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A Step by Automotive World to Reduce Global Warming


Let’s rethink the depth of this menace.

Global Warming

The simplest definition of Global Warming is—Earth’s getting warmer. And the hotter it gets, the severer it is for the entire humanity. In a quite more technical way, it can be briefed as a rising of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Greenhouse Gases

Gases that enclose the sun’s heat within their molecules are greenhouse gases. All that takes place in our atmosphere, perhaps the reason for increasing the temperature of Earth. Gases like Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Methane (CH4), etc. are blamed for the greenhouse effect.


Carbon dioxide which mostly occurs due to the burning of fossil fuels–is highly responsible for this effect. As per the study suggests, the USA’s transportation sector is alone the second highest source of carbon pollution: it emits around 1.7 billion tons of carbon in the air every year.


As most of the global warming is caused by vehicular pollution—we must opt for a greener way to drive. And, the key to that green door is Electric Vehicle (EV).

Time to give up on that emission causing Internal Combustion Engines, instead, switch to zero pollution causing cars like Audi Etron, Nissan Leaf Jaguar Ipace and other Electric Vehicles.

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Nissan Leaf


2018 World Green Car of the Year Award winner Nissan Leaf is profound a solution to fight such crises like CO2 emission. The all-electric Leaf is the best selling electric car ever. Also, a proficient modernized drive with some really cool features and technology. Already have set a high-bench mark in the automotive industry since its arrival this eco-friendly automobile comes in six formats: S, SV, SL, S Plus, SV Plus, and SL Plus.

We’re glad that automakers like Nissanare coming up with such eco-orientated cars that emit zero carbon dioxide. And, with this Leaf brings pride & satisfaction that you’re not harming nature. It does not just connect you to your destinations, but also lead you toward a greener way to drive, to live.

Audi Etron


A powerful and dynamic car exhibiting the exterior styling similar to its corporate sibling it is a perfect electric SUV All materials used in interiors are of recycled fibers and the carpet is made up of Econyl charges with cable and contactless induction with Audi wireless charging.

Meanwhile, we must switch to electric vehicles or that commute which causes no pollution, because we might not be noticing what danger is coming ahead—it could even lead us to extinction if we still keep ignoring the greenhouse effect. High time we must stand altogether and take action to prevent this hazard before it’s too late. ZEVs (Zero-emission Vehicles) are the solution.

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