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You Can’t Buy Happiness but You Can Buy Cars and That’s Kind of the Same Thing

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Buying a car


Motivation in life comes in different ways. Certain circumstances can make an individual be positively motivated in life from the various challenges that they experience. Therefore, one should view every situation with a keen and critical perspective to ensure that they get the right piece of motivation out of each event. Various individuals have various motivations. The scale of motivation in a person’s life differs too. This is because a person might be motivated but because of doing something new, they feel challenged, and that acts as a fresh motivation to them. Therefore, situations that motivate individuals are different and dependent on the individual’s preferences and tastes. My motivation, however, came at the moment that I bought my first car. That was the time when I realized that there are choices that we make, and they impact our lives. They completely change how we think and also how we perceive things. Therefore, buying a car motivated me to work harder in life.

First and foremost, buying a car comes along with more expenses. Some expenses are incurred when a person buys a car and has to use it for some time. When I bought my car, I was pushed to ensure that I do not run out of gas in the middle of a journey, and I also had to carry out routine checkups in the car. The maintenance costs that I incurred made me work harder to continue living the same life that I did before. This is because I had to ensure that all the components of the car were okay every time, and I also had to ensure that the car was in a perfect state. Therefore, I had to go to the garage occasionally for the servicing practices. On the other hand, I had to ensure that my car never gets impounded; therefore, I was pushed to work harder to meet the costs of the insurance companies and also the law enforcement agencies. The licenses that I had on my car were supposed to be up to date and in a good state. Therefore, in the case of any mishaps, I would not have to spend a lot. Notably, buying a car made me work even harder to ensure that I was in the right situation without compromising myself.

On the other hand, buying a car made me work hard to maintain my image. After buying the car, I was in a new social class. Therefore, I had to act and speak respectfully. This is because my image would be tarnished by careless talks. Therefore, I took keen notice of the people who I hang out with and also the places where I go to. The law enforcement agencies, on the other hand, can easily arrest a person who is suspected to be a criminal out of simple convictions in the manner of their behavior. Therefore, I had to preserve my image in the best manner to prevent embarrassment.

On the other hand, buying a car made me work towards living a safety-driven life. After buying the car, my safety was at stake since I could be carjacked at any given time. Besides, my car could also be stolen, so I was mandated to work hard to ensure that both my Car and I were safe from danger. Therefore, I took the necessary precautions like installing car alarms and also ensuring my car against theft. This ensured that whatever happened I would not lose my car to theft.

In conclusion, buying a car made me work hard in life to achieve certain objectives. I perceived life in a whole new way, and I never overlooked the chance of anything happening. Therefore, the choice that I made of buying a car impacted positively in my life my making me work hard.

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  1. Why are you selling the car? (private seller)
  2. How long have you owned the car?
  3. Who did you buy the vehicle from?
  4. Where did you purchase the vehicle from?
  5. What's the condition of the car?
  6. Can you describe the vehicle's appearance? (private seller)
  7. How much mileage is on the car?
  8. Do you have used vehicle information? (carfax)
  9. Did the car have regular oil changes?
  10. Has the car been in any accidents?
  11. Are there any mechanical problems I need to know about?
  12. How long of a test drive can I take?
  13. Can I take the car for an independent inspection?

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