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Do it Yourself Vehicle Check up - Advice on Used Auto Parts

DIY Auto Parts

Every person that owns a vehicle will need auto parts at some point. And if you're on a budget, buying the auto parts at a junkyard would be a great idea. The auto parts at a junkyard are of course cheaper than new auto parts at an auto parts store. When you visit a car junkyard you would have to bring your own tools, to pick and remove parts. There are cool deals at a pick-a-part lot that will help you save money.

Say for instance your car need a front windshield or a back tail-light; bring someone with you to the car junkyard to take the windshield or back tail-light off of another car. The car that you are picking parts from would have to be the same make, year and model of the car you own. Picking parts off another at a junkyard would most likely be easy for men to do.

The reason I found out about pick-a-part auto car lots, was because I needed a back tail-light on my mini-van. My daughter left a grocery cart near my car at a grocery parking lot. And we didn't notice it until I was driving, then the wind blew the cart behind my car, and I accidentally hit the cart. So when I got home I noticed the back tail-light was shattered. I called a famous auto part store and got the tail-light priced over the phone, the store said it would cost $80 dollars to buy another tail-light. Then I told my friend and he said that he can get a tail-light cheaper than $80 for my mini-van. And I told him 'yeah right' and we searched in the yellow pages for an auto pick-a-part center in our area.

Do it Yourself Auto Parts

Do it Yourself Auto Parts

Advice on Auto Parts

On the week of getting my tail-light broken, we went to the pick-a-part lot; I stayed in my car of course on that windy day, until he finished exploring the auto parts junkyard. He came back with a tail-light for my mini-van that cost only $11, I was like. . . wow. So you mean to tell me that I was about to pay 8x's that amount at a famous auto parts store?

He brought his own tools to remove the part; the employees there aren't going to take the parts off for you. Their job is to let you in the junkyard and receive your money, and then give you a receipt. This is why it's a "do it yourself" project. Many people are on a budget, and many people like to save money. Picking miscellaneous parts for your car is a smart way to keep money in your saving.

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Cheaper Auto Parts that You Can Get at an Auto Parts Lot

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