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Tropical Fish Coloring Page


Freshwater and Saltwater Tropical Fish Coloring Page

Exotic and delightful freshwater and marine fishes can be found in this collection of tropical fish coloring page. These aquatic creatures usually thrives in warm tropical climate. Some of these fishes are familiar mainstays in aquariums simply because they can live and do well in a man-made set up.

It is no secret that kids really enjoy looking at fishes and most identify them simply based on their favorite animated character like Nemo. It is such a joy to see them swim in a fish tank or in an oceanarium because they are quite mesmerizing to watch. Most have really attractive color and watching them glide gracefully in the water can be calming experience.

These personally crafted line-art images featured here are free to download for personal and noncommercial purposes only. Related links from other coloring websites are also provided in case you are looking for more resources. I'll be adding more images from time to time. Thanks for visiting!

Freshwater Angel Fish Coloring Page


One of the most beautiful aquarium fish that hobbyist love to keep is the angel fish. They say Angel Fish can actually recognize their owners, which makes them more fascinating indeed!


More Angel Fish Coloring Pages on the Web

Angel Fish Image 1

A nice coloring sheet of a majestic angel fish which can also be used as a teaching aid for preschoolers

Angel Fish Image 2

3 images of an Angel Fish to print.

*image via Wikimedia Commons under public domain, uploaded by user Bweps.

Guppy Coloring Page


Looking for More Guppies to Color?

Free Fishes Coloring Book

A series of pdf to download featuring long list of fishes including a guppy.

A Pictures of Fishes Coloring Book

Goldfish, harlequin, guppy and more

Betta Coloring Page


Bettas are freshwater tropical fish. Also known as Siamese Fighting Fish.

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More Betta Coloring Page on the Web...

If you visit aquarium shops, you may find this little fish usually kept alone in small a bowl or container. I must say that is quite a sad life for such a pretty creature isn't it? The reason is that they are known to get feisty toward other male of the species, hence the name "fighting fish".

This beautiful little fish is a favorite among enthusiasts because of their bright colors and majestic flowing fins. Bettas belongs to a gourami family. The species originates in rice paddies of Southeast Asia like Thailand and Cambodia.

Betta Coloring Page

A picture of Siamese Fighting Fish to color.

How to Draw Betta Coloring Sheets

Tutorials on how to draw betta fish.

Public domain image of betta fish via, uploaded by user ErgoSum88.

Goldfish Coloring Page


Goldfish are perfectly at home in moderate climate but they can also survive in tropical temperature for as long as the water has sufficient oxygen.


Butterfly Fish Coloring Page

Butterfly fish is a disk shaped fish with pointed snouts. They thrive in ocean particularly in location where coral reef is abundant. They spend their time tirelessly pecking corals using their long pointy noses in search for food.

View the full-sized image by clicking the image on the right.

Other Printable Links:

Butterfly Fish Printable Image

Free printable coloring pages of Butterfly Fish, to print, donwload and color online!

Foureye Butterflyfish - Coloring Animals / Coloring Fishes

Free educational coloring pages for kids. High quality, professionally formatted in pdf file format.

Clown Fish Coloring Page


Due to the popularity of the movie Finding Nemo many have been fascinated by a clown fish. Children sometimes recognize this beautiful clown fish as "Nemo" based on the character from the movie.

How to Draw a Clowfish

Get your pencil and papers ready with step by step tutorial on how to draw and color a clown fish. It would be a nice activity with your kid if you sketch the outline of the fish and let them color it.

Sea Horse Coloring Page


Sea Horse is an odd looking fish lives in a warm waters where there are plenty of seaweeds to take shelter to. Since they are slow moving fish and swimming is hindered by their heavy armor, they use their tail to cling to objects like seaweeds which also helps them navigate easier. Check out more printables via link below.

Sea Horse Coloring Page

Image of six adorable Seahorses to color

Sea Horse Coloring Page via Hellokids

Color online or print out the image

Top Coloring Books in Paperback - Here's a list of coloring books that can be enjoyed by both kids and adult alike.

Coloring activity or any art related hobby for that matter is not just a simple distraction. Many adult who engage in coloring as a hobby swears by its therapeutic and calming meditative effects. Below you can find a list of activity books that appeals not only to young preschoolers, but also for adults to channel their creative side and as a stress relieving activity as well.

Colorful Wall Decal of Marine Fishes - A poster/decal that can be easily applied, removed and reapplied. Yes please...


Moorish Idol Coloring Page

Moorish idol got their name from Moors of Africa from which the fish is deemed to be "bringer of happiness". (wikipedia)

Click on the image to view full size

You can also find some printables here:

Moorish Idol Coloring Page

A list of coral reef fish coloring sheets

Fishes Educational Worksheets

Informative and educational activities for kids

Puffer Fish Coloring Page


Also called blowfish for their ability to inflate themselves into a ball of thorns as their defense mechanism. Puffer Fish are among the most poisonous animals in the planet.

(View the larger size to print here ->> Puffer Fish Coloring Page)


Star Fish Coloring Page

Star fish or sea star are colorful sea creatures that live in the sea floors. They come in different shapes and sizes. They are actually not a fish but a close relative to sea urchins.

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Catfish Coloring Printable


A catfish line-art (added: May 7, 2012)

Which Tropical Fish Do You Like the Most?

David Gardner from San Francisco Bay Area, California on April 12, 2013:

Nice lens! I grew up snorkeling on the Western Pacific island of Guam almost every day ... so the tropical fish I like the most are those that live on coral reefs. I've even done some lenses on the fish I've seen (and other stuff, too). This lens was great -- my granddaughter will love coloring some fish or even just looking at the pictures here. Congratulations on a Squidoo masterpiece!

troykhooim on November 24, 2012:

Great for kids!

nikitakapoor on October 17, 2012:

Great lens, do drop by on my lens sometime and please do let me know how do you feel about it! :)

saltwaterfishtankguide on September 11, 2012:

Great lens with some useful and quality pictures. My daughter has been trying to draw "nemo"....

On a sidenote, I wish I had some skill to make some clipart. Could I use some for my site? Or are you interested in making some for me?

PhotographicStu on July 21, 2012:

Great Lens with lots of information

CruiseReady from East Central Florida on May 20, 2011:

Those are wonderful fish drawings you did! I'm big on snorkeling, so always enjoy seeing fish.

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