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70cc Dirt Bikes for Kids

As an avid fan of four-wheelers, I'd like to share my knowledge on dirt bikes and ATVs.

Dirt Bike

Dirt Bike

Dirt bikes are a whole lot of fun and if you have kids who see you loving it, naturally they are going to want a piece of the action too. That's why you might be considering looking at a smaller gas powered pit bike for them.

If so and you are looking into getting a 70cc Dirt bike for yourself or your kids then this is a great guide for you to follow. Specifically, we will be looking at the best models that to look at, what safety precautions you should be taking, whether to get a new or used model and ultimately how and where you should buy a 70cc Dirt bike from (the online or offline route?).

What age is the 70cc dirt bike aimed at?

Firstly, I would recommend going off the laws within the state that you wish to operate the bike in and secondly what it states in the manual. Generally, speaking though it should be between Ages of 6 onwards - however, this will depend on the height of the child as well as the experience level. If you think 70cc model might be a bit too powerful, then I recommend you look at a 50cc dirt bike.

So let's get to it and look at some of the most popular 70cc Pit Bike models around. There are three classic models that stand out as being the most popular and that's the old Honda models, the Apollo bike and the Coolster Pit bike.

Let's break them down individually:

Honda 70cc Dirt Bike

This Honda model is actually no longer available new, you have to get either a 50cc model or a 110cc model. They did, however, used to produce the Honda CRF70F which you can still get used and is a fantastic model that was (and is) incredibly popular. There was also the XR70R which is again a 70cc Pit bike model that remains popular that you can longer purchase new but can get second hand.

Make sure you check it out in the video below:

Apollo 70cc Pit Bike

This is an incredibly popular pit bike and for a few good reasons, the main one being that it offers incredibly value for money and is overall quality and fun bike to ride. It's great for children and has been built with a range of safety features to ensure they are getting an enjoyable but safe ride. For instance, it comes with training wheels, a well-structured steel frame and heavy-duty suspension system. So although it will zip them around the track, when they hit the brakes it really does stop with the front and rear drum breaks coming into force. A really great bike to get excited about and one we recommend.

Coolster 70cc Dirt Bike

The coolster 70cc dirt bike is another fantastic little model that offers great value for money (even when you get it new). It comes with a 4 stroke 70cc engine and if you are wondering just how fast a 70cc dirt bike can go? Its top speed is 55km/h which for a little bike like this is pretty impressive. To start it uses a kick start engine and used a chain driving wheel transmission system comes with front and rear brakes. Certainly a model that deserves a bit of research and investigation.

Check out the full review on the Coolster 70cc Dirt bike below:

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If you are getting a dirt bike for your kid and they are an absolute beginner then make sure you are abiding by all the appropriate safety precautions. Dirt bikes, if not used in the correct and supervised manner, can be dangerous.

Make sure to follow all your state governed laws for safety as well as what the manual that comes with the bike and what they recommend. Ensure that you are supervising the child at all times, they are wearing the appropriate safety wear (as detailed in the video below), that the bike is properly maintained and checked before they get on to ride, that they are riding in a safe and appropriate area.

If you do have any questions ensure that you are asking both the manufacturer of the vehicle for advice as well as the local state if needed. Plus, as mentioned above, actually ensure that you are getting the right size bike for them. Whether that's motor size or height wise (as dictated by the seat of the bike), so it's important to look at dimensions too.

New or Used?

If you have gone shopping and had a look at around at the prices for some brand new 70cc Dirt bikes then you will have found that they can get pretty darn expensive. For instance, a brand new Honda CRF50F will set you back over $1500 and you haven't even got started on the safety gear for them yet where you will be looking in at another $300-$500.

We recommend that you always take a look at the used options, as you can generally get a lot better deal when compared to buying a brand new one. That said, what you must absolutely do is do your due diligence in researching exactly what you are buying as you don't want to be putting your child potentially at risk. Research into the respective model that you are buying, ensure you properly check the bike before you let them ride it and have it looked at by a professional if you are unsure.

There are of course advantages and disadvantages to both, with a new one you are likely under coverage and warranty - whereas with a used one you are likely not. That said, with a brand new bike you could be forking out a lot of money for something that's not only going to depreciate rather quickly but a bike that your kids (if they keep up with the hobby) are going to grow out of pretty quickly too.

Online or Offline?

When it comes to actually buying a dirt bike we recommend that you firstly carry out your broad research online. Get a good list of the potential bikes that you like the look of and then start to narrow down aspects that you like about certain ones and dislike about others.

For instance, you might have come across the Baja 70cc dirt bike this way and found out that it looks like quite a reasonable pit bike. However, only to later find with appropriate research that this is a model that has been discontinued.

Then of the bikes that you like the look of, go offline and take a look at them in person and see if they are what you are expecting. Buying a dirt bike (even as small as this) is quite the investment, so you want to make sure that you are getting a model that you like and one you are comfortable with yourself or your kid riding. Does it offer the warranty coverage that you are after? Does it come with the appropriate safety features? If you plan on riding it, can it take your weight? And so on.

Then after you have appropriately carried out your research both online and in-person, you will have narrowed down the perfect model for you. In which you can now try and find the best deal for you whether that's a brand new version of the model (if they are still in production) or a used (or even potentially reconditioned model). You will be able to quickly identify a good deal or a bad deal and what's the best overall value both online, whether you are hunting through eBay, craigslist, dirt bike forum (where they might have listings for sale) or in a dirt bike dealer shop.

Let us know which model that you end up going for and why? And if you have any questions then make them below.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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