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Electric ATV for Adults Buying Guide

As an avid fan of four-wheelers, I'd like to share my knowledge on dirt bikes and ATVs.

Four Wheeler

Four Wheeler

If you are looking to go more eco-friendly or simply prefer more basic maintenance then getting an Electric ATV is a great option for adults to go for. Electric All-Terrain Vehicles can seem a little strange at first, especially if you are used to a gas powered one, a four wheeler that is battery powered though is actually very easy to start and operate. A fantastic option for those who are beginners, but they get powerful enough for those who are wanting to operate the four wheeler 'for more than fun' too, great for hunting and potential agricultural work too.

When it comes to buying an electric ATV for adults, the sheer number of options available to you can be quite surprising. The number of options that you can buy from can mean spending more time than you would have wanted looking at alternatives. Instead of spending all day and night stressing over what electric ATV to buy, though, you should understand the challenges involved.

For example, why should you buy an electric ATV for adults?

What are Electric ATVs?

So, you might not even know what one of these vehicles are. An ATV stands for All Terrain Vehicle. It’s a form of bike, or quad bike, that drives on four wheels instead of the normal two that you would be used to. They are quite small vehicles and are often meant for driving around with a low-pressure pair of tires on. They are designed to give you space for up to 3 occupants, though most will be at their best with just one person onboard.

They tend to either have cycle-like handlebars or a steering wheel, with most of the options that you get making it easy for you to sit down and feel comfortable. The bodies of an ATV are often made from a fiberglass material, and they usually are using low-pressure tires to handle off-road movement without excessive jump and jerking around.

ATVs have ben around for a while, with the first produced by Royal Enfield back in the early 1890s. Electric ATVs are far newer, though, and they are usually made by companies such as Honda, Suzuki, and Kawasaki. Yamaha, too, are a popular name within the four wheeler industry.

Electric ATVs: Key to a Fun & Green Future

One of the main reasons why the electric ATV is taking off in the popularity stakes is due to the green nature of their development. As you might have heard, we’re in the midst of what can only be described as a slowly developing climate catastrophe. And doing something about it means changing the way that we consume as a society – including buying proper electrically driven hardware. This includes cars, bikes, and ATVs.

That’s why electric ATV for adults are going to become so popular – people can now see them for what they are. They are the ideal alternative to those who decide to buy an all-terrain vehicle that is a gas guzzler. Instead of spending money on a device that could put you at needless risk of increasing pollution, electric ATVs for adults make an excellent alternative.

Moving away from a gas-based vehicular economy is so important to the long-term health and future of our planet. That’s why so many people are choosing to go for the electric alternative. There is still no shortage of fun, and they can still provide you with plenty of push and shove. So you don’t need to worry about buying an electric ATV and feeling like you’ve given up lots of power.

Why Should I Buy an Electric ATV?

  • They get you outdoors. For one, they are useful for making sure you can spend more time outdoors. Sure, you aren’t cycling or walking, but you are soaking up all of those sun rays and getting to spend time in the very thing we want to try and save – nature!
  • They are easy to grasp. While like any other vehicle an electric four wheeler can feel daunting at first, that will soon fade. Instead, you will be left with an electric ATV that feels easy to control, simple to manoeuvre, and also very easy to master when you are ready.
  • They are beginner friendly. Other forms of vehicular travel can feel far less friendly than hopping on board an ATV. When you begin to get a feel for the basics, it won’t be long until you are able to command learn the most important parts of using this vehicle.
  • They are safe and stable. While you still need to be smart and follow safety instructions provided, these are very safe vehicles to hop on board. They make it nice and easy for you to enjoy the trip and to drive around whilst feeling like you are always in control.
  • They have limited power. With speeds of around 15mph as a maximum for electric ATV for adults, you can never go too fast that you feel like you are losing control. Once you learn how to handle your hardware at the top speed, you’ll find it far more enjoyable to drive.

Things to Consider When Buying Electric ATV for Adults

Of course, with all of the above in mind, you might be ready to go out and make a purchase already. We recommend that you take a step back for a moment, though. While every electric ATV for adults is different, we do have to point out a few things that you should be looking out for when buying a vehicle. The things to consider include, but are not limited to:

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  • Does it take your weight? First off, make sure that you are buying an electric ATV for adults that can handle your body mass. Some are only capable of taking smaller weight loads, so ensure that it can handle you sitting on top of it before you go to invest.
  • Is it strong enough? Another factor is the engine. Most of the best electric ATVs for adults will have a 500W or above engine, though some will be lower. While we recommend taking it slow as you learn, make sure you are buying a model of ATV that you can enjoy driving.
  • How do you control it? Other control systems are often in place, but we recommend that you look out for models that have a twist-grip throttle control. These are often the easiest to learn, meaning that you should have a lot less trouble getting it to do what you had intended.
  • Where will you drive it? At the same time, work out where you will be taking your ATV in the first place. The best ATVs are going to be ones that you can drive without having to worry about it being on-road or off-road, but most have a preference. Choose based on lifestyle.
  • How do you charge it? Lastly, make sure that you take the time to look at how you charge your electric ATV for adults. Many will have their own charge style, and some will have quite poor battery life. We recommend looking for something with at least one hour of a charge.

Keep these factors in mind, and you should find it a bit easier to make your investment with full confidence. There are, though, some other things that we recommend you take a look at when buying.

The Different Kinds of ATV

So, the main issue that you might have when buying an ATV is that you have to pick the right kind of ATV. Unlike other vehicle types, you have particular profiles and styles of ATV. Some are made for certain jobs and lifestyles, while totally unsuited to other professions and aims. The challenge that you probably face, then, is making the right choice with regards to where you wish to start from. For example, do you intend on taking your electric ATV out for a particular kind of experience?

You could, for example, buy yourself a Youth ATV. These are often the smallest, lightest, and least durable of electric ATVs for adults. They are made for light energy tail riding and tend to be used for those who are just getting into the wonderful world of ATVs. We recommend that you give this a go, as they tend to be very enjoyable to drive around on.

Another option would be to take a look at Sport UTV vehicles. Sport UTVs are fun because they give you a solid basis for getting around the place, and can be fun for hitting everything from dirt tracks to race courses with. They are usually small and lightweight, and have the best suspension of any ATV. However, they lack the roaring pulling power of other options, which makes them suitable for having fun rather than doing any jobs with.

At the same time, you could look to go for a Utility ATV. These are also very popular for various reasons, not least because they tend to be used for stuff like agricultural development, ploughing, trailer pulling, and cargo management. Great for professional use, but maybe not so fun for flying over hills and taking yourself into risky situations with.

Buying an ATV for Sport or for Pleasure

The other question then is why you are buying it. Many of us invest in an electric ATV for adults because we want to zoom around the place and have fun. As such, the Sport UTV is your go-to choice. You should want to buy something that will allow you to take risks, try out tricks, and just have some fun as you scoot around the place at the level of pace that you desire.

However, you should also get used to the idea that buying an ATV means being ready to make a positive investment. If you are buying it for working as much as for having fun, then you should consider the type you buy. Utility SUVs are often used by people in civil service and in industry, but they usually lack the raw power and/or ferocity of the Sport ATV brands.

Therefore, you need to work out if the electric ATV for adults is one that you want to play around on, or one that you just want to keep nice and simple. It’s something that we recommend that you think about carefully, as you’ll find it hard to get one single ATV that can do both.

What Matters in a Good ATV?

Of course, it does not matter about the type of ATV if you buy a poor quality model in the first place. In a bid to help you avoid wasted time and resources, we recommend that you consider the following:

  • Is it new? You might wish to buy new so that you get help with things like insurance and the like, but buying new means paying out a lot more money. Make sure that you take the time to look into the pros and cons of a used version of the model you want to buy. Read reviews, and you should find out if the used models are worth your money.
  • Is it safe? Also, make sure that you find out how the suspension and the brake systems are going to work. The reliable option for an electric ATV for adults is going to be a braking system that is built with disc brakes. This helps to keep it working in the elements, but also helps to reduce the likelihood of the weather slowing you down.
  • Is it fast? The rear suspension should be something you investigate, as many electric ATVs come with either a single shock or a swing-arm suspension system. Find out what you would prefer, as most sport and heavy-duty ATVs will use an independent rear system that is very useful for transport safety.

So, from the type of usage that you will get out of your ATV to the kind of ways that you will be using it for work or for fun, you have quite a few things to consider here. We know that it can be tough to make a choice that you will be 100% happy with, but we hope this guide can show you what ATVs to look at first and foremost.

Work out what you want, why you want it, and where you will be using it. After that, making an informed decision about your electric ATV purchase should become so much easier for you to try out starting from today.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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