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How to Protect Yourself From Cell Phone Dangers

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Using your cell phone can be hazardous

Using your cell phone can be hazardous

The FIrst Cell Phones

The first cell phone was a Motorola phone produced in1973 and the first commercial cell phone was available in 1983. This time period may seem like eons ago, since you probably cannot remember a time when you did not have a cell phone. It seems as if cell phones have been a part of our lives a lot longer probably because there are so many cell phone users. In fact, the current count of cell phone users throughout the world is approximately upwards of 5 billion people and counting.

Cell Phone Usage

Using a cell phone is just as common today as a land-line or rotary telephone was back in the day. Not only are we using cell phones more than ever, we are also becoming dependent upon them as well. When leaving your home, the most common inquiry used to be "Where are my keys?" Now the question is "Where is my cell phone?"

With cell phones becoming an essential part of our lives, it is time to find out just how safe or dangerous they really are. Most importantly, we need to determine if there are ways to protect ourselves against whatever hazards cell phones present.

Dangers of Cell Pones

Some of the dangers of cell phones include the possibility of radiation exposure similar to radioactive waves emitted from microwave ovens. Some studies show that cell phones emit carcinogenic agents that may cause dreaded diseases. Even though cell phone usage poses a danger, some studies also show the ill effects are so minuscule, it would probably be many years before harm is done, if any.

Some of the possible health dangers from cell phone usage include:

  • Cancer
  • Brain tumors
  • Cataracts
  • Alzheimer's

The good news is there are studies that show there is no empirical proof that cell phones cause the dangers listed above. However, I would like to remind you of the controversy surrounding cigarette smoking. You may recall how the major tobacco companies did not want to face the fact that smoking cigarettes actually caused lung cancer, among other health problems. Of course, now we know cigarette smoking definitely causes these ailments.

Similar to tobacco, there is a lot of money tied up in the cell phone business, including money spent on service providers, service plans, cell phones and cell phone peripheral equipment. There is even money to be made by selling your old cell phones, for example the past generation iPhone and Samsung smart phones. Due to the large amount of money involved, it is highly unlikely that negative effects from cell phone usage will be widely publicized.

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How to Reduce Risks Involved from Cell Phone Usage

You can protect yourself from dangerous radiation effects by knowing approximately how far your phone is from cell phone towers. The closer you are to cell phone towers when you use your cell phone, the more dangerous the phone is to you.

Dangers are also prevalent if there are no barriers between the cell phone and the towers where the cell phones receive their signals. The most radiation occurs when the phone is searching for a signal from the tower -- which usually occurs right after you dial the number on your phone.

Listed below are actions you can take to reduce exposure to possible radiation whenever you use your cell phone.


  1. Reduce your overall cell phone usage. (This may be is a tall order for some, including myself.)
  2. When talking, keep your cell phone a safe distance away from your face, but close enough that you can converse. Try using the speaker on your cell phone instead of holding the phone close to your ears. Keeping the cell phone away from your face will lessen the amount of radiation you are exposed to.
  3. Use a blue tooth. Be aware there is controversy surrounding blue tooth since some studies show that this method may be just as harmful as using your regular cell phone.


  1. Use your cell phone when in elevators (if possible), since the cell phone is emitting stronger waves in order to communicate with the nearest cell phone tower.
  2. Call the person on your cell phone. Text instead. (Warning: Do not text while driving at any time for your safety and the safety of others).

Cell Phone Usage Warnings

The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued warnings about cell phone usage, but not to the extent that would cause panic when you use your cell phone. It is unlikely that cell phone usage will decline because of these warnings.

Case in point -- If tobacco and cigarettes are still around after all these years of warnings, I see cell phones following the same path. Cell phones will continue to be used now and in the future because they have become almost a necessary part of our everyday lives. As a result, remember to always use your cell phone with caution to protect yourself, your family and loved ones from its dangers.

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