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How to Replace Leaky T-Connectors, Common Cause of Coolant Leakage on Ford, Lincoln and Mercury Vehicles (With Video)

Aftermarket Ford replacement coolant lines with t connector.

Aftermarket Ford replacement coolant lines with t connector.

This article, via video, will show you how to replace a leaking plastic coolant T connector commonly found on Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles. After replacing quite a few of these T connectors, I've concluded that these connectors are of low quality (being made of plastic) and eventually fail and leak. They get soft and brittle and can no longer hold coolant pressures.

Unfortunately, these T connectors are not easy to replace, because the connector's plastic output ports break apart when attempting to twist it out of the hose, and because they use one-time-use plastic compression fittings in lieu of standard hose clamps. In the video, I'll show you the easiest and fastest way to remove and replace the T connector with the compression fittings.

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