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Formula Vee

John is a mechanic of good quality and enjoys building racing cars in his spare time.Anything mechanical and technical is what drives me on.


The gearbox is a standard Beetle unit. The only modification is changing the crown wheel over so gearbox can be mounted behind the engine. Ratios are set so the gearbox is stripped to confirm ratio are correct to rules.



The car's frame is built from 76 x 38 mm tubing for main rails. The dash roll bar and main roll bar are from 38 mm tubing. Bent to form the hoop. Bracing for roll hoops are 20 and 25 mm tubing. The Beetle front suspension is bolted to two uprights off the front of the frame made of a 25 x 38 mm box section. Gearbox sits on top of the extended rear frame. Bolted to frame via brackets. There is an aluminum under tray running from front to just behind the main roll bar. Pop riveted to frame. Steering rack is mounted to frame top rails sitting above the driver's feet. The rear suspension trailing arms extend from side shaft tubes out to the rear of the frame. Movement via two large rod ends.


All body panels are of glass fiber. Plugs were made from wood and shaped with body filler. Rubbed smooth and primer added. Then painted with 2k paint. Polished smooth. A release wax applied. Then sprayed with a release agent so panels will come off once cured. Gel coat applied to the polished and waxed mold. Three layers of cloth applied. The molds are left for a day so the resin can cure. Then the difficult task of separating the body from mold takes place. Once separated the new panels are trimmed of excess cloth. Then try are sanded down, primer added. The panels are then left overnight for the primer to dry. The next day they are given a light sanding and painted with the chosen color.


The engine used is from a Volkswagen Golf.1300 cc. The engine is standard except for internal blueprinting. Pistons, con rods, crankshaft, flywheel and clutch assembly balanced. A single Weber carburetor is mounting on special Formula Vee manifold. Air filter fitted to keep air coming into engine clean.

Front suspension

The front suspension is from a Beetle. Only changes are one lot of torsion blades are removed replace by an anti-roll bar. Brake drums are removed and replaced with BMW front hubs which will take the VW Golf disc brakes. The Golf brake calipers are mounted on special brackets supplied by a racing car supplier.

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Exhaust branch

Exhaust branch made of 38 mm tubing

Exhaust branch made of 38 mm tubing

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