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Guide to Decorating and Updating Your RV or Motor Home

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RV on forest route

RV on forest route


Adding vintage decor to your RV is a great way to personalize your space while traveling. It is easy to add pops of color to any space, and you can do so in many different ways. An easy way to give your RV a new look is by using wallpaper. If you're not sure what to choose, consider a colorful floral print. These prints will tie the theme together. Alternatively, you can purchase vintage-inspired wall coverings from specialty shops. Remember that storage space in an RV is limited, so be creative in storing your clothes and soft goods. If you're going for a classic style, you might enjoy the look of a floral print or bold contrasting colors from the ’70s.

Sunset with your Rv

Sunset with your Rv

New Décor

Theme your RV or motor home. A Minnesota couple decorated their motor home with a Tiki lounge theme. A colorful bowl of fresh flowers and fruit can brighten up a drab corner. Small-scale botanical wallpaper and a camping set of tea towels can also add a homey feeling to an otherwise plain space. If you're traveling with kids, think about colors that won't offend them, or make them think it’s a playground.

Think outside of the box. When it comes to RV or motor home decor, remember that stock designs tend to be dull. Most manufacturers opt for neutral or muted colors to avoid offending people. While bold colors may look exciting, they can also end up looking drab and ugly. Try to choose colors that match your mood and the interior decor. This way, you'll have enough space to add colorful accents.

You can add a decorative rug or placemat to your table. You can also hang colorful throw blankets or pillows to add coziness to your RV's hangout spots. Remember to select patterns and colors that match the overall look of your RV. Colorful pillows look better with a neutral-colored floor and walls. Various textures and patterns are important.

New bedroom fitted

New bedroom fitted


Decorating your RV or motor home requires a few tricks and tips. First of all, you must think of the overall look of your RV. Make it a reflection of your style and personality. Incorporate colorful objects and furnishings that add to the overall feel. When decorating your motor home, make sure to pick colors that complement the cabinets. Choose neutral colors to allow for color accents. If you are unable to decide on a color scheme, you can choose a theme based on nature and greenery.

Couple in their motorhome

Couple in their motorhome

Costs and How to Repair

The costs of buying, owning, and decorating an RV can run you anywhere from a few thousand dollars to several thousand dollars. This can be the case whether you buy a luxurious Class A motor home or a standard Class C. In addition, you'll need to factor in the cost of annual upkeep and repairs, which can vary greatly from year to year. Some RV owners will also need to pay for storage space, which can be expensive if you don't own the motor home.

While there are many costs involved in renovating an old motor home or RV, the most common is paint. Depending on the model, you will need to purchase several coats of paint to bring it back to life. To begin the restoration process, you will need to buy paint and tape off all of the affected areas. Interior paint is similar to household paint, which comes in high-gloss, eggshell, and matte finishes.

Exterior paint, on the other hand, is different. In some cases, old motor home or RV may require a different type of paint than an automotive vehicle. For example, an RV that pulls a trailer will likely need automotive-style paint. Additionally, since most RVs are constructed of vinyl materials, the exterior paint will be different from a house, you need to speak to the assistant at your local hardware store, and make sure you pickup the correct one.

While RVs tend to have long useful lives, travel trailers are usually much more durable. Having only four wheels allows you to travel without the worry of replacing the engine. An older motor home, even one with a new engine, can last several hundred thousand miles. While an engine overhaul may seem like a huge expense, it will help extend the RV's lifespan. And while you're at it, make sure you invest in a quality motor.

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Depending on the model, restoring a vintage RV is an extensive project and can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $10K. Ultimately, however, it is worth it if you are planning to sell it on the market. You will be able to resell the vehicle for a higher price if you decide to renovate it. And remember: restoring an old motor home or RV can increase its resale value substantially.

While an RV's vintage look can be charming, it can also be costly if you're not familiar with home repairs. You can also invest in a new motor home or RV if you have experience in the field. However, if you're a beginner in the world of home and car repair, old motor home or RV restoration may be more beneficial. After all, it will be a labor of love, so don't be afraid to spend a few extra bucks on the project. You can even document your journey on Instagram, and gain fans from around the world.


An RV needs constant maintenance. You can't just leave it for months on end during peak camping season. During that time, you'll likely have to pay someone to fix simple maintenance issues. The roof will eventually leak, and tires will need replacing. If you don't know how to repair these problems, it might be a better idea to buy an RV that has been manufactured by a quality manufacturer. Often, a quality-built RV has better success rates with renovations and will also have a higher resale value.

Choosing a reputable repair and service facility is crucial to a quality end result. If you want a reliable and affordable option, a Motor Home Specialist may be your best bet. They employ RV technicians, service writers, and sales associates, all working together to ensure that your RV receives the highest possible level of service. And the best part? They offer competitive prices, as there is such a big market for RV, and motor home owners.

You can reduce the labor cost by half by hiring a mechanic or a dealership employee. Most RV parts and labor are expensive and dealerships want you to buy them from them. However, you can save a lot of money by shopping around and seeking out cheaper RV parts. For example, a new refrigerator could cost up to $1000, while a new tire may cost anywhere from $250 to $900 depending on brand and size.

Replacing damaged parts in your RV will increase the durability and resale value of your RV. Quality parts will last longer and prevent water damage. Checking for leaks and faulty seals is also important. If you see any, you can replace them with new ones. A high-quality seal will ensure that your RV is not prone to leaks. When you do this, you will be saving yourself a lot of money and time.

How to repair RV fiberglass

Methods to Restore

Taking your old motor home or RV back to its original state can be a difficult process if you have not done any restoration work before. Modern home schemes can really take a lot of the spark out of the motor home. However, a little elbow grease and a little research can go a long way. If you have no experience with home and auto repairs, you may be better off purchasing a new RV.

While your motor home is still in good shape, you will have to do some maintenance to keep it looking like new. If you have water damage, you can save the shell of your motor home by cleaning it up. Scrape away the dirt particles and debris that have collected on the roof. However, scraping off the debris may cause the tear to grow longer or even a hole. Make sure the paint is fresh and that it matches the color of the walls and the roof.

While it's possible to find a good restoration company, it's important to do your research before signing contracts. Some shops can do both exterior and interior work, while others will specialize in one particular task. Doing the work yourself is often cheaper and more rewarding than hiring a professional. However, if you don't know how to do it, you should hire someone with more experience. If you are the DIY type around the house, you can probably quite easily manage an RV project.

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to rejuvenate your old RV is to repaint it. Although you will have to purchase paint and tape off the area before painting, the process itself is simple and inexpensive. You can choose from high-gloss, eggshell, or matte paint. It's important to choose the right primer and use a primer that is designed for RVs and pull trailers.

Before you begin painting, you should clean the fiberglass roof. As with EPDM roofs, fiberglass oxidizes. Luckily, older RVs often didn't have a clear coat on their hulls. You can use a gel coat-based polish to restore the fiberglass hull. Just apply the polish to small patches and buff them with a soft cloth to ensure you get a good finish.

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