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Boosting You Car Audio System

When thinking about changing something in your car and upgrading it, the first thing that usually comes to mind is changing your car audio system. Whether you drive only in the city or you take long drives, it’s always pleasant to hear your favourite music in high quality.

Usually, people prefer to go to specialized companies that will take care of upgrading your car’s audio system from A to Z. Still, you have to be informed in order to know what to ask for when going to them. And even if you’re doing it on your own, keep some facts in mind.

Head unit and speakers

The head unit is your tuner / CD player. These days, most people don’t have a cassette deck anymore and if your car comes already equipped with a head unit, it will only have tuner and CD player. Some units have amplifiers built-in, but in this case, you have to make sure that the speakers are good enough for you to raise the volume and still keep a nice sound. So, the first thing you might want to check into is what you could do with the speakers – find out more about the ones you already have, but it’s likely that you’ll want to change them. Coming back to the head unit, make sure it has pre-amp outputs. You will need this when you’ll want to add amplifiers.

Speakers are very important as they are the ones that ultimately deliver the sound, so be sure to get high-quality ones. Later, you’ll be able to think about equalizers, amplifiers and processors.


These are the speakers that deliver the lower frequencies of the audio spectrum. In most cases, they need to be specially installed, in a box that is designed especially for them. They will need more than your average amplifier in order to deliver the sounds without distortions.


This is what gets you a good sound and the possibility to turn up the volume. An important thing to take into consideration is if the power of the amplifiers match with your car’s electrical system. So, check that out, because you might need to make some changes there too. It’s possible you might have to upgrade capacitors, battery and the alternator. Keep in mind not the put amps or other components directly to the metal of your car because you’ll get distorted noises. Also, because amplifiers might interfere with some radio waves coming from your tuner, it would be best if you installed it at least 3 feet away from the head unit.

Other upgrades

After changing / upgrading the basics, you can start thinking about making other changes to your car’s audio system. For more comfort and possibilities offered, you might want to go with an MP3 player. Or you can opt for a DVD player, both for the passenger front seat and for the back seats. This will go well if you take long drives and have children, as they’ll be able to watch any movies / cartoons they want on the screen mounted in the back. Complete with your new car audio system, it will be like having a cinema in your own car and it will certainly make for a pleasant drive and keep the kids entertained.

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