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How Strong is a Hot Glue Gun?


Are you stranded on what to use for home fixes? Then you should make a hot glue gun your best friend. It is a versatile tool (capable of doing many things) that can help you multitask. In fact, it has brilliant uses such that it should be included in every tool kit.

Guess you are familiar with several types of glue. But the big difference between a hot glue gun and other glues is that it uses heat. The heat melts the thermoplastic which softens, and on cooling the material hardens forming a very strong bond. Amazingly, it is such a simple device that you can use on do-it-yourself stuff (DIYs).

What Determines the Strength of a Hot Glue Gun?

The strength lies in the following factors:

  1. The Adhesive Forces of the Glue Melt. For example, hot glue guns make of ethylene-vinyl acetate are very strong.
  2. The Power Rating Of the Glue Gun. The higher the power, the better the results. In this case, the high-temperature glue gun gives the best results due to fast heating.
  3. The Roughness or Softness of a Surface. The hot adhesive, bonds strongly with a rough surface. Like those of rubber and wood. On surfaces like those of metals, a weak bond is not formed due to the softness.

10 Areas Where You Can Use Glue Gun

Packaging and Carton Sealing

The glue works better compared to reset machines in binding cartons. The strong adhesive forces help to hold the parts. Due to the great property of long-lasting bonds, it has been a better alternative over reset machines.

Adding Traction to Slippers

Molten glue and the slippers are made of similar synthetic polymers. When applied, it creates a strong bond. This way, the slippers can’t slide and hence you can avoid common household accidents.

To Keep Your Clothes in Position

It is one of those disgusting moments when you place your clothes on a hanger and they slip off. To avoid such occurrences, apply a strip of glue along the shoulder area of your ordinary wood or plastic clothes hangers. Let it dry, and you’re done. The clothes will be in order now!

Resize a Finger ring

Re-sizing rings can be expensive. But, worry not. You don’t have to wait for the end month’s pay. Hot glue will help you to fix things temporarily. How do you resize?

  • Put on some surgical gloves and find a clean work surface if you don’t mind messing up a little bit.
  • Pour a small pool of glue onto the surface; about six or seven squeezes.
  • Almost there! All you need now is to wait for the glue to dry and dip the ring.
    Once the glue has dried, wear it to test if it fits.

Note: If the ring doesn’t fit. You can scrub off dry glue and repeat the procedure

House Decoration

Hot glue isn't only for sticking things together! Out of it, you could attach a word or a picture on the wall to make a beautiful pattern. As well, you can decorate a vase (pot or a flower holder).

Make a Cleaning Board for Brushes

Sometimes it is hard to get off dirt which binds on your brush after cleaning. Again it is unpleasant when the dirt splashes on you when attempting to clean the brush. Well, with rough cardboard, you can have one right away.

  • Cover the surface of the cardboard with the melt.
  • After it’s dry, scrub the bristles against the rough surface of cardboard hardly to expel the dirt on the brush.
  • Rinse the brush with plenty of water to remove the dirt completely.

Add Texture

You can still use a hot glue gun to craft home tools with a soft grip. Such as vases, tissues holders, centerpieces… name them, and make their grip rough.

You can achieve this by applying the melt on the handles of the tools.

Make a Knife envelope

Safety is key when working with sharp tools. A knife cover ensures your safety as well as maintains the sharpness of the knife. In case you misplace the cover; you can make one very fast with the molten. How?

  • Coat your knife in petroleum jelly.
  • Smear the blade with the melt to form a thick layer.
  • Allow the glue to dry, as it solidifies it forms the pattern of the knife. After a while remove the envelope on the knife.
  • You can always replace the casing when the knife is not in use.
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Your knife is now safe to use!

Seal a Nail Hole

A bumpy surface may be hectic when you’re painting a wall or a piece of wood. So before you start painting, plug any nail holes with a drop of blazing hot glue.

  • After pouring the glue, cover with painter’s tape to smooth out.
  • When the glue is dry, remove the tape to ensure a perfectly even surface.
  • Now, you won’t even be able to tell where the hole had been.

Replace a Stripped Screw Hole

It tends to be disappointing in woodwork when you come across a screw hole that has stopped holding. Instead of using wood filler, just use the hot glue gun.

  • fill the hole and let the glue dry
  • Drill a hole of about 2/8 inch.
  • Insert the screw and roll it to ensure it is firmly held.

Make Some Repairs

Molten glue is best for most repairs. Next time you need to fix your shoe before you reach a cobbler, worry not, you have got the right option. you can apply the molten glue to the loose part of the shoe.

Types Of Hot Glue Gun

Can be categorized into 3;

1. Low temperature

2. High temperature
3. Dual-temperature

The three, have their own best uses based on your type of work.

Features of low temperature

  • Heats glue to around 121 degrees Celsius.
  • It offers a guarantee of safety. In that, it produces minimal heat that can’t cause severe burns. Unlike high-temperature ones.
  • Works better with low-temperature glue sticks.
  • Appropriate for light tasks joining covers.

High-temperature features

  • Heats at an approximate temperature of 1930o C.
  • The high amount of heat generated from it makes it possible to work with different types of glue sticks, like thermoplastics.

Though, it has one limit. It is likely to cause severe burns if you make contact when it is hot. So they are most suitable for adults.

Dual Temperature Features

Dual means two in one. This means with a dual temperature you can switch to lower or higher temperature mode.

Best for a variety of projects, since it allows you to switch when need be.

Which Glue Gun is Best For Me, Cordless or Cord?

A cordless is the best. Why? A cordless model is rechargeable. This means you don’t need to connect it to a power source when working. Therefore, it gives a lot of flexibility.

On the other hand, a corded model glue gun requires you to connect to a source of power when working. This means it offers very little flexibility.


You are now informed all about hot glue guns. It is a tool that many underestimate. But, as you have seen, we can now pronounce it as a super tool and proof the underestimation wrong. You have what it takes to buy one for DIY jobs and craft projects.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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