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Auto evap emissions is a lie and here is exactly why.

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Does the government care about air pollution?

Theory versus reality

Car makers and the EPA have manufactured a falsehood that costs motorists unnecessary and sometimes expensive repairs year after year for at least 35 years and counting.

It is not much of a surprise when you discover yet another gigantic lie perpetrated by big brother and the corporate giants that prop it up.

The most frequent cause of evaporative emissions failures on cars are components that are added to the system for self-testing, not the parts that actually perform the storage and disposal of fuel vapors. So you are frequently paying for diagnosis and repair of components that are not actually needed.

Some smart boi might say that the added testing components are critical to the design of the system to ensure integrity which is also a bedtime story. The fact is under operational conditions (driving) the evap system is a zero pressure environment so gas fumes are not busting at the seams to find their way out of a small leak.

The evap system while driving can purge the vapor canister in a zero or slightly negative pressure environment just fine even if there are leaks.

Another smart boi might tell you that it is imperative the car be able to purge the canister as quickly as possible after a refueling event else it becomes saturated with fuel vapors and can't work again. Nice try, again. In the real world nobody buys fuel and then buys fuel again immediately. The car will always have time to purge the canister between refueling events.

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