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Rear Brake & Rotor Replacement, 2014 Honda Accord Sport GDI (& Acura TSX) With Video

2014 Honda Accord Sport rear brake caliper assembly

2014 Honda Accord Sport rear brake caliper assembly

This article, via video, will show you how to replace the rear brake caliper and rotors on a 2014 Honda Accord Sport.

Screw-In Calipers

The major difference between this rear brake caliper and other brake caliper assemblies is that the caliper piston is recessed back into the caliper by screwing it in clockwise. On other models you can press the caliper pistons back in using something as simple as a C clamp.

Screw-type pistons can be identified by a X-type indentation or groove on the face of the piston. These grooves are designed to accommodate a brake compression tool with two protruding pins that allows twisting torque onto one of the two grooves. Needle-nose pliers can be substituted, but they generally tend to slip out, and twisting the piston may initially require a lot of torque.

Removed Honda Accord Sport rear brake caliper

Removed Honda Accord Sport rear brake caliper

Akebono Brake Pad Kit

For this job, I used Akebono brake pads as the replacement for the worn pads. Akebono is an OEM Japanese brake parts supplier for most Japanese made cars. Akebono is one of the best brake pads available and perhaps better than Honda OEM pads (which, by the way, might be made by Akebono but relabeled Honda).

The brake pad kit came with hardware: new abutment clips, brake pad spreader springs, and brake grease.

  • Abutment clips, when worn, will cause a brake clicking sound when transitioning from drive to reverse or reverse to drive. This is caused by the "ears" of the pads shifting too much on the brake caliper bracket's brake pad groove.
  • Brake pad spreaders help push the pads away from the rotor's contact surface when not braking. When the spreaders lose their tensile strength, the pads will retain some contact with the brake rotor and cause slight premature brake wear.
  • Brake grease is used as a lubricant for the brake pad shims and the caliper bracket pins. No lubrication on the pad shims will result in brake squeal caused by brake vibration.
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Rotors: Resurface or Replace?

On this brake job, one of the brake pads had worn down to bare metal and had scored the rotor's brake pad contact surface. The scoring was so deep that cutting the rotor down to smooth it out would make the rotor too thin. The only solution was to replace the rotor with a new one.

2014 Honda Accord Sport GTI Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement Video

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