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Fairy Village Book Craft

Loraine enjoys making crafts and sharing the projects she’s developed. Her crafts include pictured, step-by-step tutorials and templates.


Making tiny fairy dolls can be addictive. You make one and before you know it you have enough little fairies to fill a village.

Anyway that's what happened to me when I started making these tiny fairy dolls. And everyone knows that fairies live in tiny cottages in tiny hidden villages. So, the next thing I knew I was making little cottages and then I needed somewhere to put the cottages.

That somewhere came about by using a Cheerios box to make a book that would hide the village.In this article I'm going to share with you pictures that explain how to make the fairy dolls and the village hidden in a book titled, "My Very Own Fairy Tale."

Below the tutorial are other fairy and fairy garden ideas.


Fairy Head and Hair

Cut a chenille strip in half, so it measures 6" long. Fold the 6" strip in half and thread the loop through the hole of the bead. Fold a length of embroidery floss (I used about 24" of floss) till it's about 2" in length. Thread the folded floss through the chenille loop, apply a drop of glue near the bead hole and carefully pull the loop even with the top of the bead. Glue the floss hair to the bead with a touch of glue. With a fine Sharpie marker, draw eyes and mouth on the bead. Add a flower pedal or leaf to the top of the fairy doll head.


Making the Body

Arms: Tightly fold the chenille strip about 1/2" on each side of the bottom of the bead. Body: Slide a pony bead up the two chenille strip ends, to under the arms. Add a touch of glue to hold in place. Now you can bend the legs to make knees and the feet.


Dress the Fairy Dolls

Use pieces of flowers and leaves to make fairy wings and clothes. This is the fun part, just cut pieces to fit and glue to the fairy dolls.


The Hidden Village Book

To make the book: Tape the top of the cereal box shut, then cut the cereal box as shown in the photo. Notice that the whole box is used. Cut at the top and bottom of the front of the cereal box, down both sides of one side and across the length of the back of the box.


Reinforcing the Sides of the Book

Take cardboard from another cereal box, cut the same width as the top and bottom of the book and fold so there is about an inch of cardboard for the box lid to rest against. Refer to the photo: Glue the cardboard pieces to the top and bottom of the box/book and tape the folded piece so when the lid is lowered, the book is closed.Give the outside of the box/book a coat of white paint to cover most of the writing on the cereal box.


Painting the sky of the Village Book

Paint the lid and the top area around the sides of the box with midnight blue craft paint. Let dry and and another coat of paint if necessary.


Paint the grass and trees in the village

Use two or three shades of green paint to give the bottom of the box a sponged look. With a dark shade of green paint, dab along the sides up to and into the sky area, making the area look like there are trees and shrubs. Add dabs of lighter green paint over the dark to give the trees and shrubs depth.

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Paint the cover of the book

Paint the outside of your book whatever color you choose. It'll take two or three coats of paint, but craft paint dries pretty fast. Paint the spine of the book and the top cover. Make a narrow line of paint (the cover of the book) on the pages along the top, bottom and front of the book.I used a wide artist brush and gold craft paint for the edges of the pages along the bottom, top and front of the book.Use light colored transfer paper under the book title template to copy the title onto the front cover of the book. Use a liner brush and gold paint to trace over the letters of the title.


Add Areas of Height

I used the round boxes that The Laughing Cow cheese triangles come in to add areas of height to the village. Sea shells in the shape of trees are the trees in the village.


Small Boxes and Pill Caps for the Cottages

I cut a hand soap box in half to make two of the cottages. I painted the boxes, painted window and door shapes and added green paint for bushes around the bottom of the cottages. Dots of color for flowers were added. I glued a pill cap to the top of the box and topped with green leaves or flower petals.


Wading Pool for Floating

I painted the inside of one half of a round Laughing Cow cheese container to make it look like a wading pool.


Top of Village View

This photo is taken directly over the little fairy village.


The Tiny Fairy Village Book

The completed project. I used a couple of skewers to hold the top of the book open so the village could be viewed.


1. Wooden Peg Fairy Dolls

Here is another idea about how to make the fairies for your tiny fairy village. Find the easy, no sew, directions for making these wooden peg fairy dolls at the imagination tree.


2. Fairy Wings

Fairy Wings Although the instructions at Red Ted Art also include making the clothespin fairy, I was particularly interested in how the fairy wings were made. You'll find a great tutorial for making these fairy wings on that site.


3. Flower Fairy Dolls

The directions at hostess WITH THE MOSTESS BLOG shows us how to use flower petals to dress out wooden fairy dolls. Make sure to use the smallest wooden doll pegs that you can find.


4. Flower Pot Fairies

The tutorial for making these flower pot fairies is found at the juise. These little fairies are so cute and will fit so nicely in your fairy village or garden.


5. Easter Basket Fairy Garden

I have four young granddaughters who, I know, will love to make a fairy garden. My plan for the coming summer is to have the girls spend a weekend with me so we can make fairy gardens. This Easter basket fairy garden, with the tutorial at garden therapy will be the starting ideas for making out gardens.


6. Sculpey Dinnerware and Houses

Just looking at the pictures at passengers on a little spaceship will give you ideas about how to make the little dinnerware and houses for your fairy garden. When I was a kid, we used to get clay from the creek and make tables and chairs, and dry them in the sun. Such great memories!


7. Fairy Garden in a Broken Plant Pot

I love, love, love this broken plant pot fairy garden. Wouldn't this be fun to have on the patio or deck? Find the pictured tutorial for making this little fairy garden t.

8. Tour of a Fairy Garden Village

© 2013 Loraine Brummer

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CreativaCale on November 12, 2018:

Love Fairy dolls.Hugs from Serbia.

Cynthia Sylvestermouse from United States on June 15, 2014:

They are all adorable and I especially love the "book" idea!

Rhonda Lytle from Deep in the heart of Dixie on August 17, 2013:

This is enchanting!

ChocolateLily on August 12, 2013:

I would have loved this as a child!

Gregory Moore from Louisville, KY on August 12, 2013:

Yes, very creative. Well done.

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