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BMW 8 Series

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Modified 8 series

Modified 8 series

German Muscle

The 8 series design is something that can be imagined to have come out of the late 90's however the car was actually designed in 1986. Construction of the car also started the same year which gives the impression of a rushed design. However the body was very sleek and there was nothing to show that the car had been rushed in any way.

Debut came at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1989 which was the same year that production first started of the car. This debut was highly anticipated by the press at that time, as there had been talk of the a car in the works for some time. Essentially the car was designed to improve on the earlier released 6 series which did not have a sport or particularly sleek design in comparison to the 8. There was a lot of talk that the 8 series was essentially a 6 series with a different name and a different design, however this was quickly cleared up. The 8 series was a brand new car with brand new features for a whole different market. At the time CAD design tools were very modern and these were used to make a car with a much sterner body which featured a sleek design and a significantly smaller drag co-efficient.

New And Improve BMW

This car featured a lot of pioneering technology inside it with much of the technology not being seen on any cars at the time. This was the first car to feature a V-12 engine with a 6 speed manual in a road car and it was also one of the first cars to offer fly by wire technology. This technology is still used in cars till this day and it showed the great thinking of BMW at that time to create the ''ultimate driving experience''.

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Many say this car was produced in the wrong era because it was taken off the production line very quickly. The global recession of the early 1990's and the Persian Gulf War & energy price crisis of the time quickly killed of this luxury gas guzzler.

BMW M8 Prototype

BMW M8 Prototype

The Forgotten Ace

Originally there were plans to build the series 8 then to head over to the M division and have them work their magic developing a no nonsense road racer version (as M division usually do). This plan was derailed due to the problems that were amplified by the falling demand of M division cars at the time. Design and production of the car would prove simply too costly and the plans for the car were scrapped and the M8 never saw the light of day.

Even though there has never been a release of the M8 as a production model there were talks that the M8 had actually been built by the M division. A prototype that was too dangerous and unsafe for the road had been made with 550bhp engine made to compete against Ferrari. This prototype was explicitly denied by both BMW and the M division.

After the whole debacle when the Maclaren F1 car came out there were rumors that the car was running on the engine that was meant to power the M8. These rumors were ousted by designer Gordon Murray who worked on the Maclaren. The M8 was scrapped because there was no market for it but after a whole lot of denial by anyone involved it recently appeared in a BMW magazine. In 2010 it was revealed that the prototype had been locked up and that the car still existed in its entirety. In July of the same year the car was revealed in the BMW museum where it was shown to journalists. No one knows how fast the car would have been and it remains to be seen if BMW will ever put this car into production.


Harry from Sydney, Australia on December 08, 2013:

I still feel the 8 series of the 90's was a stonking good looking car and will easily turn heads even today - BMW should certainly bring it back as a 2 door version of the 7 series (to compete against the Mercedes CL).

It has more or less been unofficially confirmed that an M8 Supercar (which has nothing to do with the traditional 8 series) will be launched in 2016 and will go head to head against the Audi R8.

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