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Car Technology That Can Benefit Drivers

For families there are very few better transport options than a 7 seater car. They offer everything the typical family unit could want from a vehicle – a spacious interior, additional seats, a good driving experience etc. However, there’s another aspect that can be added to that list of things that make 7 seater car models so desirable in the modern era – technology.

Advances in car technology have made life easier for drivers around the world. Most car manufacturers have their own individual features, which in some cases are specific to a certain model. Some of them are beneficial in that they make driving the vehicle much more comfortable, others simply improve interior comfort levels.

Here, we’ve taken a look at just some of the fantastic pieces of technology featured on 7 seater car models today.

Vauxhall Zafira – Automatic Lighting Control (ALC):

The lighting systems on vehicles have become more sophisticated over the past decade or so – evidenced by the Vauxhall’s Automatic Lighting Control (ALC) system. Featured on many of its models, including the Zafira 7 seater car, ALC adjusts the highlights – switching them on or off – in recognition of the conditions. So, for example, it’ll recognise when the vehicle is entering a tunnel, through a set of sensors fitted to the windscreen, and turn off the lights accordingly. It’s a handy innovation that makes it easier for drivers to focus on the road ahead.

Citroen C4 Grand Picasso – Reversing Camera:

Backing into tight spaces or making turns in the road are aspects of driving that fill many drivers with dread. When you’re alone, with no one to guide you into the last space on the supermarket car park, it can be very difficult. However, on the Citroen C4 Grand Picasso there’s a reversing camera. Discreetly installed just above the number plate, it allows drivers to get a good view of exactly what lies behind them on the vehicle’s screen. The feature also provides coloured guidelines to provide greater guidance.

Peugeot 5008 – e-HDi Stop & Start Technology:

Drivers hate wasting petrol. Why? Because it’s pricey, and waste is unnecessary. French car manufacturer, Peugeot, utilises technology, however, that enables drivers to save fuel in traffic jams or inner-city congestion. The e-HDi Stop & Start Technology recognises when the 5008 comes to a halt: it automatically stops the engine, before restarting it when it’s ready to move again. As you’d expect this system can reduce fuel consumption rates by a considerable amount in urban driving environments. You also get the added bonus of reduced C02 emissions too.

These particular pieces of technology that we’ve focussed our attention on provide benefits mainly for the driver of the vehicle. However, as we mentioned previously, there are systems that can make being a passenger far more comfortable as well.

Some 7 seater car models feature interiors in which all of the seats but the driver’s can be folded down – making far more room for luggage. Others feature under seat heating systems. It’s worth exploring these features if you’re looking to make your next car purchase a 7 seater.

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