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About Winslow Homer - American Artist

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An Introduction to Winslow Homer 1836-1910

Find out about the famous American painter Winslow Homer.

This site shares information about the paintings and artwork of Winslow Homer, including:

  • museums and art galleries and exhibitions where you can see his work
  • books and articles about his artwork and
  • other resources for artists wanting to improve their knowledge about he worked
Winslow Homer, photograph c.1880

Winslow Homer, photograph c.1880

Winslow Homer - Biographical Note & Timeline

1836: Winslow Homer was born in Boston, Massachusetts.

He was raised in Cambridge, where he developed a love of art and the outdoors. At the age of 19 he began his career as an illustrator, apprenticing at the J.H. Bufford lithographic firm in Boston. He then decided to become a freelance illustrator.

1859: Homer moved to New York to work for Harper's Weekly, serving as artist-correspondent for the magazine during the Civil War.

After taking some art classes at the National Academy of Design, he decided to focus on oil painting. He quickly gained international recognition as a painter, and in

1866: first trip to Europe.

1873: he decided to work in watercolor and found great success in his experimentation with light and color in this medium.

In the mid-1880s: Homer moved permanently to Prout's Neck, Maine, an isolated area where he built a studio and focused his paintings on man's struggle with nature.

Also during the 1880s he worked on a series of etchings based on his paintings.

Homer continued to paint for the next twenty years, vacationing summers in places such as the Adirondacks and the Bahamas to capture varied landscapes, until his death in 1910.

Winslow Homer - Biographical references

In terms of painting, the primary medium used by Winslow Homer's was oil painting.

However Homer also did commercial illustration and chronicled the New York City social scene in order to make a living.

He subsequently developed the use of watercolour paints for his artwork.

Once he settled in Prout's Neck in New England he turned to the portrayal of the sea.

  • Smithsonian Archives of American Art - The Winslow Homer Collection Online
    This site provides access to the papers of painter Winslow Homer that were digitized in 2005 by the Archives of American Art. The papers have been scanned in their entirety, and total 196 images. VIEW COLLECTIONThe Winslow Homer collection measures 0
  • Winslow Homer Time Line
    Welcome to the Winslow Homer Time Line, Showing you the important events in Winslow Homer's Life
  • Winslow Homer - Biography
    Welcome to the Winslow Homer Historical Preservation Site, Presenting the Winslow Homer Biography, and an extensive online collection of his art for for your perussal and enjoyment.
  • Biography
    Winslow Homer is regarded as one of America's foremost artists, and this web site has been established to provide as much information as possible for anyone interested in the artist.
  • Winslow Homer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Winslow Homer (February 24, 1836 - September 29, 1910) was an American landscape painter and printmaker, best known for his marine subjects.
  • Articles
    Winslow Homer is regarded as one of America�s foremost artists, and this web site has been established to provide as much information as possible for anyone interested in the artist.Articles about Winslow Homer
  • Archive Sources
    Winslow Homer - Archive Sources
  • NGA Washington - Winslow Homer - Biography
    Winslow HomerAmerican, 1836 - 1910Winslow Homer was born in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1836, the second of the three children, all sons, of Henrietta Benson and Charles Savage Homer.
  • WINSLOW HOMER, NOTED ARTIST, DEAD - Passes Away at Scarboro, Me., Where He Had Lived Life of a Reclu
    New York Times ArchiveWINSLOW HOMER, NOTED ARTIST, DEAD; Passes Away at Scarboro, Me., Where He Had Lived Life of a Recluse for Years. WON DOZEN COLD MEDALS Two of His Famous Paintings, "Old Gun In Havana Harbor" and "Tha Northeaster," In Metropolita
  • Biographical note about Winslow Homer | Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute
    Winslow Homer (1836–1910) was a primarily self-trained painter in oil and watercolor who, during his lifetime and since, has been lauded as among the most accomplished of American artists.

Winslow Homer: An American Vision

Rated: 5.0 out of 5 stars (2 customer reviews)

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The First Major Critical Survey on the Artist in a Decade - Includes All Major Paintings. This is the first major critical survey on the life and work of Homer, one of America's best-loved artists, in the last decade.The book features every one of his major paintings alongside a remarkable selection of his lesser-known etchings and woodcuts.

"The book reproduces all the major paintings as well as sketches and other work, and provides a useful overview of Homer's career."

The New York Times Book Review

Author: Randall C. Griffin, Associate Professor and Chair, Division of Art History, Southern Methodist University, Dallas,

a tour of Winslow Homer's studio on Prout's Neck, Me.

Winslow Homer's Studio at Prout's Neck

Homer's Studio at Prout Neck was acquired by the Portland Museum of Art who then removated it.

It now opens for tours for small groups

BOOK: Winslow Homer: The Nature of Observation - by Elizabeth Johns

Johns examines and analyses the life his life and work of Winslow Homer from the perspective of developmental psychology. She reviews the artist's correspondence and his entire body of work--illustrations for wood engravings, watercolors, and oils. The book includes 75 black and white illustrations and 40 color plates

Sunlight on the Coast by Winslow Homer

Sunlight on the Coast by Winslow Homer

Winslow Homer in Art Galleries and Museums

Below you can find listings of where you can see the work of Winslow Homer in art galleries and museums.

The websites are also worth visiting and they often include many reproductions of his work online together with information about the artist

Watercolors by Winslow Homer: The Color of Light

Rated: Amazon reviews: 5.0 out of 5 stars (14 customer reviews)

Homer was particularly renowned for his use of watercolour and his use of the medium created some of the most striking paintings in the history of watercolour.

This book reviews Homer's technical and artistic practice as a watercolorist. It includes over one hundred watercolors - including twenty-five rarely seen examples from the Art Institute of Chicago's collection - plus more than thirty related drawings and paintings. It also looks at the experiences that shaped his remarkable development

Authors: (Art Institute of Chicago) - by Martha Tedeschi, Kristi Dahm, Judith Walsh, Karen Huang

  • Winslow Homer - a self-taught artist
    Homer's self-education and early work in black and white directly impacted his later practice in watercolor. As an illustrator, he developed a sophisticated understanding of light and dark values, learning to manipulate the shades between black and w
  • Winslow Homer - early watercolors
    Winslow Homer began his career as a serious watercolorist abruptly in the summer of 1873.Remaining true to his self-taught, trial-and-error methodology, Homer began experimenting in watercolor. He had few preconceived notions of how watercolor should
  • Winslow Home - watercolours in England
    Homer set sail for England on the Cunard liner SS Parthia on March 15, 1881. He arrived in Liverpool, continued to London, then traveled north. By the summer of 1881, the artist had made his way to Cullercoats, a small fishing village on the northeas
  • Winslow Homer - Prout's Neck
    Homer moved to Maine during the summer of 1883, settling on Prout's Neck, a rocky peninsula near Portland with views of Saco Bay and the Atlantic. There his brother Charles built the Ark, a large house at which the entire family could gather in the s
  • Winslow Homer - The Adirondacks
    Watercolor was particularly suited to rustic exploration, and the artist painted more than one hundred Adirondacks subjects in the medium. The themes of these works reflect his personal and artistic interests: fishing, hunting, weather, sunrise and s
  • Winslow Homer - The Tropics
    Throughout his trips around the Caribbean, the artist simultaneously indulged his love of fishing and his engagement with watercolor. Each change of scene offered fresh subject matter and yet another opportunity to push the flexible medium in new dir
  • Resources
    Lots and lots and lots of technical data and detail and photos and videos relating to a technical analysis of Winslow Homer's materials and watercolor practices.
  • Behind the Scenes - of the AIC Winslow Homer exhibition
    The Art Institute of Chicago is fortunate to house among its collections of American Art twenty-five watercolors and three monochrome drawings by Winslow Homer. Between 2005 and 2007, curators, researchers, conservators and conservation scientists at
  • Background to Winslow Homer's watercolor practices
    Even in his own day, Winslow Homer was celebrated as "America's Master in Watercolor." His technical virtuosity in this challenging medium, and his intuitive understanding of the artistic possibilities it offers, have influenced generations of artist
  • About the research behind the scenes
    Research on Winslow Homer's watercolors at the Art Institute was carried out by the following interdisciplinary team: Martha Tedeschi, Curator in the Department of Prints and Drawings; Kristi Dahm, Assistant Conservator of Prints and Drawings; Karen
  • Tools and Techniques of Winslow Homer
    Palettes, brushes, sketchblocks and techniquesWatch video clips about watercolor technique. Selections include artist demonstrations of specific watercolor techniques and explanations about specific pictures
  • Locations where Winslow homer painted - matched to specific works
    Using Terrametrics
  • Selected works by Winslow Homer
    Each work is linked to aspects of the exhibition or of the research. The analysis of each makes for interesting reading.

Winslow Homer Watercolors - by Helen A Cooper

This book traces the development of Homer as a watercolorist, shows a selection of his landscapes, seascapes, and portraits, and discusses his distinctive style and techniques

Amazon reviews: 4.3 out of 5 stars (11 customer reviews)

The Watercolors of Winslow Homer

Over 140 of the 700 or so surviving watercolours of Winslow Homer - dating from the 1870s to the turn of the century - are reproduced in this book

Amazon reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars (9 customer reviews) | Like (3)

BOOK: Winslow Homer Watercolors (Watson-Guptill Famous Artists)

Amazon reviews: 4.7 out of 5 stars (3 customer reviews)

Donelson F. Hoopes devotes a beautiful volume exclusively to the most popular of all American watercolorists. Published in cooperation with The Brooklyn Museum and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the book includes virtually the entire Winslow Homer collection of both museums.

Winslow Homer - Exhibitions

BOOK: Frederic Church, Winslow Homer, and Thomas Moran: Tourism and the American Landscape

The companion book to the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum's exhibition of the same name of America's scenic wonders captured by three of the greatest artists of the 19th century.

VIDEOS: Winslow Homer on You Tube

Winslow Homer - Online galleries and websites

BOOK: Drawings of Winslow Homer (Master Draughtsman Series)

Articles about Winslow Homer

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