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How Automobiles are Classified

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What is Automobile ?

Automobile is a basically motorcar or car which is propelled by an internal combustion engine using a fuel. Automobiles are mostly used for transportation of passengers and goods from one place to another.

Classifications of Automobiles

1. Based on purpose

  • Passenger Vehicles: These vehicles carry passengers. It is usually designed for the transportation of passengers. Ex: Buses, Cars, Passengers trains.
  • Goods Vehicles: These vehicles carry goods from one place to another place. It is usually used for the transportation of goods. Ex: Goods lorry, Goods carrier.
  • Special purpose vehicles: These vehicles only used for special purpose. Ex: Ambulance, Fire engines, Army vehicles.

2. Based on Load Capacity

  • Light Duty Vehicles: These are small motor vehicles. Ex: Car, Jeep, Motorcycle, Scooter.
  • Heavy Duty Vehicles: These are large and bulky motor vehicles. Ex: Bus, Truck, Tractor.

3. Based on Fuel used

  • Petrol Engine Vehicles: These vehicles are powered by a petrol engine. Ex: Cars, Scooter, Motorcycle.
  • Diesel Engine Vehicles: These vehicles are powered by a diesel engine. Ex: Truck, Buses, Tractors
  • Gas Vehicles: These vehicles are powered by a gas turbine. Ex: Turbine powdered cars.
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  • Electric Vehicles: These vehicles are powered by a electric source. Ex: Electric cars, Electric buses.
  • Steam Engine Vehicles: These vehicles are powered by a steam engine. Ex: Steam boat, Steam locomotive, Steam wagon.

4. Based on the Drive of Vehicles

  • Left hand drive: Steering wheel fitted on the left hand side.
  • Right hand drive: Steering wheel fitted on the right hand side.
  • Fluid drive: These vehicles employing torque converter or fluid flywheel.

5. Based on number of wheels and axles

  • Two wheeler: These vehicles have two wheels. Ex: Motorcycles, Scooters.
  • Three-wheeler: These vehicles have three wheels. Ex: Autorickshaw.
  • Four Wheeler: These vehicles have four wheels. Ex: Car, Jeep, Buses, Trucks.
  • Six Wheelers: Buses and Trucks have six wheels.

6. Based on type of transmission:

  • Automatic Transmission Vehicles: These vehicles are capable of changing gear ratios automatically. Ex: Automatic Transmission Cars.
  • Manual Transmission Vehicles: These vehicles need to changed gear ratios manually.
  • Semi Automatic Transmission Vehicles: These Vehicles that facilitate manual gear changing with a clutch pedal.

7. Based on suspension system used

  • Conventional Suspension: Leaf Spring.
  • Independent Suspension: Coil Spring.

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