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Watercolour Societies - Resources for Artists

Katherine regularly writes about art societies and art society exhibitions. She's also created comprehensive lists of art societies.


Find out about watercolour societies

A comprehensive listing for watercolour painters of the websites of watercolour societies around the world - and their blogs and Facebook Pages.

Below you can find the websites of leading watercolour societies in the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Australasia and Asia - plus a listing of those which relate to more local groups.

Use the information to:

  • find a watercolour society where you live
  • identify when there are exhibitions of watercolour paintings which you can submit work to or visit
  • pay a virtual visit to different watercolour societies around the world - and review their approach to society activities and website design
  • ask societies in an area where you are vacationing whether they have recommendations on good places to paint for watercolour artists or a paint-out you can join

This information is prefaced by a definition of watercolour painting and watercolour media and some tips for developing an art blog for an art society.

Why create a list of Watercolour Societies

Image: View of the Bankside Gallery during the Spring Exhibition of the Royal Watercolour Society. The Bankside Gallery is situated on the South Bank of the River Thames next to Tate Modern and the Millennium Bridge

Image: View of the Bankside Gallery during the Spring Exhibition of the Royal Watercolour Society. The Bankside Gallery is situated on the South Bank of the River Thames next to Tate Modern and the Millennium Bridge

Why I developed this listing of watercolour societies

I review a lot of exhibitions by national art societies and am interested in art societies - and have a bit of a tendency to make lists!

However here are some of my other reasons for creating a list of watercolour societies - which also come as a list!

  1. More and more art societies are creating links to their peers in other parts of the country or in other countries. It's also interesting to see how in America there are some organisations which cover major areas of the country
  2. Watercolour painters travel a lot. It's nice to know whether or not there is a local art society and whether they have any opportunities to paint with them while in the area. Or maybe provide tips about good places to go to paint
  3. Art societies often like looking at other art society websites - to see if they can pick up a few tips and/or improve on their own website
  4. Exhibitions of watercolour paintings - most societies hold exhibitions on a regular basis and a listing such as this allows people to check whether the organisations local to them are planning an exhibition of watercolour paintings near where they live

What I've noticed in compiling this list is how many watercolour societies now have a blog as well - and art society blogging is another of my interests! Blogger is without a doubt the most popular vehicle for this - probably because it's completely free and doesn't require any web hosting arrangements.

It's also interesting to note how organisatons are also beginning to develop their own Facebook Page and these are also listed where found

Image: Bankside Gallery in London - home of the Royal Watercolour Society

Image: Bankside Gallery in London - home of the Royal Watercolour Society

What's the definition of watercolour? - watercolour paintings and watercolour media

There is no universal agreed definition of watercolour. More and more media appear to want to try and get under the umbrella of the prestigious watercolour societies

Below are the definitions of watercolour painting provided by the leading watercolour societies. The name of the watercolour society comes first (in alphabetical order) and then their definition of a watercolour painting and/or watercolour media

Tips for starting an Art Society Blog

These are the first two of a series of posts I've written on the topic of developing art blogs for Art Societies and Art Groups.

I'm a very experienced blogger (blogging since 2005), have the third most popular art blog in the UK and have run an art society blog and developed it so that it improved communication and enhanced the profile of the art society and its artist members.

  • MAKING A MARK: Art Society Blogs #1 - Why blog?
    This is the first in a SERIES of posts about art blogs for Art Societies and Art Groups. It considers:* why an art blog can be useful to members of an art society - and the society* the suitability of art blogs for art groups and art societieshow to
  • MAKING A MARK: Art Society Blog #2 - Getting started
    This is the second in a SERIES of posts about art blogs for Art Societies and Art Groups. This post covers what to think about when getting started with blogging and before you start to set up a blog.
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UK Watercolour Societies

190-195 Piccadilly, London - former home of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours (1883 - 1970)


190-195 Piccadilly, London was the home of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours (from 1883 to 1970). The new building was opened on 27 April 1883 by the Prince and Princess of Wales.

The name is inscribed across the top of the building. Eight portrait busts of various watercolour painters - including Turner, Cotman, Girtin and Cox - by Onslow Ford decorate the front of the building above the shops.

The RI moved out in 1970 and commercial interests have now changed the nature of the original building.

For more information about this building see British History Online: Survey of London: volumes 29 and 30: St James Westminster, Part 1 - Chapter IX which covers the south side of Piccadilly.Image: Author's own photo

National Watercolour Societies in the UK

These are the names of and links to the leading watercolour societies in the UK.

The UK boasts the oldest watercolour society in the world - the Royal Watercolour Society (RWS). Its home can be found at the Bankside Gallery in London - next door to Tate Modern on the South Bank of the River Thames. Founded in 1804, it boasts archives which cover the story of its development from that date to this. It also has a Diploma Collection of the paintings donated by each member on their election to membership of this prestigious body. The archive is currently being digitised so as to make it more accessible. It has Member Exhibitions in the Spring and Autumn and also has a special contemporary watercolour painting competition for non-members.

The Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours (RI) was originally founded in 1807 as the New Society of Painters in Water Colours - and was set up as an alternative to the RWS. The RI has always had - from the very beginning - a policy of showing non-members work alongside those of its members. In 1808, it changed its name to become the Associated Artists in Water Colours and folded in 1812 due to financial woes. It was resurrected in 1831 as the New Society of Painters in Water Colours and went on to become the Institute of Painters in Water Colours in 1863. In 1883 they moved into a new gallery on Piccadilly opposite the Royal Academy of Arts and stayed there until 1970.

  • Royal Watercolour Society, RWS, Bankside Gallery
    Royal Watercolour Society - the oldest and most prestigious watercolour society in the world. Based at the Bankside Gallery London (next to Tate Modern)
  • Royal Watercolour Society - Blog
    This is the blog of the Royal Watercolour Society
  • Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours
    The Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours is one of the oldest societies of professional watercolour painters. The aims of the society are: to promote painting in watercolours; to encourage the use and development of water based mediums and to
  • The Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour
    The Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour is a dynamic group of artists, exhibiting and actively promoting the contemporary art of painting in waterbased media.
  • Watercolour Society Wales
    There is a fine tradition of painting in this medium in Wales going back to the late 18th. Century. It is therefore surprising that it was not until 1959 that an Arts Society was formed to recognise and encourage the proud heritage of watercolour pai
  • Ulster Watercolour Society Home Page
    The Ulster Watercolour Society was formed in 1976 to promote watercolour in the province and there are now 90 members

Books about the Royal Watercolour Society

The Royal Watercolour Society has been around for a very long time and has extensive archives. They've published some of their archives in books about the past masters of watercolour painting.

Plus they've got books about current and recent members of the society and contemporary working methods

UK Regions

  • Birmingham Watercolour Society
    Founded in 1907, the society continues to represent some of the finest watercolour artists both nationally and internationally with many members being Midland based.

Watercolour Societies in North America

USA - National Watercolour Societies

These are the leading watercolor societies at a national level in the USA

  • The American Watercolor Society - a membership organization of watercolor artists
    The American Watercolor Society is a non-profit membership organization that began in 1866 to promote the art of watercolor painting in America. Each year the Society holds a juried exhibition of watercolors from artists throughout the world.
  • NWS - National Watercolor Society - Home
    The National Watercolor Society encourages interest and excellence in watermedia paintings by providing quality exhibitions and acts as an educational channel to pertinent information, exhibition opportunities, and beneficial programs to artists and
  • Transparent Watercolor Society of America
    TWSA advances the stature and fosters appreciation of transparent watercolor as a major medium. The membership includes artists from the United States and Canada who are dedicated to transparent watercolor and seek an avenue for its expression.

USA - Regional Associations

Different initiatives have been taken to organise watercolor painters and/or watercolor societies into a regional organisation or multi-state federation.

  • Southern Watercolor Society
    The Southern Watercolor Society, founded in 1975, is a non-profit corporation formed to elevate the stature of watercolor and educate the public to the significance of watercolor as an important creative permanent painting medium. Open to artists liv
  • Western Federation of Watercolor Societies (WFWS)
    WFWS Signature Status is obtained by participating in 4 WFWS exhibitions. the Federation includes over 4,500 artists in ten regional societies:Arizona Watercolor AssociationColorado Watercolor SocietyIdaho Watercolor SocietyNevada Watercolor SocietyN

Eastern Time Zone - Watercolour Societies

States include: Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Ohio, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, D.C. and West Virginia

New England - Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont,

New England contains a lot of places to paint favoured by artists in both the past and present.

  • New England Watercolor Society
    New England Watercolor Society - dedicated to encouraging excellence in the fine art of aqua media throughout New England. Founded in 1885 the NEWS is one of the oldest and most prestigious watercolor societies in America.
  • Rhode Island Watercolor Society
    Founded in 1896, Rhode island Watercolor Society (RIWS) is one of the oldest watercolor organizations in America. With over 300 members, RIWS provides artists and the general public the opportunity to view, purchase, exhibit and learn about watermedi
  • The Vermont Watercolor Society
    The Vermont Watercolor Society was founded by a small group of painters in 1995 and today we are well over 240 members strong. We are dedicated to promoting the awareness and appreciation of watercolor to our membership of all levels of ability and t

Mid Atlantic - Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C. and West Virginia

This area provides a lot of organisations which operate across boundaries or at a more local level

  • Annapolis Watercolor Club
    The Annapolis Watercolor Club was founded in 1975 by a small group of artists devoted exclusively to the practice, education, and promotion of watercolor as an art medium. Membership is open to anyone interested in watercolors.
  • Baltimore Watercolor Society
    Baltimore Watercolor Society - A Mid-Atlantic Organization of Watermedia Artists. Established in 1885, our mission is to encourage, educate, and promote professional excellence in the creation and development of original works of art, executed in aqu
  • Central Virginia Watercolor Guild | Combining Comraderie with Creativity
    Formed in 1991, today the guild has a membership of over one hundred and is an active and inspirational part of the art community. Meetings are usually held at the Cavalier Inn, Charlottesville, on the fourth Monday of the month.
  • Delaware Watercolor Society
    Founded in 2004, the Society's mission today focuses on exploring, creating, and sharing the wonders of watercolor with new, emerging, and professional artists from Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.
  • Kentucky Watercolor Society
    The Kentucky Watercolor Society was formed in 1977 to promote water media as an important medium in the arts community and provide support and educational opportunities for water media artists.
  • The Peninsula Watermedia Society
    The Peninsula Watermedia Society was founded in 2010 for watercolor and water media enthusiasts of all skill levels living on and around the Virginia Peninsula and the entire Tidewater area in general.
  • Potomac Valley Watercolorists
    Potomac Valley Watercolorists based in the Maryland /Virginia / Washington D.C. area, is a juried society of watercolor painters
  • SVWS
    One of the main objectives of the society is to support new and experienced painters in the development of their own talent and skills.
  • Virginia Watercolor Society
    Virginia Watercolor Society - to foster the advancement and study of aquamedia painting and to provide information about aquamedia painting to the public.
  • Washington Water Color Association
    Formerly called the Washington Water Color Club, the Washington Water Color Association is one of the oldest societies of professional artists and can trace its beginnings to the late 19th century.
  • Western Maryland Watercolor Society - Home
    Western Maryland Watercolor Society was formed to allow watercolor enthusiasts in the Western Maryland region to share common interests and explore new directions in watercolor painting.

North East - New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania

Oddly, although an area with a huge population it doesn't have a huge number of watercolor societies

  • Brooklyn Watercolor Society /
    he Brooklyn Watercolor Society is a non-profit community arts organization that was started in 1972. It now consists of approximately 40 watercolor artists, who are all Brooklyn- affiliated. Many of our members have graduated from prestigious art sch
  • Cazenovia Watercolor Society
    The Cazenovia Watercolor Society is a Central New York watermedia artists' organization geared toward educating, critiquing, exhibiting and encouraging its membership. Cazenovia is about 20 miles from Syracuse.
  • Central New York Watercolor Society (CNYWS)
    The Central New York Watercolor Society was formed in February 1982 with fourteen charter members from the central New York region. Today the Society boasts a membership of over one hundred eighty artists from throughout the United States.
  • Essex Water Color Club
    Essex Water Color Club is New Jerseys oldest watercolor association founded in 1932
  • The Garden State Watercolor Society (GSWS)
    Founded in 1970, the GSWS is a non-profit volunteer art organization dedicated to the enjoyment and promotion of our members. Members 18 years or older, living in or working in the state of New Jersey may join and take part in exhibiting in our annua
  • Facebook Page - The Garden State Watercolor Society (GSWS)
    The Garden State Watercolor Society is dedicated to promoting the appreciation watercolor and providing to its membership opportunities to exhibit.Includes notices of meetings and demos
  • Hunterdon Watercolor Society Web Site
    The Hunterdon Watercolor Society Web Site tells about the meetings and activities of the Hunterdon Watercolor Society in Hunterdon County New Jersey. Here you can find announcements of upcoming watercolor demonstrations or other activities.
  • The New Jersey Watercolor Society - Founded in 1938
    New Jersey Water Color Society is a non-profit organization founded in 1938. Its purpose is to secure membership of dedicated watercolor painters to exhibit watercolor paintings of professional quality, to increase and expand opportunities for New Je
  • Niagara Frontier Watercolor Society -
    The Niagara Frontier Watercolor Society is an organization for persons interested in transparent watercolor. The primary purpose is to advance the stature of watercolor as a major medium through education and to foster the appreciation of both the ar
  • North East Watercolor Society
    North East Watercolor Society - Our Mission is to promote and preserve the art of watercolor painting. We provide educational opportunitiesAddress: 866 Cadosia Rd, Hancock, NY 13783
  • Pennsylvania Watercolor Society
    Mission - to encourage, promote, and enhance water media painting on paper through the education of the artist and the public. Membership in the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society is open to all water media painters upon payment of the annual dues
  • Philadelphia Water Color Society - Home
    Founded in 1900 and incorporated in 1922. Membership of over 500 international artists working in broad variety of media on paper
  • Pittsburgh Watercolor Society
    We are a juried membership based in Pittsburgh, Pa with members across the United States and Canada. Our annual Aqueous International exhibition includes participants from around the world displaying the best in watercolor.
  • Facebook -Pittsburgh Watercolor Society (Open group)
    Facebook Open Group re. Pittsburgh Watercolor Society
  • The Upper Hudson Valley Watercolor Society
    The Upper Hudson Valley Watercolor Society, based in Glens Falls, New York, is dedicated to encouraging both emerging and experienced artists working in watermedia by providing a venue for workshops, networking and fellowship. Between September and J

Aqueous Open 2014, Pittsburgh Watercolor Society 68th Annual Exhibition

South Atlantic - Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina

This part of the country is an extremely popular place for both painting on vacations and for workshops

  • Brevard Watercolor Society
    Established in 1995 and based in Melbourne, Florida, it has a current membership of almost 200 members. BWS frequently partners with other organizations to display themed watercolor exhibits and shows.
  • Central Florida Watercolor Society
    The Central Florida Watercolor Society promotes the art of watercolor through exhibitions, workshops, mentoring to artists of all levels. Membership is open to the casual as well as the professional artist who specializes in watercolor or other water
  • Citrus Watercolor Club, Inverness, Florida
    The friendliest watercolor club in town, offering monthly meetings with watercolor painting demonstrations, workshops, paint-outs, yearly shows at Rainbow Springs State Park and Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park.
  • Facebook Page - Central Florida Watercolor Society
    Includes photos of events and artwork produced
  • Florida Watercolor Society
    The Florida Watercolor Society is the largest state watercolor society in the country.
  • Florida Keys Watercolor Society
    The Florida Keys Watercolor Society was founded by 10 local Keys artists in 1980 with a mission to promote art to the public, hold an annual show and conduct a workshop instructed by nationally known instructors and artists.
  • Florida Suncoast Watercolor Society
    Founded in 1983, the Society has 200 membersCurrent website has not been updated for a while.
  • Georgia Watercolor Society
    Formed in March 1975, The Georgia Watercolor Society was organized to advance the art of watercolor painting while contributing to the cultural atmosphere and standards of the State of Georgia. It* provides support and assistance in the field of wate
  • Gold Coast Watercolor Society Florida
    Incorporated in 1976, the Gold Coast Watercolor Society is the only organization in Broward County dedicated to watercolor art media.. It has c.300 members
    If you are an artist who enjoys working in water media you will enjoy being a part of the High Country Watermedia Society. We meet at Cheap Joe's Art Stuff in Boone monthly from May through October.
  • Jacksonville Watercolor Society
    Founded in 1982 to promote watercolor/water media as an important and recognized medium in the arts community, and to provide support as well as educational opportunities to watercolor artists - whether beginners or professionals.
  • Jacksonville Watercolor Society
    Not been updated since 2010
  • Miami Watercolor Society, Home
    Founded in 1974, Miami Watercolor Society sponsors the art of watercolor painting in Miami. It aims to promote the art of watercolor painting by informing and educating its members and others in the community, through publications, workshops, art cla
  • Watercolor Society of North Carolina
    The Watercolor Society of North Carolina, Inc. (WSNC) is a non-profit art organization; its purpose is to promote watercolor throughout the state and to elevate the standards of excellence in this medium.
  • Facebook Page - The Watercolor Society of North Carolina, Inc. (WSNC)
    Watercolor Society of North Carolina - Facebook Page
  • Art Organization: Palm Beach Watercolor Society, Boca Raton, FL
    The Palm Beach Watercolor Society, founded in 1982, is an association of those interested in the art of watercolor and water media in all forms.
  • South Carolina Watermedia Society
    Since 1977, the South Carolina Watermedia Society has been promoting the artistic and professional interests of its members as well as providing visual arts programs to the public.A Member is an individual that is a resident or property owner of the
  • Tallahassee Watercolor Society
    The purpose of the Tallahassee Watercolor Society [TaWS] is to promote the fine art of watercolor painting in Tallahassee and its surrounding communities in Florida, Alabama, and Georgia. We foster interaction among artists in the community and expos

Central Time Zone - Watercolour Societies

States include: Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin

Great Lakes - Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin

  • Bloomington Watercolor Society
    The Bloomington Watercolor Society features artists of watercolor media who reside in the Bloomington, Indiana area. BWS promotes a growing relationship with artists, and provides opportunities for promoting and exhibiting our watercolor paintings in
  • Illinois Watercolor Society
    Illinois Watercolor Society - Advancing the education and caliber of watercolor painting throughout Illinois. Monthly meetings and demonstrations. Two annual shows.
  • The Watercolor Society of Indiana!
    Founded in 1983, The Mission and Purpose of WSI is:to promote a strong awareness of, and interest in Indiana watercolor painting; to further the interest of painters in watercolor by sponsoring programs and competitive exhibits; to encourage the stud
  • Lakes Region Watercolor Guild
    Official website of the Lakes Region Watercolor Guild.
  • Michigan WaterColor Society (MCWS)
    Founded in 1946, the MCWS hosts a juried Annual Exhibition with works from Michigan artists.
  • Ohio Watercolor Society
    Formed in 1978, as a non-profit educational organisation, the purpose of OWS is to advance the stature of watercolor as a major painting medium, to assist in the education of Ohio residents in the area of aqueous painting, and to foster a greater app
  • Sangamon Watercolor Society
    Founded in 1986, The Sangamon Watercolor Society promotes the art and appreciation of watercolor painting, presents opportunities for continuing education and the exhibition of artwork, and offers the enjoyment of associating with fellow watercolor e
  • Wabash Valley watercolor Society
    Founded in 1989, the Wabash Valley Watercolor society has a rich history in the Lafayette, Indiana region.
  • The Western Ohio Watercolor Society
    Founded in 1974. The meetings are open to the public and are held on the third Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m., with Food & Fellowship at 6:00 p.m., September through November and February through April. They are held at the Springfield Museu
  • Wisconsin Watercolor Society
    Founded in 1952 - its purpose is to demonstrate and exhibit meaningful development in the medium of watercolor and to serve as a catalyst for those genuinely interested in watercolor.Typically holds two exhibitions every year

Mid West (North) - Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota

  • Minnesota Watercolor Society - Home
    With over 350 members, the Minnesota Watercolor Society (MNWS) is one of the largest associations of watercolor artists in the mid-West. Since its inception in 1983, MNWS membership has mushroomed with artists looking for educational information, sup
  • Missouri Watercolor Society
    We are individuals who have come together to promote watermedia painting in the state of Missouri. Our organization is open to anyone. We recognize the use of any water based media as long as it is done on paper or a paper product: transparent waterc
  • Northern Plains Watercolor Society
    a very old website - unchanged for some time
  • Northstar Watermedia Society
    NorthStar Watermedia Society is the oldest watermedia society in Minnesota with approximately 250 members from across the Twin Cities area, throughout Minnesota and into northwestern Wisconsin.
  • Red River Watercolor Society | Connecting Watermedia Artists in the Red River Valley
    Founded in 1989 - now has some 180 artists. RRWS serves water media artists in the Red River Valley Area of Minnesota, South and North Dakota. It serves to promote the interest, display and education in watercolor and other water-based media both reg
  • Saint Louis Watercolor Society
    Formed in 1996 - now has c. 250 members. Regular monthly membership meetings are held on third Wednesdays at 7:00 PM at First Congregational Church in Webster Groves, MO.

Mid West (South) - Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas

Texas has a number of societies and groups devoted to painting in watercolor

  • Texas Watercolor Society Organization TWA
    A non-profit organization advancing the art of painting in watercolor. Annual exhibitions.
  • Central Texas Watercolor Society - Waco, Texas - Home Page
    Founded in 1985 and based in Waco. The society will develop the education of its members and sponsor exhibits to create public interest and better understanding of watercolor as a significant art form and permanent painting medium.
  • Southwestern Watercolor Society
    Monthly SWS meetings are held in Dallas, Texas. Meetings are attended by 150 to 250 people and feature a lecture-demonstration. Membership in Southwestern Watercolor Society is open to anyone interested in promoting watercolor
  • west texas watercolor
    The West Texas Watercolor Society was organized in 1962 and granted a charter by the State of Texas on November 13, 1979, for the purpose of promoting the highest esthetic standards in the art of watercolor.
  • WAS-H - Home
    Watercolor Art Society of Houston is a non-profit, tax exempt organization of approximately 500 members whose purpose is to further the interest in, and understanding of, watercolor art through programs, exhibitions, demonstrations and teaching.
  • Watercolor Society of South Texas
    The Watercolor Society of South Texas shall further the interests of painters by its programs and its competitive exhibits, and shall encourage its study by all persons engaged in watercolor painting. (The link is to a Facebook Page)
  • The Waterloo Watercolor Group (WWG)
    The Waterloo Watercolor Group (WWG) is a nonprofit organization of water media artists in Austin and Central Texas since 1977. Our mission is to advance the practice and appreciation of watercolor and water media painting through education.
  • Green County Watercolor Society (GCWS)
    Founded in 2004, GCWS meets the second Thursday of the month, January through November, at the First Presbyterian Church, 121 W. College Street, in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.
  • Louisiana Watercolor Society
    The Louisiana Watercolor Society, which was founded in 1968, exists to advance the art of painting with water media, defined as painting in transparent and/or opaque watercolor on paper, and in unvarnished water-soluble casein, acrylic, and gouache o

Southwestern Watercolor Society - ARTsPark 2014

East South Central - Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee

Each of the states has its own society

  • Watercolor Society of Alabama WSA Home
    The Watercolor Society of Alabama was organized in 1939 by a group of artists. The first president was Dawn Kennedy, a well-known college art teacher. The first meeting of the Society, as well as the first Exhibition, was held at Alabama College, whi
  • Kentucky Watercolor Society
    The Kentucky Watercolor Society was formed in 1977 to promote water media as an important medium in the arts community and provide support and educational opportunities for water media artists.
  • Mississippi Watercolor Society
    Mississippi Watercolor Society - The MSWS has held the Grand National Exhibition every year since the mid 1980s.
  • Tennessee Watercolor Society - Watercolor Paintings
    Tennessee Watercolor Society - Watercolor Paintings, Formed in 1971 to educate the public to the significance of watercolor painting. Open membership.

Mountain Time Zone - Watercolour Societies

States include: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, North and South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming

Mountain North - States include: Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming

  • Idaho Watercolor Society
    The Idaho Watercolor Society was founded in the fall of 1979 to support and promote aqua media, and to educate the public as to the significance of the media. Active membership is open to those residing in the State of Idaho
  • Montana Watercolor Society
    Non Profit Watermedia Organization - Featuring watercolor paintings of our members and information on watercolor workshops and annual WaterMedia show.
  • Sandy Watercolor Guild
    The Sandy Watercolor Guild is a local organization devoted to the support and encouragement of local artists. We provide classes, workshops, frequent shows and studio time
  • Utah Watercolor Society
    The Utah Watercolor Society was founded December 30, 1974. The mission of UWS is to promote the advancement of the art of painting watercolors, and to hold annual exhibitions of watercolors.

Mountain South - States include: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah

  • AWA | Arizona Watercolor Association Inc.
    The Arizona Watercolor Association (the AWA) was founded in 1960 by professional watercolor artists and instructors. The AWA is growing in stature and membership. It hosts a National Watercolor Exhibition, and two Membership Exhibitions, all juried b
  • Colorado Watercolor Society
    The Colorado Watercolor Society is an organization dedicated to uphold the highest standards and principles of art and to promote, encourage, educate and foster an interest in fine art in all media, especially watercolor.
  • Dixie Watercolor Society (Southern Utah)
    The Dixie Watercolor Society (DWS) is an organization dedicated to the promotion of transparent watercolor painting in Southern Utah. Our stated purpose is educating our members to become better and more professional watercolor painters.
  • New Mexico Watercolor Society
    NMWS was founded May 2, 1969, as a statewide chapter of the Southwestern Watercolor Society of Dallas, Texas. In January 1975, the NMWS became an independent entity. The ultimate goal is to make New Mexico known nationally for its watercolorists.
  • Web Site for Pikes Peak Watercolor Society
    Founded in 1986, to promote excellence in the watercolor painting medium and to encourage artistic achievement in the community. Currently, the PPWS has 120 Signature and Associate members. Associate Members can attain Signature Membership by being j
  • Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild (SAWG)
    The Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild, Tucson, Arizona, a watercolor organization dedicated to elevating the status of watercolor painting. A community of artists who enjoy the exploration of a wide range of water media, who show and sell their work
  • Utah Watercolor Society
    The Utah Watercolor Society was founded December 30, 1974. The mission of UWS is to promote the advancement of the art of painting watercolors, and to hold annual exhibitions of watercolors.

Pacific Time Zone

States include: Alaska, California, Hawaii Nevada, Oregon, Washington

Pacific North West - Washington and Oregon,

  • The Northwest Watercolor Society
    The Northwest Watercolor Society was founded 1939 in Seattle, Washington. It decided in 1992 to extend the offer of membership to all residents of the United States of America and Canada.

History of Californian Watercolor

Pacific South West - California and Nevada

Societies are recommended to take a look at the exemplary website of the Sierra Watercolor Society which is very clearly laid out and has a number of features not found on other society websites

  • California Watercolor Association
    California Watercolor Association is dedicated to nurturing artists who use water-based media to describe their world and their responses to it. CWA conducts workshops, supports juried shows, and does outreach to local schools.
  • Central Coast Watercolor Society
    The Central Coast Watercolor Society is an independent group of artists, collectors, teachers, students and anyone interested in watercolor or watercolor -media. We are located on the beautiful central coast of California in San Luis Obisbo County. A
  • Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society
    Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society is a lively arts organization providing workshops, plein-aire painting, show opportunities, and other art-related events for a community of over 450 watermedia artists in and around the south San Francisco Bay Ar
  • San Diego Watercolor Society
    The San Diego Watercolor Society hosts an international exhibition each year, which attracts artist entries from around the world. It is also an important supporter of arts education for all ages.
  • Sierra Watercolor Society
    Sierra Watercolor Society is a nonprofit organization serving the Arts in Northern Nevada and Eastern California. SWS presents painting exhibits in public spaces throughout the year, including one annual show judged by a professional juror. Meetings
  • Watercolor Artists of Sonoma County (WASCO)
    Watercolor Artists of Sonoma County (WASCO) is a watermedia organization founded in 1993 by a group of Sonoma County watercolor artists.
  • Nevada Watercolor Society
    Since 1969, The Nevada Watercolor Society has promoted watermedia in Southern Nevada with monthly meetings, workshops, two annual shows and a monthly newsletter. Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month - September through May.

2014 Nevada Watercolor Society Spring Show

Books: California Watercolours

Pacific Far West - Alaska and Hawaii

  • Alaska Watercolor Society Home
    The Alaska Watercolor Society was formed in 1974 as a not-for-profit organization to help promote the knowledge and understanding of professional watercolor painting in Alaska. The Society sponsors an annual juried watercolor exhibition that is open
  • Fairbanks Watercolor Society
    FWS is a not for profit affiliate of the Fairbanks Arts Association, and actively works to promote the role of watercolor and visual arts in Interior Alaska.
  • Kachemak Bay Watercolor Society
    Kachemak Bay Watercolor Society - founded in 1997 to facilitate and promote watercolor arts. Fireweed Gallery Homer, Alaska is the home gallery of the Kachemak Bay Watercolor Society.


Watercolour Societies in Europe

European Watercolour Societies and Associations


  • Aquarelinstituut Belgi vzw
    Aquarelinstituut Belgi (AIB) is een aquarelvereniging met als doel de aquarel te promoten.The association focuses on the professional and non professional practicing the watercolor medium. It has 250 members who live in Belgium and the Netherlands.



Six ladies founded The Water Colour Society of Ireland in 1870. These were the Baroness Pauline Prochazka, Miss Currey, the Misses Keane, Miss Musgrave and Miss Phipps. Their aim was to promote mutual improvement in painting and drawing and the cultivation of a taste for art. Its early development is also clearly associated with the need by women to develop themselves into professional artists

BOOK: An Illustrated History of the Water Colour Society of Ireland

This is a chronicle of the history of this society - founded by six lady artists in 1870 - and the historical development of watercolour painting in Ireland.


  • Associazione Italiana Acquerellisti
    La storia dell'A.I.A. L'Associazione Italiana Acquerellisti (A.I.A.) nasce nella primavera del 1974 a Milano dal desiderio di alcuni pittori di ridare nuovo impulso e diffondere la tecnicadell'acquerello, gi conosciuta ed usata dai pittori dell'antic



The Nordic Watercolour Group covers artists in Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden

    http://www.akvarellen.orgNordiska Akvarellsllskapet - The Nordic Watercolour Association operates chiefly within the Nordic area, but we also welcome members from other countries. The association is open to all members: professional artists, amateur
  • Suomen Akvarellitaiteen yhdistys ry
    Finland Watercolour Association (SAY) was established in autumn 1998. in 2012 it has around about 700 members


The Spanish Association of Watercolors (AEDA) aims promote the development of watercolor, teaching, study and research in Spain. Through its partners and Board, there are organized exhibitions each year. These are held in the capital and around Spain to help make events more local.

Watercolour Societies in Australasia


  • The Australian Watercolour Institute
    Founded in 1923, The Australian Watercolour Institute is Australia's oldest and most prestigious watercolour society with a national and international membership comprising the most eminent artists in Australia, England, Scotland, China and America.
  • Watercolour Society of Queensland
    To promote and support Watercolour painting, painters and students of painting in Brisbane and throughout Queensland. Watercolor, Watercolour painting, lessons, art gallery, classes, workshop, artists, exhibitions, tuition, demonstrations.
  • South Australian Watercolour Society
    The official website of the South Australian Watercolour Society. Includes information on joining, news and exhibitions dates, and a gallery of members' work!
  • Watercolour Society of WA Inc
    Showcase of the work of members of the Watercolour Society of - Perth Australia

New Zealand

  • Welcome to Watercolour New Zealand Society
    Growing from a small group of artists in Wellington in 1975, Watercolour New Zealand is this country's only society dedicated to the appreciation and promotion of watercolour painting.
  • Auckland Watercolour Society
    The Auckland Watercolour Society is an incorporated society with the purpose to promote water colour painting as an art form amongst Aucklanders.

Watercolour Societies in Asia

Watercolour Societies in Asia

  • 香港水彩藝術學會 Hong Kong Watercolour Society
    Hong Kong Watercolour Society is a non-profit making organization. The aim of establishment is to contact and liaise with watercolour societies in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, mainland China and overseas, with a view to promote members' creative standar
  • Singapore Watercolour Society
    The Singapore Watercolour Society is probably the oldest watercolour society in this part of the world. For more than three decades, the Society has organised and participated in major exhibitions in Singapore and abroad.
  • Watercolour Society of India - Facebook Page
    The Watercolor Society of India is an organization that began in 2013 to promote the watercolor Art & Artist of India. (Note there is no proper website)

Watercolour Societies in Africa

Watercolour Societies in South Africa

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