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Help! What to Do When I See My Stolen Car Driving Around

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Vehicle theft is a nightmare, but sometimes it doesn't end there


It Went Down Like This...

The victim agreed to tell their whole story.

When you go to leave for work and find your driveway empty, it's never an easy process to begin with. Cue talking to the neighbors, filing a police report to begin the recovery effort, talking to insurance. This lasted from about 9AM through 1PM.

The insurance had his rental ready, if only he had a ride to get there. Girlfriend to the rescue. She left work early to take him for his rental car.

She's even planning to take him out after they pick up his car to try and cheer him up. He takes his rental back toward her place when he sees the exact year/make/model/color of car he owned coming toward him.

It's got to be his, so he checks one last thing.

He pulls up his license plate info from a picture on his phone and confirms as the car passes. He confirms it by the plates, this is his car.

He calls his girl first, who tells him to call 911 immediately. The 911 operator keeps him on the line and it only takes a couple of minutes before a squad car intercepts and flips on lights and sirens behind the thief.

More cruisers come out of the side roads and the thief floors it.

The guy in his rental fights to keep up as the thief, several squad cars and he accelerate down the highway.

Not what he signed up for that day


What else could he do? He followed.

The thief led them back to the scene of the crime. They were in the neighborhood he lived in now, and as he rounded the block his house was on, he saw his own car barreling toward him.

Lights and sirens were flashing right behind the thief who wasn't slowing down for anything.

The victim swung the rental car onto a neighbors lawn to avoid a head on collision with his own car. They all blew past, screeching around the corner as the thief tried to shake the three cruisers that were locked on his tail.

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The neighborhood itself had only a few ways in and out. Police had the thief in a box canyon, covering the entrances with spike strips, but he wasn't stopping.

Tires, gone.

You can still drive without the rubber on your tires, sort of. You just won't get where you're going quickly or in a straight line. And eventually something's gotta give.

The victim gave up pursuit, seeing the situation heating up as his maimed car tore into traffic without any tires and with pursuit vehicles hot on his tail.

Shortly after, while recounting the day's events with his lovely girlfriend, he learned that the guy was captured. His car was recovered as well, but in less than pristine condition.

From the description, it was going to be an insurance write-off. One more reason to always have comprehensive coverage. It's barely more than just liability coverage, folks! It's saved my bacon, too.

I had a truck stolen once. They found it after 36 hours and I waited 8 hours at the impound lot for my turn to go back and reclaim it.

What was described as "It seems mostly fine" turned out to be less than accurate. I couldn't even recognize it. All that was left over was a rolling frame. Most of the bodywork was either torn off or taken. Tailgate and hood were gone, engine largely gone. The cab was in tact, but the dash was all taken apart.

The glass wasn't even broken. They just towed it off from my apartment parking lot.

I had comprehensive, but no collision. No problem, theft falls under comprehensive and if your vehicle is stolen, they even supply a rental car.

As your carrier what they do for vehicle theft and if you're covered.

Or There's Always The Axel Fox Security System


Cue the Eddie Murphy HUH HUH HUUUUUH

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