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What's ATV Dump Trailer and Cart Should You Get?

As an avid fan of four-wheelers, I'd like to share my knowledge on dirt bikes and ATVs.

ATV Trailer

ATV Trailer

Guide to Buying an All Terrain Vehicle Pull Behind Wagon

Whether you are looking to haul around firewood, you are carrying out some yard projects, going hunting or fishing in a remote area. A dump cargo pull behind trailer for an ATV or UTV sure does come in handy.

So if you are looking for the best ATV dump trailer then there are a few things you ought to consider first.Firstly, the model that you are going to get. Secondly, are you going to get one brand new, used and/or reconditioned? And lastly, where are you going to get it from.

This is exactly what this guide discusses. We are going to look into some of the best models of dump trailers you can get for four wheelers. Then weigh up the cons of whether you should get one brand new or used. Then finally, where do you think you should be buying it from (either offline or online).

What is an ATV Dump Trailer?

These four wheeler dump trailers are basically heavy duty utility carts that can be attached to an All Terrain Vehicle that have the ability to dump at the end. There are a range of sizes that you want to be looking out for as well as the overall capacity that they can withstand.

That said, you will find with a good quality dump trailer due to the way they are built, it should be incredibly sturdy and withstand a significant amount of weight. They allow you to basically turn your UTV or ATV into a hauling machine.

Features to Look For

  • The tilting 'dumping' mechanism.
  • Total hauling load.
  • Total dumping capacity.
  • Cubic feet loading capacity.
  • Period of warranty coverage.
  • Overall specifications such as size and actual weight.
  • Machine compatibility (most are suited for lawn tractors, UTV, ATVs, SxS, Snowmobiles etc.)
  • Tub base material.
  • Wheel base and clearance.

Of course, be sure to check the overall reviews (see if there are youtube videos out there that are covering the model) to make sure it is the right one for you. We are going to run through a few of the best models now - all aimed at people with slightly different objectives for what they might want out of their trailer (it's mainly just down to size).

Gorilla Carts GOR6PS

If you are looking for a small and cost effective solution then the GOR6PS would be ideal for you. It's for those who are wanting to transport garden waste and want the ease of turning it into a handle dump trailer that they can then also quickly attach on to the back of an ATV.

For a relatively small cart though (as mentioned) it can withstand a significant amount of weight at 1200lbs (with a 500 pound dumping capabiltiy). Of course, due to its size, however, the amount it can actually haul is relatively small at 40 by 25 inch frame. Plus, it offers a patented 'quick release' dumping technology that allows you to actual unleash the load in an efficient and quick manner. Find out more about this 1200lb heavy-duty cart in this video review below:


If you are looking to get some serious work done, then the ABI Workman XL will probably be more up your street. This is really meant for those who get a lot of work done and is almost used for a commercial standard.

You can see that from the 25 inch tires, the electric brakes it has integrated as well as ATV dump trailer's claim that it is the "most capable and easiest to use trailer designed" for those who want to start hauling away and dumping their goods.

It features an independent suspension system to keep travelling along rough terrain - nice and plain sailing - even with the largest of loads. And when it comes to dumping, it's the simple push of a button (whether that's a complete or incremental drop). Ideals for farms and ranches, along with any other type of industry where goods need transporting quickly and easily.

You can find out more about this ATV utility dumping and hauling trailer in the video review below:

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Polar Trailer 8262

Polar is a classic brand in the four wheeler world, so it's only natural that they offer one of the best dumping trailers you can get for an ATV or UTV. The 8262 model is a great in-between model for those who want something that offers a little bit more than the Gorilla Carts trailer but not something as substantial as the Workman.

It offers a steel frame that allows it to withstand a hefty loading capacity of 1500lbs and can fit in 22 cubic feet haulage (load size), it's got wide-based track rubber tires coupled with off road bearings - so you can take it along for the most uneven of rides. Plus, it features a quick-release tipper latch that allows for easy dumping.

You can find out more about this model in the video review just below:

Brand New or Used?

Should you get a new trailer or a used one? Personally, I think there is much more value in you getting a used one with the price often heavily discounted then opting to get a brand new one. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to both.

With buying a brand new trailer, you can expect there to be absolutely nothing wrong with the mechanism of how it works - plus you are often backed with a significant warranty coverage if anything were to go wrong. That said, you can end up paying quite a hefty price for it.

On the other hand, if you got for a used model then you get the advantages of it obviously being cheaper but in a worse state than if it was otherwise new. You aren't covered and there is a chance that something could go wrong with dumping mechanism or a tire needs replacing.

However, as mentioned above and through basic research you often get a significantly better deal on used models. As what tends to happen, is people simply stop using perfectly good dumping trailers when they no longer go fishing or they have finished the yard project.

It's, of course, a debate to have with yourself. You could even go in between and see if there are any reconditioned models and trailers that have been repaired that are cheaper than a brand new one but not as expensive as a potentially damaged used one.

Where to Buy ATV Hauling Trailers?

You basically have two options when it comes to buying the dump trailer. You can do so either online or offline whether you opt to go new or old. My first point of call would always be to firstly, do your research online and narrow down the models that you want. Then find a local dealer who offers those models you like the look of then go inspect them in person. At this point, you should know exactly what you're after.

From here, you also have a good idea on what to expect price wise. Then you can carry out your research for the best overall price both online and offline. You can head to local dealers, look for prices on eBay and Craigslist or if you want it new perhaps from the manufacturer's websites themselves or on Amazon. You should also head to specialist forums such as to see if there are any potential listings there (or at least to state your interest in this specific attachment).

From here, you should be able to narrow down a really good deal for you on a model that's ideal for your needs.

Have you bought your ATV dump trailer yet? If so, which model have you got and how are you getting along with it. If not, which model have you got your eye on? Let us know and if you have any questions with regards to any of the information on dumping trailers then, by all means, please ask a question in the comments or Q&A section.

It might even be the case that you have had a good look at all the models out there for you but nothing really quite does the trick for you. In which case you might want to build something custom like the above. If you plan on making you very own, let us know how you get on with it.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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