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Customer Experience is Manufacturer's Focus

Jared Burt is co-founder of Hero Hub Inc. He served as a dealership owner and as an OEM leader in the powersports industry for 20 years.

2020 New Product Launch

José Boisjoli (CEO, President and Chairman of the Board of BRP) took the stage in Las Vegas Tuesday night in front of about a thousand dealers and distributors. In addition to launching new 2020 Can-Am and Sea Doo models, he surprised the dealers announcing BRP's entry into the electric motorcycle market.

BRP has built electric vehicles before. Currently, they offer an e-cart in Europe that will come to the North American market. Failed attempts at electric vehicles in the pat include the Hybrid Spyder and the Electric Can Am Commander. Boisjoli rode a concept electric motorcycle on stage stating, "We are committed to creating the next customer experience." Urban mobility is an area of focus for Boisjoli and they see electric vehicles in the future of BRP. Seven concept vehicles were on display at the dealer show.

2020 Can-Am side by side lineup.

2020 Can-Am side by side lineup.

The Next Customer Experience

Boisjoli discussed the global changes in the retail industry. "We need to anticipate our customer will evolve. We all see the trends. Think about phone services, online music or car sharing. Younger generations are happy to pay as they go. And, as you have noticed, many of them have different purchasing habits than their parents do." BRP seems to be in touch with consumers launching products like the new 2020 Can-Am Spyder RT and RT Limited that were derived directly from customer feedback. For example, the new Spyder RT now features a top case that holds helmets for both the rider and the passenger, an example of how BRP is listening and acting.

Electric Motorcycle Concept

BRP Electric Motorcycle Concept Vehicle

BRP Electric Motorcycle Concept Vehicle

The Experience Team

BRPX is a new team with a new focused mission to improve the brand experience for customers. "Their mandate is innovation beyond the product. Their aim is to come up with experiences and creative new ways to make BRP products accessible to more people." Customer experience design and innovation are priorities for Boisjoli.

Earlier this month, BRP was recognized by Pied Piper for having the dealer network that provides the best customer experiences among twenty three UTV/off-road vehicle dealers in the United States. This is the second year in a row BRP has earned the top honors and they do not seem satisfied with the accomplishment.

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2020 Sea Doo demo ride.

2020 Sea Doo demo ride.

Rewarding Dealers for Great Experiences

Because the face of the Can-Am, Ski-Doo and Sea Doo brands are the network of dealers around the globe, BRP carefully selects and supports their dealer partners. Internal customer satisfaction scores are measured by the dealer's CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index). If the CSI score is low due to poor customer feedback, then dealer margins suffer. One dealer said that one or two bad customer surveys can make a big impact on the retail rewards percentage they receive for key performance metrics. In addition to the CSI dealer incentives, BRP has an extensive training program that dealership personnel are required to complete in order to become Platinum Certified, a distinction that also earns them better margins on BRP products.

Dealers Attending the Dealer Show

A new BRP dealer, D & P Performance after hearing the announcement of new electric concept vehicles.

A new BRP dealer, D & P Performance after hearing the announcement of new electric concept vehicles.

Next Steps to Create a Better Experience

Boisjoli made it clear that the future depends on a new generation of BRP customers. Urban mobility and sustainable mobility is important to that generation. BRP's commitment to the electric vehicle market was made clear tonight. Innovation "beyond the product" is an initiative for the BRPX team to design a new customer journey compatible with new products and the evolving preferences of customers. Making "BRP products accessible to more people" will include an omni-channel approach to distribution. Today, BRP is limited to retailing product to consumers walking into dealer's showrooms. Will additional digital e-commerce channels provide customers additional access to Can-Am, Sea-Doo, and Ski-Doo products?

The dealers will likely play a huge role in the future customer journey. However, digital and business model transformation is imminent. Will BRP help dealers reposition their value proposition to align with these changes? It is certainly clear that BRP is taking a leadership role in preparing for the future of retail in specialized motor vehicles.

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