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125cc Atv Quad Vtt Four-Wheeler: A Review

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The 125CC ATV Quad VTT Four-Wheeler is a great product and definitely what you have been waiting for. With its new farm look, the 125CC ATV Quad VTT Four-Wheeler is ready for both on-road and off-road activities with no problems. The four- wheeler comes with several upgrades aimed at ensuring that riders get the best experience when they get on it. With upgrades from the front and rear racks to the tires, the Ultimate 125cc Four-Wheeler will not disappoint. Given that some assembling is required, the quad comes with clear instructions and all the necessary tools for a quick assembly. Once it is fully assembled and fueled (always use premium fuel), the 125cc ATV quad is ready for a ride.

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Main features of the Ultimate 125cc Four-Wheeler

• A 125cc single cylinder, 4-stroke engine

• CDI ignition

• A fully automatic clutch

• Chain, foot transmission

• High performance exhaust pipe

• Front and rear cross drilled rotors


The 125cc ATV Four Wheeler Quad is definitely the ultimate ride. With its farm look, the four- wheeler is ready for any occasion from the smooth road to rough terrains. The front disc of the 125cc Four-Wheeler has been fully upgraded to ensure a much smoother and faster stop. The main advantage of this upgrade is that it increases performance while at the same time enhancing safety. Compared to the drum brakes, the front and rear disc brakes of this model are far superior with stronger braking power. With this feature in place therefore, riders can always come to a full stop whenever they need to.
The other great aspect of the Ultimate 125cc Four-Wheeler that all riders will love is that the quad is fully automatic. This means that it does not require switching gears since it automatically switches gears at perfect speed. For a majority, if not all riders, this is an awesome feature given that it allows for an easy ride even for those without much experience with ATVs. The four-wheeler also has a reverse option with no need for the clutch. This also makes things a whole lot easier for riders who can now move forward at any speed or reverse the four- wheeler with ease.
The 125cc Four-Wheeler also comes fully equipped with low and high beam headlights, a speed governor, a safety kill switch and a remote kill switch. These features are meant to enhance safety and ensure overall great services. With the low-beam and high-beam headlights in place, riders can easily and safely ride at night, adjusting the lighting to their specific needs. In addition, the safety kill switch and the remote kill switch are the other important features that enhance safety. While the safety kill switch installed on the quad allows the rider to bring the four-wheeler to a full stop depending on the situation, the remote kill switch allows the same to be done from a distance. Whether it is a kid in a risky situation or the quad is being taken without permission, the owner can simply bring the four-wheeler to a full stop with the press of a button from a distance.

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Cool Upgrades

A high performance exhaust pipe - This exhaust pipe helps increase the back pressure for better acceleration and top speed.

Ultimate suspension with fully adjustable performance front and rear shocks - This features allow for an aggressive tight handling, better absorption of bumps and jumps. As such, it can handle as much as 500lb

Wider and bigger tiresfor enhanced performance on and off-road

MOTOR HQ 125cc ATV Fully Automatic Four Wheelers 4 Stroke Engine 7" Tires Quads for Kids Blue

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