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Honda Stream RSZ vs Honda Odyssey Part 2

I promised to tell you which car I bought and challenged you to guess which and why I did it.

Last week, I wrote the article entitled Honda Stream RSZ 2.0L Versus Odyssey 2.4L, I promised to tell you which car I bought and challenged you to guess which and why I did it.

You may recap what I wrote:

There you can see the issue. This forty-six year old family man, often open to suggestions from the other family members, has to choose between being practical, economical and environmental friendly, and being considerate to what the family wants. Is it possible to make a decision? What should I choose? I have in fact bought the car. Can you guess which car I bought? Do you know why I made the choice? Do you know me? Does my decision reflect what I am really like and stand for. If you can guess my decision correctly and the reasons behind it, does that mean you do know me? But then, do you really?

One comment came from KH:

Chan Kwan Hop says:

6 days ago

Dear Benson

I know you would definitely buy the Honda Odyssey 2.4L , because, you love your children, your wife and your patients as well. If I were wrong, I will stop reading your hubpages three times as for punishment, or you excuse me which is earlier.

Another comment came from Siyu:

siyu2007 says:

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4 days ago

I also guess you bought Honda Odyssey 2.4L because of your family's preference.

BTW, you're a very good doctor. :)

Do they know me? Are they right? Here are the answers:

I bought the Stream RSZ 2.0L. The reason was simple: it ran well and besides, I knew just how to sway my family members’ votes. Here’s how. I took my wife to test drive the Honda Odyssey again on another day. I suggested to her that I really liked its looks and luxurious interior but was disappointed with the way it climbed hills. I shared with her that the car would hopefully do the hill better without the children on board. Of course, it did just as poor, as it was only 100kg lighter than when we first test drove it. I was so disappointed that you could bet my wife was feeling the pain too. (The disappointment was real. I really wished that the Odyssey had climbed the hill like the Stream did.) While she helped eased my disappointment by suggesting we should buy the Stream, I suddenly remembered having seen the picture of new Louis Vuitton handbag somewhere and proposed that we should go and check this out later this week.

How did I sway the children? Have you heard about the multi-storey office block in Chicago with only two lifts. The office workers were constantly complaining about having to queue far too long during peak hours. The management had to solve this problem and various proposals were investigated including tearing down some office units to install extra lifts, changing one staircase to an escalator, staggering the office hours and many other excellent suggestions. Do you know what they did eventually? They put up big wall to wall mirrors in the lift lobby. As simple as that. The office goers now spend their waiting time checking on their ties, shirts, hairs, lipsticks and belts. Some of them find that the lifts are actually coming a little too fast, before they have finished tidying up themselves. While I wasn’t exactly innovative, I played the copy-cat well. I highlighted to the children that the Stream would come with a DVD player with a functional TV screen. They could watch movies and MTVs while I went off to pick up the chips and the diet coke. We were not buying a squashy car any more, we were buying a cozy movie lounge.

Even though I often miss out when the other family members’ votes count, this time I am happy to have made it. Boy, what a close win! You folks are right. I really love my family, especially when they let me have what I want.


prasetio30 from malang-indonesia on May 24, 2009:

nice car, both of them nice to drive. comfortable and of course expensive.

teresaleung on September 08, 2008:

You bribe them,that means you do love them. You've made the right choice, safety comes first.

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