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Washi Tape Ideas and Tips

As a professional scrapbook artist, paper crafter, and author, I have taught people how to turn family memories into legacies for 20 years.

Washi Tape has hundreds of uses in crafts and home decor

Washi Tape has hundreds of uses in crafts and home decor

Best Washi Tape Craft Ideas

I have just discovered wahsi tape and I have to say that I am excited about all the possibilities for this embellishment in my cards, scrapbooks and papercrafts. It is so versatile and comes in so many patterns and colors. Wait till you see what can be done with this stuff !

How do you describe washi tape? It's like a very delicate masking tape, but oh so much prettier! It comes from Japan and is actually made of paper. The best part for a crafter is that it comes in different widths and patterns. Washi tape is typically made from natural fibers, such as bamboo or hemp, but most commonly from the bark of trees that are native to Japan â the mulberry, the mitsumata shrub or the gampi tree. The fibers make them as strong as duct tape

Washi tape is marketed in rolls but is also sold as individual pages of tape. It comes in various lengths, so be sure to understand the amount of tape you are getting in each purchase

Benefits Of Washi Tape

  • It comes in every possible color and pattern that you can think of.
  • Available in different widths
  • It is self-adhesive
  • Easy to use
  • Sticks to just about any surface
  • Can be removed and repositioned
  • You can tear it by hand
  • Many can be written on
  • Does not leave a sticky mess when you remove it
  • Acid free so it won't damage paper or photos

Washi tape vases add color and design anywhere that you use them

Washi tape vases add color and design anywhere that you use them

Basic Washi Tape Ideas

There are hundreds of ways to use washi tape. Here are a few ideas to get you started and to get your creative juices flowing.


One of my all time favorite places is to use washi tape in a scrapbook. There are so many things that you could do with just a single role of this amazing tape

  • Use it to make letters and words
  • Underline a title
  • Frame photos
  • Use it to divide sections of a page

Greeting Cards

With just a card base and a little washi tape you can create a custom greeting card.

  • Use washi tape to create strips on your card
  • Layer washi tape to create a cake on a pedestal
  • Embellish a card envelope with washi tape
  • Use washi tape to create a group of candles

Decorate A Notebook or Planner

Washi Tape Twist Ties

Here is a neat and fin ideas to create twist ties for favor bags for birthdays or weddings. Sandwich a piece of wire between two pieces of washi tape and pinch the pieces together. Use them on either clear cellophane bags or other bags to theme you favors. You could also ue the same idea for Christmas wrapping.

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Stick Photos On A Wall

Embellish Furniture

There are so many ways to embellish old furniture to give it a new look.

  • Try adding washi tape to the inside of a draw
  • Take a plain white table and cover the top with washi tape

Create A Custom Vase

Take a simple inexpensive vase and make it into a custom vase with a little washi tape. You can get vases in your local dollar store or in a thrift shop nearby

Wrap Tealights

Just wrap some washi tape around the base of a tea light for instant glam at your next party or event. Theme them with color or pattern. They can also be given as favors.

Make A Custom Phone Case

DIY Pencil Cup

Get a plain pencil cup or even a tin can and decorate it with washi tape. This would be a perfect idea for a kid's room or a craft room too. This cup can hold pencils, markers, tools, scissors or just about anything you can imagine. You could also wrap a small flowerpot for the same use.

Clothespin Magnets

Cover a clothespin with washi tape in the width of the pin. Glue a magnet on the back with a glue gun and you have a message holder for your refrigerator.

Create A Gift Tassel

To make this gift tassel, start by cutting strips of the tape and folding them over lengthwise. Make sure no sticky sides are showing once you fold them.


Add a single wrap of washi tape to add some color to any flowerpot.

Light Switch Covers

Once you get started with this project, you will want to keep going with all the light switch covers in your house. Create and theme your light switches in just a few minutes.

Gift Boxes And Bags

With just a little inspiration and some washi tape, you can customize any gift box or bag. Washi tape comes in all kinds of themes and colors, so you can have fun making a personalized gift bag or box

Washi Tape Key Covers

Cover the base of your keys with washi tape so that you never forget which key goes to which lock.

Binder Clips

Glam up a binder clip with some washi tape. If it is thin, double it up


While we are on the subject of office supplies, why not change that clipboard on your desk into something special. Either use one kind of washi tape, mix it up with a pattern and a solid, or just go crazy with a mixed-up design.


Add some color to the edge of your bookcases with some washi tape. If you want to use one tape on all, measure the edges so that you know how much you will need.

Customize Some Stationary

Take some plain stationary and add a pop of color or pattern with one or two pieces of washi tape on the bottom of a page. Make sure to burnish (rub) it in to make sure it stays on. Customize the envelope with the same tape as used on the paper sheets. This makes a nice gift.

Ceiling Fan Decor

The blades of your ceiling fan are plain and need some color, right? Why not decorate them with some washi tape. Let your imagination run with ideas on how to add color to each room.

Decorate A Candle

Add washi tape to any candle to add color and design. When sticking the tape to your candle, make sure to smooth out any air bubbles that may be trapped underneath.

Personalize A Bike Helmet

You can create a customized bike helmet with a little washi tape. Great idea for kids and adults alike. Use a pattern or color that matches the personality of the wearer.

Make Tile Coasters

These are so easy to make and customize for just about any color or pattern you can imagine. Get some square tiles. These would be a nice housewarming gift.


  • Tiles from your local home improvement store
  • Washi tape
  • Mod Podge
  • Felt Squares
  • Fabric Glue

  1. Dust or clean the square tiles
  2. Starting in a upper left hand corner apply strips of washi tape wrapping around the back
  3. Continue applying the tape diagonally covering the entire tile
  4. Apply a coat of matte Mod Podge over the entire tile
  5. Give the tile at least 24 hours to cure
  6. Apply the felt squares with fabric glue
  7. Give them a few days to cure before use
  • You can also do vertical or horizontal strips

Decorate your power cords to create color and design in your home

Decorate your power cords to create color and design in your home

Washi Techniques

Washi Tape Earrings-Who Knew?

Make custom earrings with washi tape

Make custom earrings with washi tape

More Washi Tape Inspiration.

Washi tape is so popular in paper crafting and it's easy to see why.

The first thing I love about it is that it is re -positional. That means that unlike other tape, you can remove it. If it's uneven, you can move it and place it again.

Want a perfect line of washi tape for your card or scrapbook? Measure the length you want on a craft mat. Use a ruler to get the exact length. Then cut it with an exacto knife. You can cut it straight or on the diagonal. It's up to you.

How To Decorate A Plain Wall With Washi Tape

You can create instant design on a wall with Washi tape, These are perfect ideas for anyone in an apartment , classroom or dorm space when you want to add some temporary design to a rather dull wall.

Stripe A Wall

You can add stripes of washi tape to an entire wall. While this is not the cheapest of projects, it sure is effective, You can go with just one color in different shades, Shades and stripes or just go crazy with patterns and colors that appeal to you.. You need to measure the wall and know the length of the tape on the roll so that you can calculate the number of rolls tat you will need.

Create A Wall Cactus

Have some fun creating a wall cactus with washi tape, This project would be perfect for a western theme room or a playroom. Would also be a fun way to add some theme to a Mexican party.

Polka Dot Walls

Use sheets of double-sided adhesive to create polka dots for your wall. Use strips of washi tape in a solid color or patterned washi on one side of the adhesive paper. Cut a circle. Then expose the other side and place on your wall. This is a more permanent design.

Change Your Design With The Seasons

Because washi tape can be removed so easily from a painted wall, you can change your design to reflect a season. Try a geometric heart for Valentines.

Honeycomb Wall Art

This idea is just fine against two walls in a small space that needs just a little touch of something to accent an area. This honeycomb design is a no fail project as it comes with a downloadable template.

Create A Door Design

You can create a lovely door design with washi tape, Let your imagination go with geometrics, seasonal. stripes or whatever floats your boat.

Add Detail With A Decorated Door Edge

Add some detail with a decorated door edge washi tape style

Add some detail with a decorated door edge washi tape style

Bathroom Decor With Washi Tape

Use some washi tape to add design to a dull bathroom. Create some pretty touches of glam and color in any of your bathrooms. All of these ideas are simple and easy to do.

Make Up Brushes

Go from dull to designer by adding coordinating colors and patterns to your make up brushes. Just wrap them in the colors of patterns to match your bathroom design.

Make Up Brush Holder

Now coordinate those washi tapes with a clear square vase that you can find in a dollar store. Wrap some of the same tape around the vase. Add some dried beans to hold the brushes in place.

Washi Tape Scrapbook Ideas - How I use Washi Tape On My Scrapbook Pages

Think about all the ways that you could use Washi Tape on your scrapbook pages ! Let me count the ways !

  1. As A Frame Make a washi tape frame around any photo
  2. As a divider between sections of your layout
  3. As a strip or stripe along any side of your page
  4. As a hinge to a fold out element
  5. Think about a card with journeling
  6. Cover an embellishment or chip board piece with washi tape
  7. Make a chevron design with washi tape
  8. Fold pieces of washi tape over pieces of string to make a banner
  9. Make a frame or a mat with washi tape
  10. Use washi tape to attach a photo to a page

Create Custom Washi Tape Candy Wrappers

Make custom candy wrappers with a bit of waxed paper and some washi tape

Make custom candy wrappers with a bit of waxed paper and some washi tape

Washi Tape In Journals

There are so many ways to use washi tape in your journals. Washi tape adds color and design to almost every page that you create.

Journal Ideas

The first way you can use washi tape is to create flags and page markers for any journal that you are using or creating.

How about edging a page with washi tape? Add colors and design with page edged washi tape

Why not create a tip in for your journal page. Washi tape makes it so easy

Bullet Journals

  • Add some color and design with small pieces of washi tape anywhere you need a little color
  • Use washi tape to create sections on your bullet journal pages
  • Cover any mistake that may happen. Just cover the mess with a little washi tape. Use a solid piece then a patterned piece to cover that smudge or misspelling.
  • Add a keepsake, picture or piece of memorabilia with a little piece of washi tape

Decorate A Basket With Washi Tape

Decorate A Basket With Washi Tape

Decorate A Basket With Washi Tape

Washi Tags


Washi Tape Craft Ideas

  • Decorate a planter or a flower box
  • Decorate a wooden spoon
  • Washi Tape a clothespin to use in a craft room or kids room
  • Use washi tape to decorate a candle
  • Decorate a vase with washi tape
  • Washi tape a photo frame
  • Update a pair of sunglasses
  • Decorate a cork board
  • Cover a phone case or a lap top case
  • Use washi tape to make gift tags or embellish luggage tags
  • Personalize a pen or pencil by adding washi tape
  • Decorate a journal or a notebook with washi tape
  • Decorate the spine of a notebook

More Gift Tag ideas

Create custom gift tags with washi tape

Create custom gift tags with washi tape

Personalize A Party Cup

personalize a custom party cup by wrapping washi tape around the base, Use holiday and the themes of your choice

personalize a custom party cup by wrapping washi tape around the base, Use holiday and the themes of your choice

Create A Washi Tape Gift Box

You can create a gift box that will be both custom and one that everyone will want to keep and reuse.


  • Unfinished wooden box
  • Matte Mod Podge or decoupage glue
  • Craft Paint
  • Washi Tape
  • Craft knife
  • Paint brushes
  • Cutting mat or a piece of wood to cut on
  1. Paint the box a base color
  2. Use a craft knife to cut the washi tape into a confetti or other pattern. Cut the tape on a cutting mat
  3. Add the washi tape on top of the box.
  4. Seal the box with a coat of Mod Podge
  5. If you want a second coat, make sure to wait 20 minutes between coats

Glam Up A Tea Light

Create A Washi Tape Hanger

Personalize your hangers with washi tape

Personalize your hangers with washi tape

Washi Tape Craft Projects

Custom Washi Flowerpot

Create a custom flower pot with just a few supplies and some washi tape

Create a custom flower pot with just a few supplies and some washi tape

Washi Tape Car Track

Make a play car track  for hours of fun

Make a play car track for hours of fun

Washi Tape For Kids Projects

There are many washi tape ideas for crafts and decor for the kids in your life. here are a few of our favorites.

  • Create a washi tape owl. This project uses a wooden shape to create a washi tape owl that can stand on a nightstand or dresser.
  • How about a turkey washi tape picture for thanksgiving? Easy to make and fun to share.

Seasonal Washi Tape Ideas

You can use washi tape to create seasonal decor that is very budget friendly. with just a few supplies, you have the opportunity to create a special piece for your home.

Easter Ideas

  1. Wrap white or pastel colored plastic Easter eggs with washi tape. You can hang them from a sprayed branch or glue them on a wreath form

St Patrick's Day

  1. So easy to create a washi tape shamrock. You can use foam board or cardboard to create a large shamrock. then cover your shamrock with shades of green and green patterned washi tape. Mound it on a painted or canvas covered board and you have a custom design for your St Patrick's Day celebration

Washi Tape In The Kitchen

You can use washi tape to add some color and detail in your kitchen. Create a custom kitchen with these budget ideas:

  • Cover the handles of your utensils with washi tape
  • Edge your cupboards with some colorful washi tape

How To Organize Your Washi Tapes

Keep your washi tape organized and clean with these organizers

Keep your washi tape organized and clean with these organizers

Washi Tape Organization Ideas

Once you have started collecting washi tapes, you will want to have more on hand. As your collection grows, you will need to get them organized so you can see your stock and find what you need easily.

  1. Use an egg box to store your washi tapes. This is a great recycling project and you can store the boxes on top of one another.
  2. Decoupage paper with Mod Podge onto an aluminum foil box. Store your washi inside
  3. Store them on a tension rod inside of a closet.
  4. Hang them on a pants hanger.
  5. Store them on an embroidery hoop

Final Thoughts On Washi Tape

There are thousands of ideas where you can use washi tape. We have just scraped the surface on where and how you can use this amazing tape. Look around your space and I will bet that you can think of more ways to personalize and customize your home and life with washi tape.

© 2013 Linda F Correa

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I love the basket and tag ideas.

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@psiloveyou1: When you're making cards, think about making a chevron pattern with it. I love using it on scrapbook pages too !

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