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A Deadly Fight for a New Car

A creative story written from a place with multiple years of production.


A picture by Gantas Vaičiulėnas of Unsplash

A determined gentleman without a vehicle stands a test of life that included his boss in a boxing ring. He showed the strength, skills, courage, and determination of a Lion while fighting for a privilege The man never gave up, never gave in, and never doubted himself. If you are willing to fight a force that stands in the way of your goal and contains your courage and persistence in the process, you give yourself an opportunity to prevail.

His boss disliked him and frequently refused to give him time off when needed. One day, he put his foot down and backed the boss up against a wall (putting him in a tough position). The boss responded, giving him a sure way to be granted the leave that he requested - a fight between him and the boss in a boxing ring.

He hated his job

No matter how hard he worked or how good of a job he did, his boss did not favor him in any way. Well, if you consider keeping him on the clock more than others a favor, then I'm mistaken. The boss would stay down his throat with anger and disgust about the tiniest mistakes versus how he'd treat his colleagues. He would get issued the worse jobs and given the shortest deadlines to complete them. He hated his job.

A pushover

Whenever he needed time off, the boss would give him excuses as to why he couldn't take his leave. It was always pertaining to an executive coming in next week so his expertise was needed to deliver particular projects. Or, a colleague just took off work recently and the team is behind on production. He was a pushover and the boss knew it and took advantage.

Disappointment of leave denial

He needs a car because he has been catching the public bus to work since he started his job two years ago. Debt and bills had buried him and he finally saw some daylight to buy a new car and experience some relief from various snobs on the bus - he's been saving up. He requested two days off to attend to a car buying experience without too much pressure on rushing to buy. His boss denied it because of an important project that is shorthanded. He finds out that the boss had enough hands on the project and brings it to the boss' attention but the boss still denies him. He is internally furious.

"Now boss, I've been denied leave just about every time I requested it since I've worked for you. When will I be able to get unscheduled time off? I'm busting my butt about 55 hours a week, caring for a family of four, and grandmother, and getting about four hours of sleep per day, not to mention I'm taking leave to buy a new car because I've been catching the bus for two years. I'm a top performer, I deserve to take a break, and I'm only requesting two days." The boss says, "I'm sorry, we need you on your requested days, put it in for another week. Get back to work." Enough was enough.

Losing his cool

Currently, in the boss' office and just opening the door to leave, his anger overtook him and he could not leave without releasing his frustration. Instead of walking out he slams the door and remains in the boss' office [slam!] The boss looks over at him in shock and anger. "What the...what's your problem, son? Why ya slamming my door?" He told the boss off. "You have been a horrible boss to me and I'm tired of your treatment. I know that you have enough hands for the Jamison project and selling me a bunch of crap as to why I can't take off! Either I'm taking off on the 24th or you can find yourself another employee for my position!" The boss just looks at him in disgust like he wanted to hurl a stapler at his head.

Fight offer

The boss keeps his composure and says, "you have a lot of guts coming into my office and displaying that aggressive heated attitude with me, and I like it. So, instead of firing you like I first thought, I'm going to promote you. He says, "I appreciate the promotion, I gladly accept but what about my leave on the 24th? "If you want leave you have to fight me for it." The boss smiles.

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He was a former Marine and the boss, former Army. This might explain why the boss gives him a harder time than the others. Army and Marines have always had disputes regarding who's the toughest branch. The boss suggested that they hit a boxing ring that he partially owns and fight it out. If he wins, he can have his leave on the 24th. They shake hands and agree to a fight next week. This is a perfect opportunity for him to woop the boss' arse, something he has wanted to do since he started.

Trash talk

The boss hands him a pair of boxing gloves and tells him, "good luck". He says, "I'm not the one who needs it". The boss says, "oh yeah? Let's lose the gloves and do this bare knuckle style". "What are you going to tell your flunkies, boss, at the office when they see your face busted and teeth missing?" "I won't have to. But I'll tell them that you went on leave early because you'll be in the hospital when this is all said and done".

The fight

Blood on the canvas, swollen eyes, cut faces, busted lips with determination and persistence from two vets, these guys are fighting until the death, it seems. Neither is giving up no matter how injured they are. No sympathy, no regrets, no pain, just fighting until the finish. Fatigue with heavy breathing, the boss appears wobbly like he's on his last leg. Fatigued as well, he knows that with a few more solid punches, the boss is finished and he'll be going on leave to get his new car on the 24th.

He squares up in front of the boss, the boss squares up to him for the final round. Both men are at the end of their life, but the boss is more damaged. They both hold back punches, taking breathers, but he does not want to miss out on the opportunity to knock out the boss for good. He takes a deep breath and charges the boss. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight punches connect, and down goes the boss like a bag of potatoes. The box failed to return a single punch during the onslaught. He walks over to the boss and says, "Let's make it a week." The boss doesn't respond, he just lies there unresponsive. The boss appears to be dead but he is so exhausted he just passed out and lies on the canvas as well.

Did the boss survive the fight?

After he recovered from exhaustion, he called the ambulance to check on the boss' health. Unfortunately, the boss passed away from his injuries - cerebral edema. Luckily, the fight was recorded to support his claim to authorities.

Did he buy his new car?

A new boss took over at the office, actually the assistant to the boss. Without having to bring up what the boss promised, the assistant was easy-going on giving him the time off he needed to buy his new car. He can definitely get used to the shift of attitude in the new boss.

How did he feel about the boss' death?

Although there were mixed feelings hurled his way by staff and the public who got wind of the story through the news, he felt horrible. It was a consented fight by both parties and no purposeful intent to kill was detected so he walked away. He felt a little disappointed for a few weeks for killing his boss but bounced back to continue his top-level performance at the office. Some employees never looked at him the same. Some even transferred to another office because of their discomfort of working around someone who killed the boss.

What car did he purchase?

He purchased a 2020 Subaru Forester.


Many of us are either without a car, have a faulty car, or are just sick and tired of the car that we currently drive. We could use a new car to make matters more convenient and preferred. If we do not apply any significant efforts toward our goals we may never reach them. Sometimes we must be willing to fight whatever stands in our way to get to a destination of our need or liking. In this case, he needed to buy a car and his boss stood in his way. Unfortunately, he fought to the death.

He needed a few days off to commit to a car buying experience but his boss refused. He stuck his chest out and demanded leave. His boss could've fired him for such a brave, yet stupid move, but he didn't. Luckily, his boss provided an alternative for the man to go on leave. He accepted and succeeded. We must not bow down in instances that require us to stand up for ourselves. This article isn't in any way, shape, or form to motivate you to stand up to your boss like the main character did. In most cases, the boss is likely to fire you. Be careful.

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