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Honda logo for motorbikes. Nice wings

Honda logo for motorbikes. Nice wings

Honda AX-1 Honda from a blender...

As a strictly domestic model, Honda chose the fast and cheap way to go, designing upon an existing model. Using the NX250 platform and building on it(All AX-1 frame codes start with NX-xxxx). The basic frame of the NX250 got equipped with new softer suspensions, new rear aluminum fork by prolink, and updated engine and a new bodywork..

Africa Twine. The style similarities are clear

Africa Twine. The style similarities are clear

The idea

At late 80`s and early 90`s Honda decided to roll out a new model based on the quite successful Honda NX250 Dominator blended with some Twin Africa style. The target of that new model was clearly the Japanese market and no further plans for exportation were made at that stage and so comes the numerical identification of the bike(Japanese really prefer the number over a name) AX-1

Instrument panel on Honda AX-1

Instrument panel on Honda AX-1

Equipment updates from NX250

AX-1 got 2 headlights Twin Africa style. Unfortunately even though Honda managed to get more HP from the NX250 engine, they failed to provide more electrical power for the headlights. The 2 beams strength and coverage of AX-1 is way below average for a motorcycle which will always go 80-90 km/h at open road, limiting you to about 50-60 km/h because you can`t see further :(

The turn indicator light got smaller making the Ax-1 way more appealing to young audience and improving the design and looks.No sacrifices here.

Standard alloy rims and crossover run on flat tires(so a puncture at the mountains, no problem). The rims where not supplied by honda so unfortunately no spare parts for them available. Believe me I know, I searched many times for rear disc silencers and came up with nothing but custom modifications. Rims are rock solid though...A bus run them over once and didn`t get a scratch or bent.

Rear disc brake. Yeah the main problem of NX, the drum got out of the way. the rear disc brake add more durability and braking action and makes you happy downhill. the AX-1 brakes are excellent and progressive.

Honda NX250, the older brother.

Honda NX250, the older brother.

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Mechanical deference from NX250

Updated engine with new cylinder walls for reduced friction and differently tuned carburetor rose the published HP rating from 24 bhp to 30 bhp.

Softer suspension lower the riding hight by some cm and made the motorbike more road going.


Review and opinion on that bike.

A confortable and affordable motorbike to do all your work with and get you anywhere and everywhere. With your AX-1 you can as easily go downtown do what you have to do, maneuver around the other traffic, squish through other cars like a scooter or a moped but have the safety of a real motorbike. When finished downtown and left the center you can easily cruise at 100 km/h burning 3.5 liters/100km, or burn some more and go up to 125 km/h which is the original top speed of the bike. i modified my original carburetor setting sacrificing some mid RPM range tourge and some more fuel, for more top end HP toping 145 km/h (original carburetor original exhaust original everything simple gasoline). If you want to take a offroad shortcut your way back home, you will have fun. The suspension does it`s job and if you don`t push it you will have a relaxing cross-country ride.

Water cooled and 6 speed gearbox are also the +plus sides of this engine.

Mainence is really simple.

Oil changes 1.6 liters every 5000km

Spark plag, oil, air and oil filter changes every 10000km (i also precautionary change the clutch cord) and carburetor claning

Head valve timing and inspection and cleaning every 40000km (I do it every 20000km)

Drive chain and gears when their time comes!!! (Around 12000km depending on use)


Zobayer Eusufzai from Dhaka on April 14, 2020:

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