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Why People Take Pictures of Themselves in Mirrors


Mirror Photos - Perplexing Things That People Do!

I often wondered why people take photos of themselves in mirrors and I admit I have been guilty of it myself. Cameras usually have timers as features. So, why do people skip over using the timer and opt for taking a photo in the mirror? A quick scan through search engines and forums shows that it really bothers the majority of people when others take their own pictures in the mirror and post them. It is a common theme to find girls using the mirror to take their own pictures.

There are several explanations for why people do this and I will share them with you. Get ready to laugh, human nature makes us do the silliest things!

I took this image of myself while on vacation in Key West. Honestly, I was bored and it was something to entertain myself while riding in the car.

My Birthstone Necklace

My Birthstone Necklace

Reason Number 1

Detailed Shots

One reason that people photograph themselves in a mirror is to get a detailed shot of something that they are wearing. In this case, I received a beautiful ruby pendant from my daughter as a birthday present. I wanted to take a photo to be able to share it with the world. I ended up posting the picture on Facebook.

I have also done this while wearing earrings that I made. I have actually used the pictures to post online and sell my items. The mirror gives you a better view of an item that you are photographing. With a timer, you cannot see the shot that you are about to take.

This shot came out okay and the necklace looks better on my neck than it would if I only took a photo of it in the box. Plus, it was mine. I was proud to receive it and proud to wear it. Why shouldn't I show it off!


Reason Number 2

Relief for Major Boredom

As stated on the introduction to this lens, boredom takes over and you look for silly and fruitless ways to entertain yourself. I suppose this is more common for teenagers or pre-teens. I honestly have little free time and can easily find other ways to entertain myself (writing this lens for instance) except when driving for extended periods of time with nothing else to do.

I know my own daughter is guilty of this. I have seen pictures of her taken in bathroom mirrors with friends in the pictures. Maybe it is just a trend. Girls taking mirror pictures. Go Figure!

Some of the pictures she takes are snapped of outfits that she might choose to wear when she goes out. She sends them to her friends. They send similar ones back to her. They have a need to approve each other's wardrobe before going out together.


Reason Number 3

A Sexy Dating Site Profile Picture

Yes, I am guilty of this, too! I used the mirror to try to take a picture of myself looking sexy for a dating site that I had joined. I managed to take the picture but ended up failing at the looking sexy part. Needless to say, I did not use this shot as my profile picture.

For obvious reasons, I did not want to ask someone to take my picture for me. I think I would laugh too hard trying to be sexy while someone else took my photo.

As a dating site user, I have noticed that many members take pictures of themselves in mirrors to use online. For the most part, these pictures are of men without their shirts, women trying to look sexy (like me), and of women in provocative poses while wearing very little clothing. There is no way I would ask another person to take those kinds of pictures for me.

Reason Number 4

The Facebook Page

Yes, it really exists. There is a Facebook page called "Why do people take pictures of themselves in front of the mirror??". It is a page that anyone can like and it asks members to "like" them for the pure and simple reason of either loving pictures taken of themselves in mirrors or hating them. Pretty straight forward.

Reason Number 5

I Am Not A Professional Photographer

I admit, I am definitely not a professional photographer and actually do not have a large desire to do so. I like to write, who cares if my pictures are mediocre and taken in front of a mirror? At best, my photographs are entertaining. I will leave it at that.

For those of you who do aspire to achieve the ranks of professional photography, I applaud you and look forward to viewing your work. For others, like me, a little bit of knowledge never hurt. Maybe it is time to stop using the mirror and learn how to use the camera correctly. Here are some resources, listed below, to help you on your path of photographic enlightenment.

Photography Lessons for Beginners - Tips and Tricks

Take Pictures Like a Pro! - Well, sort of!

Here are a few easy to use digital cameras. Unfortunately, they do not come with tips on how to take optimal photos in the mirror! That is okay. These easy cameras will help you take pictures and download them without any hiccoughs.

What do you think? - To mirror or not to mirror?

Have you ever used the mirror to take a picture or would that be off limits? I am curious to hear what you think.

Is it okay to take pictures of yourself in the mirror?