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Air Ride Suspension

Sample of what an airbag/air suspension kit consists of.

Sample of what an airbag/air suspension kit consists of.

Air ride suspension, also known as "airbags" or "bags" have become increasingly popular because of the need to achieve a lower look to your car without compromising every day drivability. Here, you'll learn what airbag suspensions are and the parts that complete the package.

Achieving this type of stance in ride height can only be achieved using air suspension.

Achieving this type of stance in ride height can only be achieved using air suspension.

Benefits of Air Suspension

Air suspension has many benefits. Here are just a few of them:

Easily adjust ride height - You can easily adjust the ride height from the cabin of your vehicle. There's no need to go to each side of the car and adjust the coilover spring. It's fast, easy, and won't get you sweaty and dirty!

Improved handling - You can drive your vehicle on a variety of different terrain situations without sacrificing ride comfort and handling. Your suspension won't "bottom out" and you'll get a better feel for the road surface you're on.

Stance! - Achieving a lowered stance in which you can lay your frame to the ground can only be achieved safely with air bags. It's also an easy way to lower your vehicle.

Durability - Air bag systems are very durable and reliable. Many commercial applications such as busses and heavy trucks have depended on these types of suspension systems for years. Air ride systems usually have a dependable life span of 40-50 years if taken care of. With this long life, it could surpass the life of your actual vehicle itself!

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Air Suspension Components

Components of air bag suspensions usually consists of the following item:

  • Switch Plate (allows you to control the ride height via these switches. Some systems have 4 switches to independently lift and raise each side of the vehicle).
  • Air pressure gauges (allows you to see the pressure in PSI for each side of the vehicle so you can monitor pressure. Gauges come in either mechanical or digital).
  • Compressor (generates compressed air for storage in the air tank)
  • Air Tank (stores compressed air that becomes available to raise and lower the vehicle)
  • Shocks/Struts (the basic suspension dampening for your vehicle)
  • Air Bags (when filled with air or deflated, causes your vehicle to raise and lower)
  • Pressure Switch
  • Inflation Valve
  • Air lines

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