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General View of Electric Unicycles

Learning to ride an electric unicycle

This is strictly based on my opinion of the topic about electric unicycles or euc whichever you prefer it to be called. Before getting into euc the only things I rode where cars and motorcycles which all had more than 1 wheel and I felt quite safe. I started getting into euc's I think around 5/2020, decided to buy my first euc which costed about 1200 dollars. The price was a bit high but for what it can do I felt it was worth it. It also intrigued me for the longest time as I watched a ton of videos on YouTube about these things. Decided I needed to try it and here I am writing about my experiences which I usually don't do regardless of how much I like something.

The learning part was part of the fun, believe it or not I did not drop the wheel or fall either. I really didn't want to drop something that cost so much, I played around with it in the house since we were under quarantine anyway. There wasn't much room but the hallway gave me 2 walls to go along for practice and a feel of what it was like to ride one. I did that for about a week for 10 mins a day, since I have a lot of things I needed to do I wasn't able to get much time in. After that I found a park where there's usually no one around and plenty of grass to save me and the wheel. This is the place where I spend a lot of time, close to 2 hours a day. The entire process of balancing and riding took about 30 mins at home. Riding in a straight line was not hard at all, the turning for me was pretty crazy. I am able to turn right with no issues but the left turn for me was sketchy.


Rock solid fun

Once you get the hang of things, the electric unicycle is fun. It's convenient because you can get around places faster, much faster than a bicycle. You can just roll it like a suitcase if you need to go into a store to buy something. I had rode this to work which isn't really that far, about 4 miles. On average the euc I bought which is an InMotion V10 and was advertise around 40 mile range and I get about 30 which is still pretty good. The vehicle's range depend on weight and weather, if the weather is cold and the weight on the vehicle is heavy, you can expect less. Now, you have the terrain, more up hills less mileage, so you'll need to consider all the different variance to determine an approximate range. There aren't any guaranteed ranges unfortunately, sometimes you'll need to think about it as you ride and determine how much you think you can get out of it.

Electric vehicles are a lot more efficient on take off, feels so much cleaner, this opinion is from riding an electric motorcycle vs a gas powered ones. Not to mention I feel like I am doing the environment some good. When its fun and clean it's like going to a high end buffet and not needing to worry about blowing up the toilet.

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After some research, there are only a few brands, maybe 4. Each brand seems to have their own unique focus. Some center more on power, while another would be on aesthetics, and another would try to maximize range. If you happen to have an interest with euc's you might want to figure out what is it you are looking for before spending the money, but either way you can't go wrong in my opinion.

EUC vs Other Electric Vehicles

Again, I want to say this is my opinion. The most important thing to me is mobility and convenience, which is why I chose the electric unicycle. Honestly, I wanted an euc also because everyone here rides a motorcycle and as time past it becomes old. Motorcycles to me, no matter how fancy it's still just a motor bike at the end of the day. I wanted something I had to learn, fun to use, and total mobility, don't need to park it. I take it to work, throw it in a locker or under the table to charge next to me even though most of the time it didn't need it.

Most electric vehicles are a pain to move around and would need a garage to house it. On an outing around the city you might need to park it and any city parking is always a pain. With the electric unicycle or the one wheel you can get away with bringing the vehicle with you wherever you go. A lot easier with the unicycle than the one wheel because it looks like luggage more so than a vehicle and the handle makes it easy to roll it along side.

People often tell me it looks so dangerous. Well, what isn't dangerous if you don't practice safety? If you speed on any vehicle it's dangerous. If you can't control yourself or you think you're safer than others, this or any vehicle might not be for you. It's like legalizing drunk driving for people who think they are better than others.

Problems with electric unicycles are the people using it. There are people who just don't wear gear, and wonder why they left a patch of skin on the pavement. Any vehicle that can go pass 10mph, I think should use gear. Getting messed up just adds pain to others if you end up getting messed up to a point others would need to assist you. At that point, you're just being recklessly selfish.

Gear to Get With EUC

Gear Gear Gear, most important thing. If others don't want to wear it doesn't mean you shouldn't. They make gear look cool these days for a reason. Helmet is a must, wrist, elbow, and knee/shin guards to prevent any severe damage. The whole idea of gear is to minimize damage even if you take a fall. Those who have never fallen of anything don't understand, any type of pavement will rip you up. There are slim line guards that you can wear under your jacket for cooler weather. Even just to practice you should have protective gear on, safe yourself from a face plant or any road rashes. Just remember you are standing on it facing forward, when you fall chances are your head will lead. Learn to fall when you do fall as you are learning, practice going down on your knee. That's why is important to have knee pads, and everything else too.

Other gear, such as a flashlight, most electric unicycles come equip with a head/tail light, having extra is better. Get a portable air compressor and green slime is a must so you don't get stranded. To prevent a flat you can put the slime into the tire before riding and its said to be good for 2 years before drying out. This isn't like a car tire so you don't need to worry about balance from the slime in the tire. I had it in there from the beginning and it hasn't caused any issue with balance.

Another piece of gear is a reflective vest, in case you are out at night at least drivers can see you. That's most of the gear you would want with you, there might be more depending on what you think you need.

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