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Wine in Art - Drink With Your Eyes


Love Your Wine, Love Your Art?

You can't invoke styles of wine on someone against their will, and it's just the same over an item of art but...

...put the expression of wine onto a canvas

and hopefully the art will express itself.

Styles of Wine Art come in all forms:

  • from the the old Masters cubist oils of drunkeness and debauchery to the softer, more seductive vineyard scene watercolours,
  • also from the 1960s Photorealism unusual style to the Funky, 'cool' modern style,
  • through to computer generated and sometimes garish clip art.

As a lover of wine, and a great enthusiast of art, for me the two go so well together. Go to an art viewing, and what is the first thing you may be offered? Yes, it's a glass of wine!

In order to appreciate your glass, or for that matter bottle of wine, you need to be in a calm, relaxed mode. The same can be said for viewing a lovely piece of art.

Neither the wine nor the art can be rushed, so sit back - with a full glass in one hand, - relax, and let's see how Wine and Art has been matched over the centuries to the present day.

Picture above is an Original signed Acrylic on Canvas by Fabian Perez


Art and Wine

Wine also offers an opportunity for expression

Human beings have valued wine for thousands of years, as they have valued painting and sculpture. The depiction throughout history of wine in paintings, drawings and sculpture is widespread from ancient cave wall paintings to the modern, bespoke cellar murals we see nowadays.

Whether drinking a glass of wine, or painting a picture, one must be in a mode of serenity or calm, i.e totally relaxed. As we know, alcohol is a strong catalyst for relaxation, it softens our mood which enhances creativity, or does it?

The wine drinker would say yes, but the artist, I think, may disagree. He needs all his faculties to concentrate on his work - oh, maybe just one glass!

Over time, the connection between art and wine has often been made. Many winemakers view themselves as "Artists", and without exception, these are the folks that take themselves a bit too seriously. Any winemaker worth his salt will acknowledge that they are stewarding a natural process. A course that Mother Nature will take with or without them, and the winemakers job is much more about process management than it is about creating art.

Art has entered into the wine arena in many other ways. Of course, the old world offers many physical places where art and wine intersect. In 1945 one well known Bordeaux producer, Chateau Mouton Rothschild, began selecting a different artwork for each vintage. Vertical collections of Mouton are as valuable for their label art as their wine. Lots of other wineries have taken works of art and shrunk them down onto a label in an effort to create "collectors pieces".

I believe that probably the strongest connection between art and wine is more about the potential common ethos of artist and wine producer, than the physical combination on a label. Perhaps there could be a paradigm shift with the art imitating the wine bottle and not the label imitating the art?

Picture above is a limited Edition Signed Hand-Embellished work on Canvas by Alex Platune

Georg Flegel (1566-1638) - Tremendous attention to detail


Georg Flegel was a German painter, who was best known for his still life works. Born in Olmtz, Moravia, he later moved to Vienna around 1580, and became the assistant to Lucas van Valckenborch I, who was a painter and draughtsman. Flegel and his employer later moved to Frankfurt, which at the time was an important art-dealing city. As an assistant, he inserted items such as fruit, flowers, and table utensils into Valckenborch's works.

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Within the time frame of about 30 years - from 1600-1630, he produced 110 watercolor pictures, which were mostly still life images often depicting tables set for meals, and covered with food, wine, flowers, and the occasional animal.


A Still Life with Strawberries on a Silver Plate

Georg Flegel

Wine and Fruit, Mouse and Parrot - Georg Flegel

Wine and Fruit, Mouse and Parrot - Georg Flegel

Wine and Fruit, Mouse and Parrot - Georg Flegel

Sebastian Vrancx 1573-1647 - Wine is always there!


Sebastian Vrancx was a Flemish Baroque painter and etcher of the Antwerp school. He apprenticed under Adam van Noort, who also trained many famous painters such as Peter Paul Rubens, Jacob Jordaens and Hendrik van Balen. He also visited the workshop of the Antwerp painter Paul Bril in Rome around 1600.


Elegant Horsemen and Figures on a Path in Front of a Chateau

Sebastian Vrancx


Diego Velazquez 1599-1660 - Influenced the likes of Picasso and Manet

One of the leading artists in the court of King Philip IV was Diego Velazquez, a Spanish painter. He was a highly individualistic artist of the contemporary baroque period, considered an important portrait artist.

Apart from painting numerous scenes of historical and cultural significance, he also painted dozens of portraits of the Spanish royal family, and other noteworthy European figures. Las Meninas, his famous masterpiece was produced in 1656.

From the early nineteenth century, Velázquez's artwork was becoming noticed, and considered being a model for both the realist and impressionist painters, especially Edouard Manet. Since then, several modern artists, including Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali­, and Francis Bacon, have honored Velazquez by recreating some of his most famous works.


The Lunch, 1620

Diego Velazquez

Cartoons of a Wine Snob - These guys loved to Sniff, Swirl and Spit!


Lithographs of Great Wine Estates of Bordeaux

painted by Charles Mozley

Charles Mozley (1914-1991) was a graduate of the Royal College of Art and became one of Britains most prolific commercial artists. Between 1950 and 1970, he achieved high status as a leading poster book sleeve designer. He painted these lovely colorful lithographs of the famous wine estates of Bordeaux.

He undertook a great deal of work for the wine trade; the lithographs below (in sets of 25) are part of a limited edition of 150 by 'Christie Wine Publications', and are printed on special 'BK Rives France' paper.


Chateau Ausone


Chateau Beychevelle


Chateau Palmer


Chateau Lafite


Chateau Lascombes


Chateau d'Yquem

Charles Mozley lithograph



Chateau Mouton Rochschild


Chateau Pichon-Longeville

Photorealism of the '60's

Evolved from Pop Art

Photorealism is a style of painting which evolved from Pop Art. It involves taking a photograph, and a painting is created from the information gathered.

In the United States in the latter 1960s to early 1970s, the photorealism art movement began, and from that, another movement was formed, called hyperrealism.

The method used often involves projecting the developed photographic slide onto a canvas, whereby the artist can record precise details emphasising areas, such as geometric shapes or specific reflections. With technological advances in digital cameras, artists can be more precise in their techniques.

Lady with Glass of Red Wine

Lady with Glass of Red Wine

Lady with Glass of Red Wine

Love of Wine - Alex Platune

Love of Wine - Alex Platune

Love of Wine - Alex Platune

Art by Stefano Ferreri - Art prints


Rouge et Blanc


Grandi Bianchi Italiani

Wine and Art Books on Amazon


Study For Better Life III by Fabian Perez

His work allows his figures to live and breath on the canvas

This fine art piece 'Study For Better Life III' is available from


Medium: Giclee On Canvas

Edition Copies: 195

WxH: 28.5 x 22.5 inches


Born in Buenos Aires in Argentina in 1967, Fabian Perez was brought up in a small, dynamic city just 50 miles from the capital. He started to paint as a 9 year old, and very soon produced some amazingly mature portraits of his friends and family.

Fabian admires the Impressionists most, but also other schools of art, but he's reluctant to see his work categorised. He refers to - Emotionalism - which uniquely expresses his own style. He settled on working in oils many years ago, having previously worked extensively with watercolour, acrylics and tempura. He says that oils allow him to express his energy and compassion; and looking at his work, there is no question, that his figures on canvas have a life of their own.

Art by

Saba With Glass Of Red Wine - Hand Embellished Canvas


Saba With Glass Of Red Wine

by Fabian Perez

Vineyard and mountains

Vineyard and mountains

Vineyard With a View

by Rob Hemphill

This image is a combined photograph with digital artwork.

My two passions of wine and photography have come together here with this lovely fall vineyard scene and its spectacular mountain view.


Linda Paul

Wine Art Paintings & Vineyard Prints on Canvas

Linda Paul's original wine art paintings are painted in many layers of pure egg tempera made from natural ground stones and egg yolk. Linda Paul uses lapis lazuli, malachite and ochers from ancient mines in Europe to make her paint. Some paintings are first sculpted in bas-relief before being painted in egg tempera. These paintings will last for centuries!

Read more about egg tempera.


Les Ocres de France is the only remaining European company operating the ocher deposits in the French quarries of Gargas and Rustrel, nested in a 12 miles long enclave, in the heart of the Luberon Mountains, the ocher country.

Paul collects rock samples and grinds them into a fine dust from which the impurities are then filtered. A small quantity of the crushed mineral is then mixed with egg yolk for painting. Each mineral has it own set of properties and idiosyncrasies particular to it.



Each canvas art print is individually created in the Studio using pigmented archival inks & canvas. Every print is numbered & hand-signed by the artist! Edition size is only 500 of each size. Print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


When people ask her what style she paints, it's a two part answer that does not fit neatly into any one existing category. Her work is a combination of "chunky realism" and impressionist painting. She likes to juxtapose sculpted bas-relief products of nature (the chunky part) against soft impressionist landscapes of their origins.


'Wine and Art'

Limited Edition Giclee Canvas Art Prints.

Above is the original

Art by Linda Paul

Napa Alfresco by Eric Christensen

'Hper realistic watercolor wine art painting'

About this Painting:

"Napa Alfresco"

Eric Christensen has created another masterful work of art, "Napa Alfresco", a hyper realistic watercolor wine art painting. "Napa Alfresco" tells a story of a warm afternoon at one of your favorite outdoor Cafés. You can hear and see the surrounding garden cafe and patrons mirrored in the wine glasses. While contemplating your favorite wine you notice the large umbrella reflected in the tops of the wine bottles. Lost in anticipation of enjoying your favorite wine and food you are interrupted by the waiter uncorking the bottle.

He produces work with such a rich infinite quality, so do drop over to one of his sites - the links are below, go see for yourself. The time has come. Bon appetit!

Napa Alfresco by Eric Christensen


Contemporary Artist - Robert Joyner - This would make a fantastic wine label

Robert Joyner is an extremely talented artist from Richmond, Virginia. When anyone asks him about his art and why he paints, his answer is...

"I feel I have taken life too serious for too long. The simplest rule in life is to enjoy it, have fun. If the viewer has a sense of effortlessness and playfulness while viewing my art, then I feel I've done a good job."

His main source of inspiration is motivation. He can never wait to get stuck in to his art, knowing that it will bring on a host of new possibilities, collectors and creations. His passion shines through in his work, and having had numerous collections to date, his achievements include the following:

  • Official Artist Of The 2012 Kentucky Derby
  • Polo Resort - Upscale Resort in Hong Kong
  • Georgia State University - Collection of Football paintings for their inaugural season
  • Shenton Estates Vineyard - Wine label for Shiraz
  • Over 400 original paintings sold since 2009
  • Donald L. Blount Yacht Design - Large commission painting for reception area

If I was still in the wine business, I would be approaching Robert to design a batch of wine labels - a pity I discovered him too late!

You can find his art at

Drink Wine, See Art: The Winery Galleries of Napa Valley

An artists paradise

Napa Valley visitors can get a double dose of Wine Country culture at some of the many local wineries offering a museum-quality art with their wine tastings.

As avid collectors, many of Napa Valley's winery owners have put incredible personal collections of sculpture, fabric arts and paintings on public display in tasting rooms, caves and throughout their vineyards. Usually available for perusal at no charge, these unlikely galleries have some of the most impressive modern and regional art around.

Below are some examples of Napa Valley vineyard beauty caught on canvas.

Napa Valley & Vineyard Art


The Art of the Wine Label

With reference to Chateau Mouton Rothschild

Some vineyards have deliberately set out to produce art on their labels and this is the story of one of them, Chateau Mouton Rothschild.

In 1924 Baron Philippe de Rothschild had the idea of entrusting the illustrating of the label that would adorn the first bottling of the Chateau to Jean Carlu, a famous artist of the time.

To celebrate the end of the war in 1945, it was decided to crown the label of that vintage with a "V" for Victory, drawn by a young artist called Philippe Jullian. This started a tradition and from 1946 every year (except 1953 and 1977) a contemporary artist has been invited to create the label for the vintage of that year.

The owners of Mouton have always respected the freedom of creation of the artists although some artists included certain themes, the vine, the pleasure of drink, and the emblem of the Rothschild ram.

The artists don't get paid money for their contributions but in cases of Mouton Rothschild, of their vintage of course. In 1981, the Baronne Philippine de Rothschild had the idea of letting the public see this extraordinary art collection, so she organised an exhibition called "L'Art et l'Etiquette" (The Art and the Label) that was welcomed by a number of museums and galleries around the world.

The Picasso label of 1973 commemorated the granting of Premier Cru classification to Mouton Rothschild and from 1975 the labels give details of the vintage including the number of bottles, magnums, jeroboams and imperials produced. All the labels also bear the signature of Baron Philippe de Rothschild.

Mouton Rothschild labels

The Art and Science of Wine


Wine Cellar Art: Murals & Paintings

Add value to your home with cellar art!

Want to enhance your wine cellar, and make it stand out? Why not consider adding some art, and make it an experience to retrieve your wines, or show visitors your wine collection. It doesn't only have to be in a cellar, art can transform a tasting room or other special area, so show off your wine enthusiasm with style, and you might be surprised that the art may also help to increase the value of your property.

When you are considering possible artworks for your wine cellar, think about framed paintings, or maybe some murals. Both of these are great places to begin, and will liven up the space dramatically.

There are several sources paintings can be selected from, depending on your style of decorating. You can visit local art galleries, contact artists, or even get some assistance from an interior designer. A great place to buy framed art reproductions online is from art outlets such as, they have an excellent selection for all tastes and styles.

If you really want art with a wine based theme, your options could be a little more restricted. However, one artist, Linda Paul, offers a huge variety of original wine-themed paintings, as well as canvas art prints. She has the ability to bring Tuscany right into your cellar, through a variety of landscape and still life concepts.


Mural of a man drinking wine

Wine Route through Logrono, La Rioja, Spain


Vineyard Posters from

Posters for all tastes

There are a wide selection of posters depicting vineyard scenes from all over the world, here are two to give you a taste.

This fine art print is produced on Forest Stewardship Council certified paper, using post-consumer and sustainably sourced paper, and soy-based inks.

Vineyard Hill Art Print

Craig, Philip


This fine art canvas print has been museum-wrapped around 0.5" wood stretcher bars, and finished with hand painted white edges.

Provence II Stretched Canvas Print

Webb, Poul


Sung Kim creates inviting storybook settings that radiate charm and tranquility. Born in Seoul, South Korea, Kim was inspired by European travels before becoming a United States citizen in 1980. Working from his own studio after graduating from college with honors, Kim created illustrations for magazines and children's books. He has won many awards, including one from the mayor of Seoul. Kim has painted more than 400 landscapes, and worked with fine art galleries for 20 years.

Vineyard Village Art Print
Kim, Sung

Wine Peddler - Art Print - by Jennifer Garant


Marilyn Bast Dunlap - 'Tuscan Vineyard and Village'


Tuscan Vineyard and Village

These rolling hills of beautiful Tuscany are bathed in warm sunlight. The perched village overlooks the vineyard and fields of poppies and lavender. This painting is one of a pair. The other, Tuscan Vineyard and Abbey.


Marilyn Bast Dunlap is an incurable romantic. She translates ordinary street scenes and countrysides into magical images. Like the song of the Sirens, she invites us to be seduced by her cafes, bistros, narrow alley ways and color soaked landscapes. In the artist words, "When I am painting, I feel as if I am there. I can smell the Fromagerie, taste the Chocolat, and long for a good seat at the Bistro De Bastille. Painting is the next best thing to being there! I have accomplished my purpose, if I can bring to one's senses a longing to be there."


Over the years, she has painted in oils, water colors and acrylics. She now paints exclusively in acrylics on masonite, as this medium allows her to pay meticulous attention to detail. As a Romantic Realist, Marilyn strives to find a delicate balance between magically contrived images and realistic details. Her brightly colored scenes stimulate the senses, yet leave the viewer with a sense of tranquility.

Marilyn and her little black cat, found in her paintings, continue to wander through the villages and countrysides of Europe.

Marilyn Dunlap's work at

PICASSO On Bad Paintings...

"I like all painting. I always look at the paintings - good or bad - in barbershops, furniture stores, provincial hotels...I'm like a drinker who needs wine. As long as it is wine, it doesn't matter which wine."

Guttuso, Journals, Quoted in Mario De Micheli, 1964


Wine Cartoons

How a winery uses the cartoon to sell their wine

Stormhoek Winery in Wellington, South Africa has come up with a novel way of selling bottles of wine - they put a customised cartoon on the label.

A wine label is the perfect place to put any form of artwork on to, as most wine drinkers will review the label just as much as the wine itself. It is a great way for the wineries to get messages out. After all, you've seen what Chateau Mouton Rothschild did with their labels way back in 1924!

House cartoonist, Hugh MacLeod has been commissioned to do limited edition lithographs for Stoemhoek for a number of years now.

Here are a few examples:


Hope You Enjoyed the Viewing, Please Leave any Comments or Ideas - What sort of art - or for that matter wine - do you like and why?

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