehicle.

Make sure you are aware of any advertisements your dealership is running. If there is a special promotion going on, be sure to know the details so you can effectively explain it to your customers. If you are selling new cars, be sure to be aware of all rebates, incentives, or special financing that may be available. Become knoowledgeble of what a customer needs to qualify for these promotions. Sometimes you cannot cdombine rebates with factory lowered interest rates or the financing is only available on a short term not basis.

This is also true of inventory location, you will look foolish if you are running up and down the lanes looking for the "black sedan" the customer desires only to find out it was sold a month earlier. Even if the customer was willing to buy a different color/package, the feeling of being let down after waiting and hoping will send your customer running for shelter.

Think about this in your personal purchases, do you not want to make a substantial purchase from someone that knows what they are doing?

Closes Closes Closes DVD by Zig Ziglar

Know your customer!

Knowledge is power, this holds especially true during negotiations. Everyone has a "hot button", something they are interested in above all else. For one person, this could mean gas mileage. To another, safety is their main concern. Whatever it is, your job is to find out and emphasize those characteristics of the vehicles in your inventory.

People will be influenced by one of their senses above others. You will see someone influenced more by their hearing listening to road noise while driving, checking out the sound system, slamming the doors, and other things associated with sound. Some will look at the paint's finish, stand back and look at the car especially while you are conducting a walk around, look under the hood, glancing in the trunk, and various things influenced by sight. Others will be influenced by touch, they are the button pushers, the oil checkers, the suspension shakers, they will feel the seat fabric and run their hand along the paint finish. Paying attention to these customer characteristics will enable you to cater your presentation to pointing out the features that will interest a particular buying type.

A happy customer will be happy to send you referrals!

Your customers satisfaction should be your primary concern.

Your customers satisfaction should be your primary concern.

The same can be said for vehicle needs, while one person is concerned primarily with the bottom line price, another is only interested in the safety of the vehicle. Identifying and focusing on the customers concerns will make the selling process much easier for the customer, and the salesperson.

Another identifier is particular wants, although as customer need a vehicle that gets excellent gas mileage, they want leather and a sunroof. Even though it is not necessary, the customer would really like to have certain features in their new vehicle. So, if you find that customer a vehicle that gets good gas mileage and also has leather and a sunroof, you are more likely to close the deal. By trying to satisfy all the customers needs and providing most of what they want, you will have a steady stream of delivered vehicles.

The best way to garner information about your customer is to simply ask the questions. People enjoy talking about themselves so the excellent salesperson asks the questiuons and listens to the answers while retaining the information that was disclosed. Trying to find "common ground" enables the customer to feel more relaxed and accept the salesperson as a friend, as one of them.

The best thing that could happen to you as a salesperson is to develop the ability to make friends easily, people are much more likely to purchase from someone they consider a friend. This is what the sale of automobiles ort anything else is about, the skill of making friends, of getiing people to accept you, to manage to have people have trust in you, and living up to their expectations!



Be yourself, do not try to pretend to be something that you are not. Tell the people that you are new and you may have to ask others the answers to their questions.

Do not be afraid to ask for help, get a manager or even another salesman if you feel you are losing control. A fresh face sometimes makes all the difference to the sale.

When you see a successful salesman in your company with a customer, stay close. Do not interfere but hang around the perimeter to hear what the salesman is saying. How is he overcoming objections? What does he do for a proper walk around? Most of all listen to what he says to achieve the Close, because ultimately that is all that counts.

Learn your Foursquare system, the Four Square system is your best tool to close deals while holding profit on the vehicle. Make sure you have knowledge and confidence in your abilities. Present yourself in an appealing manner and remain polite. Smile, laugh, make your customers feel comfortable. Treat them as if they were guests in your home. Ask for referrals, ask for referrals, ask for referrals!


osiris bautista on September 27, 2015:

i started working at jeep ram dealer but at the same time i have an offer to work at bobs discount furniture. i do not know what to do because i just want to work where i can make the most money. any advice

more info? on August 25, 2014:

Please send me more info

raymond on July 26, 2012:

any prospecting ideas you can offer, other than taking "UP"s

manny on January 18, 2012:

send me a e-mail thank you ..

manny on January 18, 2012:

hey!! well, i just started working at a car lot "mitsubishi motors city" here in odessa texas. i really need some advice i want to be successful at this job. cause i know there is real money on the table. but to tell you the true i want to tell my self that i'm a salesman

prashant on December 09, 2011:

it helps me making my project on sells as a carrer...thanks

Il_Padrino on February 27, 2011:

good businnes.

J Beadle from Wisconsin on July 27, 2010:

That's great advice for any salesman...

Arthur Fontes (author) from Fall River,MA on July 27, 2010:

Vincent Huiskamp That is great news. The best time to sell a car is right after you sold one. Stay positive, care about your customers and you will be fine.

I am glad I could be of some help. Soon you will be the guy training the Greeen Pea. LOL

Vincent Huiskamp on July 26, 2010:


Arthur Fontes

Thank you very much for your time to write me back.

And let me tell you the awesome news i went from one day

being nervous and worried to super good feeling and

self confidence I SOLD MY FIRST CAR ON THE SECOND DAY OF THE JOB!!! a Jeep Grand Cherokee limited full option

for $10995 it all went great and i had help with all the paper work from my fellow sales person who is training me

i know the four square plan now and everything went SMOOTHLY the owner was very happy and gave me thumps up XD i read all the information on the site you gave me

and figured out that i naturally already did some of those things it says i feel fresh fruity energetic and happy on my way for more sales to come ill keep in touch ill write you next car sale my commision was 400 $ that i had to split greetings Vincent

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