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Electric Car Modification Options

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An electric car being charged

An electric car being charged

With the growing demand for electric cars, there is a corresponding growth in demand for electric car modification and customization. Compared to ordinary cars, modifying electric cars is quite difficult and demanding.

Electric vehicle modification may entail several things including window tinting, fresh paint, and interior materials. Other areas you can modify on an electric vehicle include sound systems, accessories, suspension, and wheels and tires. Below are modification options for electric vehicles;

Battery Upgrades

The rechargeable battery is the heart and soul of any electric car. The original battery that comes with the new vehicle may however have limitations in terms of output and capacity. Battery upgrades mainly involve increasing capacity for higher vehicle speed and power.

Several models are already testing the use of high-power Tesla batteries in small cars like Chevy Volt and Kia Soul.

While using powerful batteries may have several advantages, the high voltage may cause additional strain that the vehicle may not handle. To avoid sacrificing range when doing battery upgrade, you can also work in improving the vehicle’s technology.

Electric Motors

A new electric vehicle usually comes with a simple electric motor tightly sealed in a cylinder and located at the back of the car. You can improve the engine’s horsepower by adding another electric motor, which increases the car’s speed and power.

The fastest electric cars usually come with four motors, at least one for each wheel. You can double your EV’s power from its original set up by adding more motors.

Inverter Upgrade

Inverters are used to convert the DC of the battery into AC before it is used to power the motor. An efficient and powerful inverter ensures the motor spins faster, which in turn increases the switching speed.

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For efficient and compact electronics, your EV voltage peaks must be stable and strong. Each EV usually comes with a predetermined optimum shift speed to offer a safe and economical drive that maintains efficient energy consumption. You can modify these pre-configured settings to achieve faster shifting and in turn increase motor power.

Tire Upgrade

Electric vehicles need quiet tires since they lack a roaring engine. They also need strong rubber due to their torque and range. Majority EV come with 18 inch wheels which offer enough room for improving the vehicle’s range.

You can upgrade your tire system by using higher-performance tires that offer higher acceleration and better handling. You can also add a larger and sticker contact patch increase grip during cornering. A larger patch will also improve traction and allow you to accelerate to high speed faster and also stop quickly.

Software and Interiors

The real aftermarket modification and customization of EV lies in the software and custom interiors. Many manufacturers install software to minimize power output and ensure the vehicle operates within safe standards. These settings are usually encrypted to protect them from tampering and modification.

Some model are, however, able to bypass these settings and improve the vehicle’s power. This may however come at a cost of battery life and range.

Just like in conventional cars, electric cars are also compatible with interior modifications. This may include adding seat trim, custom upholstery, door kick plates, carbon fiber resurfacing, an inductive phone charging pad among other features that improve the vehicle’s functionality and interior aesthetics.

Risks and Difficulties

Life any other vehicle, changing the original features, settings, and configuration may presents some risks and challenges. It is therefore good to prepare well in advance for these challenges before embarking on adding new features or changing existing ones. Challenges that come with EV modification include high voltage which can be dangerous to some parts of the vehicle.

Electric vehicle modification may also entail complete system override when making upgrades. This include hacking into the vehicle’s computer system to modify the engine control system. This may need a qualified computer programmer otherwise it may affect other parts of the vehicle.


As the electric vehicle market continue to expand, so is the need for modification and customization to meet different customer needs, tastes and preferences. EV medication is a delicate exercise that need a professional vehicle modder. Electrovogue is a leading electric vehicle modder with expertise to handle different modifications and customization needs for different electric vehicle brands.

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