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Buying a 200cc ATV Guide

As an avid fan of four-wheelers, I'd like to share my knowledge on dirt bikes and ATVs.



Are you in the mood to buy an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)? Then you are not alone. ATVs are popular from everyone from fisherman to farmers through to daredevils and delivery drivers. ATVs rock because you can take them on the road and you can go off-road with the same ease. So long as you are sensible and methodical when driving this kind of vehicle, you should really have no problems or worries to consider.

Generally, though, buying an ATV can be tough work. Why? Because you have a lot of things to consider as you go through the process. For example, have you ever thought about size of ATV you want? For a beginner, or someone looking for simplicity, we recommend a 200cc ATV. Just make sure you fit the necessary legal requirements with regards to age and other aspects.

That’s why we have put together this simple 200cc ATV guide. With this, you should have no problem at all in making sure that you can get the help that you need to maintain consistency as you drive. A 200cc ATV, so long as you take it seriously, should give you a happy medium between and safety.

However, what should you be looking out for when you choose to make the investment in a 200cc ATV?

The Size Determines a Lot About Your ATV Experience

When you are looking around at various ATVs, you can probably spend a little too long looking at all of the potential upsides and downsides. Many people, though, are mistaken in that they think that the higher the CC rate, the more enjoyable/fun the ATV will be to drive. If only buying an ATV were so simple!

What is simple, though, is knowing that the size plays a major role in allowing you to have fun. The average ATV driver will be happy to go with something quite small to begin with, and then slowly work their way up the ‘size ladder’ as time goes on. It’s like doing anything; you take it slow, you learn the ropes, and you make your mistakes in as sustainable environment.

Because believe us – when you make mistakes when you are driving an ATV, you will feel it. It can be extremely dangerous therefore to take on an ATV that is simply beyond your ability as a rider. If you do that, you could quite literally put your life – and the lives of others – at risk. We want to avoid you avoid that, so we recommend you look at buying a 200cc ATV over anything stronger.

200cc is more than enough juice for people who are using it for standard driving or work on things like a farm. You might not even need as much power as this. In fact, before you even think about buying a 200cc ATV, think about renting something smaller.

Anything from the 90-200cc range should give you a good starting place to learn about the challenge of driving an ATV. If you feel like you can handle anything below 200cc with comfort, you can consider getting one. What matters, though?

200cc ATVS Are Suitable for Those Who Are Learning

The main reason that we think buying an ATV of this kind makes so much sense is that you can easily drive something like this without much issue – even as a newbie. 200cc should be more than good enough for you as a driver who is still learning the rope. Anything up to 300cc, in truth, would be a good place to start if you are looking for something that you can learn on, have some fun with, and avoid using too much

200-300cc models, though, tend to be quite limited in how long you can drive it for. We recommend that you keep that in mind, as many people try and drive them for hours and then get shocked when the hardware cannot keep up. If you would like to avoid such an issue, then make sure you use it only intermittently.

If you wish to go up the ranking, then anything from the 300-500cc range would be suitable for those who are looking for light riding, or for using on a ranch. Either way, anything up to 500cc should be suitable once you start to get the hang of riding.

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Where Do You Intend to Drive Your ATV?

When looking at 200cc ATV options, you should work out how suitable that is to your actual riding style. For example, if your aim is to use your ATV for some basic work around the farm, quick off-road travel, and some basic loitering around, then anything under 500cc is going to be more than enough for you. However, we have to say that 200ccs are pretty limited as to where you could realistically take them.

You should not try and go too far with this kind of vehicle, as they don’t have the great power that you would get with other models. That can be a bit of an issue, as it could lead to you having some problems getting to where you want to go in the time that you had intended.

If you are looking for something that can tackle rough terrain, drive on roads, or deal with things like farming needs, then 200cc is not likely to be enough. Truth be told, 200cc ATVs are mostly suited to teenagers, young adults, and very early beginners to ATV driving.

How Tall Are You?

The next thing to look at is how tall you are. Naturally, your height will play a considerable role in determining just how much or how little you can get out of a 200cc ATV. We recommend that you try and keep your planning of what kind of ATV you buy based on your eight. It’s not always the only thing to look at, though, so if you find the dream ATV in every other sense, don’t let being a little too tall put you off.

The best thing to do is find some kind of local ATV dealership. Tell them that you are looking to find out what ATV is most suited to you, and they should be able to help you get into the way of things quite easily. However, we recommend that you keep an open mind – you might have to consider more things than merely how tall you are.

For a starting point, though, the height that you carry will play a big role in determining just how much you are able to get out of the ATV experience. For 200CC, anyone under 5’10” is likely to be suitable. Again, though, this is not set in stone.

How Much Do You Know?

When you go to buy an ATV, it’s likely that you will be asked about how much expertise you have in riding one. If you say little or none, the sales person is very unlikely to go above anything over 300cc. For total newbies and beginners, though, this is a good thing. You should not be looking to get anything over the 200cc range if you are totally new to ATV driving. While anything under 200cc might lack the power and the size to give you any kind of joy from driving it, 200cc feels strong enough to have fun, but simplistic enough to control.

You should be looking to try and find something that is going to be able to give you strength and reliability. 200cc ATVs are often suited to those who are going for shorter drives, quick transit around their local area, and maybe doing a bit of basic work around a farm or a ranch. However, they are not going to be any use to you if you are an advanced driver. If you already have some experience in driving an ATV, it is quite unlikely that you’ll get any benefit from 200cc level driving.

How Old Are You?

This might be an odd question, but a 200cc ATV could technically be ridden by anyone aged 16 or over. However, since kids 16 and up can ride anything up to 700cc, it really does come down to the kind of person that you are (please check your specific laws to where you plan on riding the four wheeler though). We recommend anyone without more than a years’ experience of AV driving sticks to the 200cc limit. Yes, you might quickly get to grips with driving an ATV, but 200cc gives you enough power to get around and really get a closer feel for how it should handle itself.

If you are worried that you might be buying an ATV that is not suited to you, then you should definitely consider all of the above. Of course, things like price, top speed, and general reputation of each model has to be taken into consideration. But when it comes to driving an ATV for the first time? We heavily recommend that you do your learning on a 200cc edition.

It’s definitely the right choice for anyone who wants to drive with comfort and precision. Once you start to master ATV riding, you could step it up. Don’t make the mistake of getting too big for your boots and buying an ATV that is too much for you to control, though!

Stick with 200cc, and you can master the basics of ATV driving before stepping it up.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Harry Sheen

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