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Honda Accord GDI F24 Leaking Valve Cover Replacement (With Video)

Honda F24 GDI Engine

Honda F24 GDI Engine

Honda Accord F24 I4 GDI Valve Cover and Spark Plug Tube Seal Replacement

This article will demonstrate, via video, how to replace both the valve cover gasket and spark plug tube seals on a 2014 Honda Accord Sport with the F24 GDI engine. This model's valve cover is made of plastic, but appears relatively strong and durable compared to other plastic valve covers I've serviced. The spark plug tube seals are more easily serviceable in that the tube seal is framed into a bracket that bolts onto the valve cover. The valve cover bolts are designed to "bottom out" against the cylinder head to prevent over-compression of the new or existing valve cover gasket.

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