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Car Accessories for Women – Fun and Comfy

As with other things in life, women have different views on cars than men do and look for different things in a car. Generally, they like reliability and safety features rather than speed, something small and straightforward to park and of course, they don’t always look for the same things when it comes to accessories.

Some things you might not have thought of

I think it also happens to you – you often see women putting on lipstick or arranging their hair in the car, while driving. Did you ever feel the need for an extra mirror that would be small and in a place where you can see yourself well? This could be arranged, as you could opt for a detachable mirror that you could reposition wherever you wanted.

An electronic note pad would be nice to have in the car that would be easy to access even while driving. You could store all your important numbers or other information you might need that would be at the touch of your fingertips. This might be more handy for some, instead of always having to reach for your cell phone or iPad.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a safe place for your purse? Even with a central locking system, you still worry that your purse might be snatched. There are some caddys and hooks available on the market, but due to the lack of space in the car, big bags represent a problem. So, it would be nice if in the future, we would have cars with a specially designed place for bags.

What would women like?

A strong point of a car, from a woman’s perspective that likes to wear high heels would be if the designer thought about making it easier for women to drive in heels. Most often than not, women have to pack their heels and use flats to drive. This is not necessarily uncomfortable, but if you’re late, for example, taking the time to change your shoes is really irritating.

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Maybe this happened to you – your fingernails broke while opening / closing the door. Even if the length of your nails is moderate, this still happens. Why? Because most door handles or shifter knobs have a too rigid shape. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a softer design? Well, some brands have already thought of this and are taking steps to remedy the situation.

It is a fact that usually, women are shorter than men, so it be comfortable to have various accessories have the applicability to adapt to the size and stature of the woman who is driving? This also includes the shoulder belt that doesn’t always fit across the upper torso well and leaves marks on your neck.

Flowers and pink?

While not all women are fans of steering wheel covers and seat covers with flowers and pink all over, it is a fact that women are more sensitive to the way a product is presented. Cars don’t usually come with a nice cover for seats that is easy on the eyes and if you want a nice, artsy cover, you have to go buy it separately. It would be a nice idea for car designers to think of making the interior of the car more “friendly” on the eyes, with nice patterns on the seat covers, and preferably choose other colours besides black or grey. Some pastel colours would go really well with women and these could be specially ordered by them when buying the car.

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