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Caterham F1 Team CT05 (Car Analysis)

Hello Everyone. Here is a different type of review, where I state an analysis of failed F1 cars, discussing the reasons and the statistics.



In 2014 we saw a raft of technical and aesthetic changes on the F1 season. We got the first taste of the V6 Hybrid Turbo Engines, the lower nosed cars, and a team, which was entering the death note, after 4 past seasons with no success on the F1 grid. This team was Caterham F1 Team, as it had a failed time in the sport , littered with money troubles and cars that failed to score points. In 2014, however, it was the worst season, as the CT05 was slow but also painfully awful to look. So, in this series, we gonna take a look in controversial cars, that had a not so impressive time, in F1, starting with the last Caterham F1 car, the CT05.



This will be a short section, as we don't want to analyse entirely on that, otherwise, we could not write about the car. So, the team was formed in 2010, under the Lotus name. Yes, that name. But it was not original, as it was basically an entry from Malaysia, with the rights to hold the Lotus branding. However it lasted for only 2 seasons, with no points, until the team was renamed to Caterham in 2012. Making a pause here, to say that, Caterham, had some ambition for its entry, as it is a well regarded small brand, but not known for being a massive company like Mercedes, Renault or Ferrari, especially given the fact that the team they were going to replace, had a horrible time in F1, as they were, like mentioned before, one of the teams that struggled to make a finish. So with that, the team had much the same time as Lotus, before closing entirely on 2014, with no money to go on and with political issues on them. With that in mind, let's move on their 2014 car.



As most F1 Fans know, 2013 was the final year of the high nose cars. In 2014 one of the new changes for the cars, was that noses had to be lower. To address this, most teams, came with a rather.... inappropriate adaptation, generating more airflow under the car. When the teams appeared for the Pre - Season testing in winter, everyone was shocked at the new cars. But what about the Caterham? With even the team boss, Tony Fernadez calling the car "made from a science fiction film", you really can't be that optimistic. And so it did. The car had a pretty ugly interpretation of the new aero rules and the paint scheme, was quite odd as well (although it looks nice in some ways). It's aero efficiency was poor, compared to other rivals, always at the back and with no particular chance for points,let alone, it was a bit overweight. Despite having a redesign mid season, overall, drivers (Kamui Kobayashi, Roberto Merhi, Marcus Ericsson, Andre Lotterer) tried their best, but they had to deal with the fact that the likelihood for good results was pretty much non - existent.

Caterham CT05 during Pre - Season Testing



Despite being inadequate elegant, the engine, was also a major factor. In 2014, Mercedes took the crown of the best engine in F1, by a massive margin from its rivals and that helped its customer teams to achieve more than they could. Caterham, however, was powered by Renault, who despite being still better that Ferrari in 2014 due to (Ferrari) them delaying the work on its engine package thus having the worst engine on the grid, they (Renault) still were a bit underpowered compared to Mercedes, but most importantly, painfully unreliable. As a result, the Caterham team had an even worse combination, which didn't help the fact that the CT05 was still very aero efficient. To be honest, every Renault powered team (Red Bull, Toro Rosso, Lotus, Caterham) had engine issues, and they were far from Mercedes powered teams.



As we said, being the team that always was at the back of the grid, added with a aero inefficient car with a dreadful Renault power unit, and the result is what you can expect. Their season was a very miserable one, but the worst one, was near the end of the season. At that stage, the team was struggling badly with politics and money, especially with the team principal, leaving mid - season. With 4 rounds to go, the team could not keep themselves afloat anymore, and so they did not participate in the next 2 races. However, during these races, they were holding an organisation to find money to continue, which resulted them making a surprising last appearance for the Abu Dhabi Gran Prix, which apart from the debut of 2015 Marussia - Manor driver, Will Stevens, it was the last race for the green machines. To this day, Caterham has never raced in Formula 1 anymore, although their 2015 car, the CT07, is now what the team could have used to race in that season, but never came to a grand prix.

So there you have it. The full analysis of the Caterham CT05 and how it performed. Which moment you have kept in your mind from the team? And which team car you want to see in the next one? Write down your ideas and your opinions about this article - episode.

The Caterham that never raced : The Caterham CT07


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